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August 1, 2012

Newborn Series: bumGenius XS

So the first diaper in the Newborn Series is going to be the bumGenius XS AIO diaper.
A little bit about this diaper:
-fits babies between 6-12 pounds.
-Made to fit so that the front of the diaper sits below the belly button which will help to keep the umbilical area dry.
-It has a sewn in microfiber core.
-Waterproof outer

Here is the BG XS AIO diaper closed up. Its so cute and tiny. It has the same stretchy tabs as the other bumGenius diapers (such as the pockets and elementals). You can only get this diaper in Aplix.
This diaper features elastic across the back and around the legs. The front elastic goes all the way across the front of the diaper.
The inside is lined with micro suede material to help give the baby a stay dry feeling after they wet. The insert is sewn in nicely to keep it in place.
One thing that concerns me about this diaper is the location of the laundry tab. Because the diaper is so little the tab is located on the middle back of the diaper. Both aplix on the wings will stick to this tab and each other. I wonder if that tab on the back of the diaper will bother the baby but it is pretty soft so we will have to keep an eye out for that.
How I think this diaper will work for us:
I think this will be a great diaper for starting out with because it does seem to have a smaller size to it than our other NB diapers. I also like that its aplix rather than snaps because NB's like to curl up into little balls which makes fastening diaper on a little harder. The aplix should make this easier for us. I also this will do a fairly well job of keeping in the NB poo explosions. The elastic around the legs seems to be nice and tight but if we have a super skinny legged baby that might be a problem. I don't think this diaper will fit the longest of all the NB diapers I have in my stash. I think it will work great at first but will become outgrown pretty quick.

How did this diaper work for us? 
Well I didn't even get a picture of Micah wearing this diaper because honestly I really did not like it at all! I was really thinking this would be a nice diaper to have because it was trim, it had aplix etc. However, I could not get a good fit at all with it. It seemed like it was not stretchy enough to fit around him and it just was weird. Maybe on a smaller baby it would have more success? I don't know but I ended up selling both of my XS Bumgenius diapers that I had because I just didn't care for them at all.  He also peed through this diaper when he wore it.

Want one for yourself...err...your baby?
You can purchase them at various online cloth diaper retailers. Prices ranging around the 10-13 dollar mark. I was able to purchase this diaper as a 'seconds' item, meaning it has a cosmetic flaw, for only $6.00 from the Cotton Babies website. There are no visible flaws from what my eyes can see. You can also purchase these (used) on various cloth diaper swap pages from anywhere between $5-$10 a piece.