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January 30, 2012

Welcome to the Newborn Series!

I am so excited to finally be able to review some adorable newborn fluff! I have a drawer full...literally of Newborn diapers just waiting to be explored. I won't officially be testing them until mid June but prior to the birth of our baby I will be doing a series introducing all the different newborn fluff that I have been saving up. I will focus on one specific diaper each Monday, showing off pictures, its features and what I think my experience will be with it. After baby arrives and I am able to use these itty bitty fluffy diapers I will then come back through and add in my actual experiences with the diapers. So to kick off the Newborn Diapers Series I will show off a little of what you get to look forward to!

I will be comparing the similarities of Charlie Banana and Fuzzibunz, both XS
I will be exploring the adorableness of the tinyfits by TotsBots.
Taking a peek inside of Fuzzibunz XS diapers
Checking out the XS Thirsties AIO diaper (which is no longer made) as well as other Thirsties products.And sharing with you this whole DRAWER FULL of newborn Cloth Diapers! Are you excited? I know I am!

I also have Grovia, Little Bee Co. Various WAHM diapers, BumGenius XS, and a couple I made myself. Let me know in the comments below if there is a specific diaper you would like to see reviewed. I will do my best to get my hands on them!

January 27, 2012

Mommy's handmade fleece longies!

I started to use fitted sbish diapers at night and did not want to pay the price to buy fleece longies or wool. So I went searching and found a pattern and decided that I will make my own for my daughter.

I came across a pattern that looked so easy that I decided that I would try it! It was only 2 pieces that I had to print and cut out. The pieces get bigger as the size goes up but the little ones are only 2 pieces. The pattern I have goes from a newborn diapered all the way up to an XL non diapered. Of coarse I used the diapered pattern :) On to the fabric store I went to pick up some fleece to make my first pair of longies.

I came home and started working right away. It took me all of about 15 minutes to cut it out and sew it together. Here is a picture of the completed product:

Now of coarse my daughter is tiny only 15lbs and skinny so I used the size small pattern.

Here is a picture of her in the crawling position and as you can see they do not bunch or anything and they fully cover the sbish fitted diaper. They are nice and snug around the diaper too.
She is laying her and as you can see you can not even tell she has a nigh time fitted diaper even on. I snapped her onsie over top of the pants and then put a sleep and play on over top of the longies. She went 12 hours at night in the diaper and the longies and not a leak. I LOVE these longies and will be making more and more of them. Eventually will have them on my etsy site for sale once I get my stock up!!

January 25, 2012

Tiny Owl Eco-Friendly Market

*Blogger's note, Tiny Owl Market is no longer in business.

Tiny Owl Market is a fantastic online resource for purchasing eco-friendly items for yourself, your children and your home! Started by Nissa in November 2011 (Thanksgiving Night, to be exact!), Tiny Owl has quickly taken flight! You can click here to read all about Nissa and Tiny Owl, but in summary, she started Tiny Owl to be a one-stop-eco-friendly shop for all things green around your home, whether you cloth diaper or not.

Tiny Owl Market has such a wide variety of items available, so I asked Nissa how she decided on which products to use:
When I first opened, everything in my store was there because I had used, loved and trusted items from that particular maker, and I felt good about sharing them with my customers. As I grow, I can't tell you how much I value customer input when it comes to bringing in new products. It's essential. When I get a recommendation for something I have never used, and it appears to be a good fit for the store and my customers, I order some products to personally test. And make my decision from there. Cloth diapers are a little different. I am pretty well immersed in the cloth diapering world and know what's out there, so I am more than willing to bring in diapers I haven't tried myself first (though I have tried many!). I do however add a couple to my initial order from that vendor to use on my youngest child so that if I customer has a question about that particular diaper, I can draw from personal experience if necessary.
Specifically for our cloth diapering fans here, Tiny Owl Market carries Best Bottom Diapers, DryBees, OsoCozy, SoftBums and Wahmies. This doesn't even cover all the diapering accessories she has available either! But, there are many other items to choose from as well - toys, skincare, laundry and cleaning items, even jewelry...the list goes on!

Tiny Owl will also give you more than a penny for your thoughts. When you purchase an item and leave a review on that item, you will receive $.50 in store credit!

Sales come and go, so be sure to check out the Sales & Specials page for all current sale information! And join her on Facebook to stay up to date on all sales and giveaway information! Let her know CDA sent you!

And just for our awesome readers here, Nissa has provided a 15% discount through February (excludes Clearance items). Simply use code CDADDICT at check out. Even better, she has allowed this to have limitless uses (since she has a "ton" of cloth diapers and accessories coming in soon!)

If you're looking for a site that you can purchase many items you already use around your home, Tiny Owl might be the place you're looking for! Stop on by and say hello!

January 24, 2012

Tiny Tush Elite

Tiny Tush Elite Review and Giveaway

I was given the opportunity to review a Tiny Tush Elite diaper and I am so glad that I did! I absolutely loved it and want to get more.

Here is what they sent me:

I got two microfiber inserts (one infant and one toddler size), a handy sheet with instructions and a gorgeous orange pocket diaper!
The instructional sheet contained information on washing, care and how to use the snap-down system which may be confusing to new cloth users.

I didn't know what color diaper I was going to get when it was sent to me so I was extremely excited to see a fluffy orange one when I opened the envelope! The Tiny Tush Elite diaper has 13 solid colors and 5 prints. One of the things I liked best about the diaper was that the color never faded. It still has the brightness that it had when I first got it (and it has been through many wash cycles)

The inside of the diaper is a polyester micro-fleece. It was super soft when I first got it and it is just as soft today. The opening for the inserts is a little unique and I found that I liked this way a lot more than some of my other pocket diapers. It is a reverse envelope style which mean the "flap" stays on the inside of the pocket. I found it easier to stuff the inserts in and thought that it didn't stretch out like many of my other pocket diaper's "flaps" had. I always pull my inserts out before throwing them into the wash so I didn't feel that it was any harder to do when the flap like that.

Getting ready to snap it up! The most unique things I found with this diaper was the rise snaps. There are four stages! They have rises for a newborn, infant, crawler and toddler. My daughter is 11 months and 17 lbs so we were at the second row of snaps. The weight range says 7-35 lbs but could easily start out lower or go higher than that depending on where your little one carries her weight. I attempted to try it on my son (2 yrs and 31 lbs) but he recently potty trained and didn't want a "baby thing" on him. Once Kristina has her baby in June, I can't wait to try it out on the smallest setting.

Have you ever though about which way you start to close your diaper? I always start on baby's left side. Most diapers that have a crossover require you to start the opposite way. So I was pretty please that this went along with my technique!

The only problem I had with this diaper is that the front had a little bit of the fleece coming out once in a while. We never had any leak issues from it and it was easy enough to tuck back in.

Ready for action!

Super trim bum!
I liked how trim the diaper was but it was also extremely good at keeping her dry.
We ran a few errands one day that took a bit longer that I hoped and when we got home, she had not leaked through at all.

Lil' Runaway Rump!
It isn't bulky so she has no problem running around in it!

Overall I really enjoyed this diaper. I am thinking a little someone will be getting some for her birthday!

Tiny Tush also carries a large variety of other items you will need for cloth diapering such as wetbags, laundry care and even things for mom! They also have great customer service!

Tiny Tush is giving away a Tiny Tush Elite Diaper! Here are some links you will need. Just fill out the form to be entered.

Tiny Tush Website

Tiny Tush Facebook

CDA Facebook

Ends Feb 7th, 2012

Giveaway has ended.

Traveling Follow Up

Hello readers!

Wow!  Has it really been 3 weeks since I wrote and asked for tips on traveling with cloth diapers?!?  Thank heavens you are mamas and know how life can get!

Here's a summary:  Traveling with cloth isn't so bad! =)  The most helpful piece of advice was to use disposable liners...they were amazing!  I didn't have to swish a single diaper. =)  I used bamboo liners from BubuBibi and LOVED them.  They caught all of the poo and worked wonderfully.  Confession: I now use them at home when Ella normally has a stinky diaper.

The second best piece of advice was to use flushable wipes as well.  Then you can just toss everything into the toliet and call it a day. 

The trip itself was WONDERFUL!  We had a great time with my family.  One of the fun things for me was to show my aunt how different cloth diapers were from the ones she knew.  She was completely impressed and thought they were pretty cool. =)

Here's Ella playing in the *clean* diaper laundry - I had everything all neat and stacked...little ones really are great at destroying our work in the name of fun, aren't they?

Now I need some more feedback from you. What kinds of things would you like to see from us contributors?  Obviously reviews and giveaways are wonderful - and we try really hard to get those!  But what else?  Do you like craft ideas?  Yummy family friendly recipes?  Have a specific diaper related series in mind?  We'd love to hear your ideas!

And finally...drumroll please...the winner of the small wet bag is (remember?  For helping with travel tips?  It's been so long ago...)...

Vanessa Coker

I've emailed you - please email me back! =)

That's it for today.  Hopefully you're having a great day!

January 23, 2012

Little Lemon Tree

Carrie from Little Lemon Tree contacted me asking for me to review a diaper for her. She sent me this cute Ooga Booga print OS diaper.
This diaper features a snap down rise, 2 rows of waist snaps, and elastic across the back and legs.
The inside of the diaper is made with suede cloth which is nice and soft.
I was sent a microfiber insert as well as a bamboo terry doubler. The microfiber insert has a snap down on it so you can snap it down to fit into the small rise settings of the diaper shell. I didn't get a picture of the bamboo doubler but it is super soft and trim.
Here is my 28 pound 20 month old wearing the Little Lemon Tree diaper. This diaper has shorter wings than my other diapers which with why it looks like its smaller on him. Instead of the tabs being more in the middle like my other brands this one is more towards the outside...don't mind the off centered snap job...my son never holds still for me to get diapers on! We also have this on the middle rise setting.
Here's his cute little fluffy bottom! It looks a little poofy but it actually had a great fit and wasn't bulky at all.
So far, we have had success with this diaper. I think pretty much every time I have taken this diaper off my son it has been filled...like poopy filled! Sorry for the TMI, but we aren't talking solid poo, we're talking poo that was soft and everywhere EXCEPT for out of the diaper. That's right. It held all that nasty inside the diaper. I think my boy has claimed this as his 'business' diaper! Anyway, we are enjoying this diaper a lot, the print is a lot of fun, it has a great fit, and has had no leak issues for us. We haven't tried it out for nap time but I am pretty positive that with the doubler it would work great for nap time.

Would you like to purchase a Little Lemon Tree diaper? Head to their Hyena Cart store to check them out and make a purchase!

*I was sent a diaper from Little Lemon Tree to use and review. I was not paid to write this review and opinions are always of my own and my experiences may differ from yours.*

January 19, 2012

Moody Sisters

I posted a few months ago about my new found love for some organic skincare I found on etsy, from Moody Sisters. Since the writing of that post, I have acquired many more of their products and I can't get enough of them. Everything is such a great quality, lasts a surprisingly long time and works so incredibly well.

As the new "WAHM Contributing Writer", I (Terra) thought I would kick of my post schedule (which will typically be on Wednesdays!) with a quick update on the Moody Sisters.

Right now, there is a great giveaway on their blog for their Intense Moisturizing Cream - if you have "winter hands" then this is for you. It has worked so well for myself (and my husband when I can share it! ha!) ((The giveaway does end on Saturday night, so enter now!))

As we all know, Valentine's Day is coming up, and the Moody Sisters have a Love Potion set that is sure to send sparks flying! The set include a Love Potion (massage oil), Face & Body Whip and Bath & Shower Oil, all in a very sensuous, flirty floral vanilla scent!

You can also use the code "REFERRAL" for 20% off your first purchase from Moody Sisters!

Head on over, check out their fantastic product line, enter the giveaway and treat yourself to something special!

Disclaimer: I am a contributing writer for the Moody Sisters blog and have received some items free for review on their blog, however all opinions are my own and honest. You may have a difference experience. The giveaway mentioned is sponsored by the Moody Sisters.

January 18, 2012

Fluffy Bling

Who loves to let their little ones run around in just their diaper...well maybe not in the middle of winter but when the warm months com I know that my son loves to run around naked in just his diaper. Which is what makes Fluffy Bling fun. These are little patched with a snap on the back that simply snaps onto your diaper and adds a little pizazz!

There are currently 6 different bling options. A flower, firetruck, star, butterfly, cow and dinosaur.

I was sent this cute dino to enjoy.
It is about 2 -2 1/2 inches long so not to big and overwhelming.
The back of the dino has one simple snap on it.
The bling are pretty versatile and should fit most cloth diapers (made with the size 20 snap).
I tried it on a variety of my diapers.

Below is a Cheeky Diapers fitted diaper with side snaps.
The bling is dino and the diaper print is dino too!
Here it is on the BG 4.0 diaper
Here is it on a diaper while being worn. This is an BG elemental AIO diaper.
and one for the boy! He loves the dino bling. He tries so hard to put it on his diaper but he doesn't have the skills yet to snap these together. so I put a cover on our big doll and he loves to play with it!

He was having so much fun and after this is pulled down his pants and tried putting it on his own diaper! Silly boy!

January 17, 2012

Missing in Action!

Wow! We have been so busy around here that postings have been slow but don't worry! We have some great things coming up.

I (Kristina) will be posting about various NB diapers in the upcoming months (Through beginning of June). During the second half of June and part of July I will be testing out those newborn diapers on my very own newborn! Thats right, #3 for us is due June 19th. If you would like one of your newborn diapers tested out please let me know. You can email me at Kristina{at}clothdiaperaddiction{dot}com

Also for upcoming events we will be doing things for mom, for dad, and for baby so look forward to a lot of great topics and posts!

January 3, 2012

Hello blog friends!

Something very exciting is happening in our lives on Friday - my sweet one year old and I are flying to Denver, Co - for free!  I was given a free flight voucher from a dear friend of mine, so Ella and I are flying out to Denver so she can meet my aunt, uncle, and two cousins.  I can't wait!!!

My traveling buddy!

Here's the reason I can post this on the blog: I need your vacation friendly cloth diapering tips!  Have any of you flown with a child in cloth diapers?  Gone away from your diaper sprayer for 5 days?  What kind of wipes did you use?  Favorite diaper on the trip?  HELP!  Post a comment below and clue me into your most helpful traveling tip.

Then, in honor of my sweetness turning ONE last week, and because I'm grateful for your help - I'll be drawing a winner from the helpful comments and sending you a small wet bag for your own diaper bag.  I'll draw the winner next week Tuesday when we return from our adventures...hopefully all in one piece!

The birthday girl enjoying her birthday blueberry pancakes

Thanks in advance for your tips - I'll be sure to share what helps us!