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January 21, 2013

Breaking Down Cloth Diapers {All In Two's}



If this is the first thing you have ever read cloth diaper related you are probably beginning to freak out a little bit...but DON'T! That's why we are here! This week on Cloth Diaper Addiction we will be breaking down cloth diapers and help explore all the different kinds of cloth diapers there are out there to try out. Today we are focusing on All In Two {AI2} cloth diapers. 

The name itself basically says what it is. This is a diapering system that has everything you need {thats the 'all' part} in just two simple pieces {thats the 'in two' part}. 

What these two parts consist of are a cover and something to absorb your child's fluids. Typically AI2's go beyond prefolds so I won't be sharing about those today but you can find more about them later this week. 
 {Pictured above - BestBottoms AI2 Cloth diapering system}

Why do people choose AI2's as their diapering system of choice?
-Cost effective
-Requires less items
-Ease of use

AI2 diapers are often chosen by families because of the cost for using AI2's is on the lower end of the spectrum. Quite often when you ask someone why they chose to cloth diaper they will say to save money. There are a few different levels of cost when it comes to cloth diapering and I would say that this is the second cheapest option when it comes to down to it. (the cheapest is prefolds and covers) For AI2 diapers you can easily get by with just an handful of covers and then a bunch of inserts. Inserts you can purchase for a low price.

 {Pictured Above - BestBottoms AI2 Cloth Diaper System}

There are quite a few different AI2 diapering systems out there to choose from. Often the AI2 systems will have the cover that has a snap on the inside of it that you attach the insert to to help keep it from sliding around inside while baby is wearing it. One of the more well know AI2 diapering systems is the Best Bottoms system that comes with OS (one size) covers that fit birth to potty training and they have 3 different sizes for inserts. The covers cost around $16 each and the inserts, depending on what materials you pick for them average $3-5 each.The inserts snap on to the cover (shell) at the front and the back which was a feature I enjoyed having.

 {Pictured above - Softbottoms AI2 system - the inserts snaps onto the shell}

There is also the Flip AI2 diapers that are a OS cover and a OS insert that you can just lay inside the cover. It does not attach to the cover but because it is a OS insert you can fold it to fit your child's size easily.
{Pictured above- Grovia AI2 cloth diapering system, inside the shell with the insert snapped in}

Here is a list of the AI2 diapers that we have reviewed on the blog for you to check out if you think this style diaper might be a good fit for you.