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September 30, 2010

Bummis Easy Fits Review

So I purchased an easy fit for my boys, I couldn't resist. They have the cutest patterns and designs. I thought I would share a little about it with you! While at the store making my purchase and checking out this diaper I thought:
-Wow this is super soft and extremely trim. Plus How could I pass us this super cute fruity print. Now I know with boys Im always on the look out for great boy prints. Well The easy fits come in super cute boy prints, a blue one with stars all over it and a black one with planets all over it. How cool is that? But I had to get the fruit one because we are fruit lovers in this house. And its neutral colors. Oh well, I can get the boy ones later on! So here is the front of the diaper. It is a one size diaper and I really do think this will last until potty trained. This is opened up all the way.The velcro closure on this diaper is awesome. I washed it a few times now and it has not opened up once! Plus it is super strong and I have to give it a yank to open it up. It folds over onto the laundry tabs nicely as well.

Here is the inside of the diaper. The back has the pocket opening. This is an AIO diaper but the way it is made is so cool. See next picture...
The inside of the diaper is made of:
The liner consists of 2 layers. Ultra soft rayon made from bamboo fibres against baby’s tender skin actually absorbs 70% more quickly than cotton – on contact – no run-off leaking out the side of the diaper when baby pees! And an ultra absorbent layer of 100% polyester microfibre basically doubles the absorbance.

The inside is one long piece of liner. In the picture I have it turned towards the side so I could get it all in one picture. You just fold it under into the pocket and you can add extra in the front by folding it different ways. Its so cool!

Here it is folded into the diaper. After you have it tucked into place you lay it flat and cover with the suede cloth pocket flap. Its really easy to do which is great. And with the way this diaper is made you don't have to un-stuff. It will do it by itself in the wash and it drys quick with the AIO being able to open up like this!Here is the diaper on small setting on my 17 pound 5 month old. It fits great!

Here is the rear picture on my 5 month old. It is so not bulky at all! I would compare this to the BumGenius Organic AIO when it comes to thickness/bulkiness. I'm so happy with this diaper so far.
Here is the rear from the top. Great fit!
This is my little guy when I put the diaper on him for the first time. He was so happy to be wearing a super soft Easy Fit diaper! and he loved the print as well!
Here is a picture of my nephews (I hope you don't mind that I am sharing it!) The one on the left is 5 years old and the one on the right is 3 years old. They both wear diapers still at night for accidents. They were wearing a different brand but were complaining that it hurt them. So my sister in law tried these out and they were so happy with them and said they were much more comfortable! Look how happy they are! and these prints are the other cute ones I was talking about for boys! Stars and Planets!

My experience with these diapers...
So far I've only used these a couple of times. They need to be washed a few times to get to full absorbency but I only washed mine once before using it and didn't have any leaks! Sweet!. (your experience may be different). I have not used this on my 2 year old yet so I will have to update this after I do. He is a massive wetter so I will see how well it holds after he wears it. The inside of the diaper for the waterproof part looks different than other PUL material. But I think it will last longer than other PUL diapers I have. I have some diapers that I only have had for 4 months and the PUL is starting to come off the cotton and rip but this material looks like it will hold up well.
This diaper is super trim and between the legs is also trim with minimal bulk.

I would really recommend this diaper to anyone interested in using cloth and wants a great AIO diaper. It runs around $23 a diaper which is a fair price for a good quality AIO diaper. Check out the other cute prints and solid colors here.

Also in the same line of diapers they have the TinyFit diapers for newborns. I have seen these and OMG it makes me want a new baby again so that I can use these. They are so tiny and adorable!

Tini Fit5 - 12 lbs / 2.5 - 5.5 kg
Easy Fit8 - 35 lbs / 4 - 16 kg

September 28, 2010

September 27, 2010

Monday Mommies: Robyn L.

Todays Monday Mommy is Robyn L. Thank you for sharing!

1. Tell us a little about yourself, where you are located, how many kids you have, little ones in cloth, etc.-
I am a SAHM/WAHM in Oregon. My husband and I have 5 children, two together, and three from previous relationships. I have one sweet daughter in cloth right now, but have cloth diapered two of my other children for very short periods of time. My youngest is my first baby to be cloth diapered exclusively!

2. What made you decide to give cloth diapers a try?
I decided to give cloth diapers a try because of our budget primarily, then I fell in love! I also love the environmental impact, and hate the thought of chemicals and paper on my babies bottom.

3. What did your family and friends think when you told them you were going to use cloth? What did they think when they seen the new modern diapers available?
They thought I was old fashioned and a little bit crazy. Well, not all of them. But they all thought it would be so much work and be messy and gross.

4. What was your very first cloth diaper? Do you still use it?
My very first cloth diaper was a Coolababy from Ebay. I do not still use it. Once I figured out that there were so many types and styles of cloth diapers out there, I branched out. Plus, I did not like the diapers.

5. What type of diapers does your stash primarily consist of; pockets, aio, one size, pre-folds, flats, hybrids, etc.? Which ones do you prefer to use? The first one you grab?
My stash mainly consists of Fuzzibunz pockets that were hand-me-downs, prefolds with homemade covers, and AIO's I made myself. I love pockets, and the one I grab first is a cute little Tinkerbell pocket I made.

6. Do you have a favorite place to hang out and talk or learn about cloth ; a blog, message board, facebook page, etc.?
I love all the Facebook cloth diaper pages, Cloth Diaper Addiction blog, The Cloth Diaper Whisperer blog, and I love blogging about cloth diapers and other mama stuff on my own blog "Quest for the Perfect Cloth Diaper". I also belong to a Yahoo CD group.

7. What cloth diapering item, besides diapers, do you consider to be a must-have accessory?
I would say wool, but I haven't had too much experience with it, so I will say my cloth wipes and wet bag!

8. Do you have any special ways to wash or strip your diapers?
I do a cold rinse, then a hot wash with either Rockin Green or Tide Free, then two more rinses. I strip my cloth diapers as needed with a blue Dawn, or I rock a soak.

9. If you could share just one tip with someone who is just starting out with cloth or considering using cloth, what would be your best piece of advice to them?
Don't buy all of one kind of diaper when you start. You will probably end up liking lots of different diapers and styles for different situations!
Come see me at Quest for the Perfect Cloth Diaper!
Robyn Lucas

September 26, 2010

Baby Legs Review

I was given the awesome opportunity to review Baby Legs products. I was sent two pair of legs and two 2pks of socks. Before I get into the review I want to say that when I had first seen baby legs I thought they were adorable but was hesitant to put them on my boys. Then one day while at my local Cloth diaper store I seen a little boy with some on and thought they were cute. So I purchased a brown and blue pair (shown a bit down) and really liked them. However my husband will take them off the boys as soon as he gets home from work...and i put them back on. He's not a fan. I have some work to do with this situation...Okay on to the review.

Here are the super cute items:
I got the Electro Stripe and Go Fish prints for the leg Warmers
Go Fish
Electro Stripe
And I got socks for each of my boys...Mr. Roboto (smaller) and Sea Side(larger)
Here is my chubbs in baby legs. My first pair of leg warmers.
Trying out the new Electro Stripe Legs
I had to take his shorts off to show the fit on his skinny thighs.
And the baby socks.

My Experience with Baby Legs:
-Like I said earlier, I wasn't sure about boys wearing these but I really enjoy them now. -These are great on legs for the warm days that get cold at night. You just have to bring a pair rather than a separate pair of jeans. I know that my son HATES being changed so its nice to just slip these on him instead of having to take off shorts and put on pants.
-When I first put these new legs on my toddler he said "These cool!" He was so excited to have some!
-These fit both of my boys great and they both have different builds. One is tall and skinny and the other is average height and has chunky thighs.
-I don't have problems with them falling down my skinny legs or rolling on my chunky legs. Plus they usually don't leave red marks on their legs when I take them off.
-These are great for when you have to change a diaper if you only have them in a shirt or onesie. You would still have to take off shorts and pants obviously.
-I am looking forward to potty training with these. It will make getting on the potty on time a little easier because you will only have the undies to take off and not shorts/pants!
-The material on these are so soft even after multiple washes.
-You can use these on arms as well for when you are wearing short sleeves and your arms get cold.
-Legs are great for crawling too, prevents scratched knees...can't wait to have these for when Z starts crawling!
-The baby socks come with grippers on the bottom which is good for walking on non-carpeted floors.
-Same great stretchy material as the legs.
-The socks come in different sizes where as the legs are one size (and they now come in newborn size as well).
-The socks will hold up well i think. Plus they are super cute patterns!
Would you like to buy some Baby Legs?

*This review is entirely of my own opinion. I was not paid in any to do this review. I was provided 2 leg warmers and 2-2pks of socks to use and review.

September 23, 2010

Diaper Daisy

I got in contact with Katie from Diaper Daisy and wanted to know more about her and her story. She was more than happy to tell us about herself as well as her back ground with cloth diapering.

What kind of experience do you have with cloth diapering?

I had experience with Cloth diapers before I even had my first child. I was a nanny for a family who used Rumparooz so that was my first exposure to cloth. Believe it or not even though I had seen and used cloth it was not something I really thought about using with my own. Shortly after I had my son he began to exhibit signs of chemical burns from sposies. I was quick to find a solution and turned straight to cloth after a friend suggested it. I have been a Cloth-a-holic ever since!

What is the name of your store and where is it located at? My store is called Diaper Daisy. We are essentially located all of the USA because we are online but our home location is in the beautiful rocky mountains of Colorado.

How long has your store been open? Diaper Daisy has been in business since 2006. It has switched owners a few times but has kept its great customer service and products through any changes.

What was the reason behind you wanting to start up a cloth diapering store? When I first started in cloth there were little to no resources in my area. I had to drive 20+ miles to the nearest eco baby store. Since I am a true advocate to cloth I wanted to be able to share the joy of cloth diapers in my area and with the rest of the world.

What kind of products do you offer besides diapers? Well we have organic baby products like Lusa Organics wipe juice (the best wipe juice ever!). We also have leg warmers, burp cloths, nursing covers, wet bags, and a very cool diaper bag + baby carrier combo called the Kemby carrier. You have to check that one out!

Do you offer any programs/classes for parents? Yes, we offer cloth diapering classes at 2 locations in Colorado. The Nourish Family Center in Highlands Ranch and Belly Bliss in Cherry Creek. We hope to offer online classes via Skype in the very near future. We also offer consultations and support to any of our customers whenever they need it. We are in the process of mixing some Cloth Diapering parties for local families as well.

What is your stores address, website url, blog url, facebook page url? Website is here, Facebook and you can also follow us on Twitter.

What is the first cloth diaper you ever purchased and do you still use it? Also what is your favorite diaper to use on your baby if you still have one in cloth? My very first cloth diapers were Rumparooz, and yes we still use them everyday J. If I had to choose a favorite right now (its changes weekly I think) I would say SoftBums but Nifty Nappy fitteds with a Wool cover are a very close second.

I would like to thank Katie for sharing with us a little about herself and Diaper Daisy!

September 21, 2010

DryBees AIO review

One diaper that I enjoy using (as well as my husband) is the Drybees AIO diaper. We actually have 7 of these diapers! I have 3 size smalls, 3 size mediums and 1 large. They do not make this diaper as a one size so you have to buy a new one as your baby grows. They are priced around $17.95 each. Here is a new one:
Here are all but one of our Drybees. I have a small baby monkey one that is absolutely adorable! My favorite print diaper! I will have to add a picture later since its dirty now. They go from the left small, medium, large.
Here are three diapers stacked on top of each other, Large on the bottom(dark blue), Medium in the middle (light blue) and small on top(brown). Its hard to see the size difference in the picture.
Here are the diapers small, medium, large, left to right, closed up. You can see the size difference a little more in this picture.
The inside of the diaper is made with a suede cloth. My little guy will occasionally have a reaction to the material if I do these diapers consistently for a day. I like to rotate suede and fleece to keep the reaction away. (Your baby's skin will differ from mine)
An awesome feature about this diaper is the pocket in the back. The insert is sewn into the diaper but the pocket allows for you to add extra absorbency if needed. *its needed with my boys because they pee like crazy!*
Here is the diaper turned inside out. There is a microfiber insert attached to the suede cloth.

Here is the small on my son. He is currently 17 pounds and the small still fits him great!
My 28 pound 2 year old fits perfectly into the size medium.
The front of the drybees on my infant, size small
Its not to bulky in the rear, if you add extra inserts it obviously gets bigger.

My experience with this diaper:
I've had my ups and downs with this diaper. I purchased a couple for my infant and loved the color, style and print. But after a few uses I was having a lot of leaking out of the legs. So I added in a hemp insert and the leaking stopped. I also use an extra insert for my toddler so he doesn't leak either. I have heard that this diaper isn't great for skinny legged babes but I don't have to many problems with it on my toddler who has super skinny legs. I originally bought a large for my toddler because he was in the middle of the weight range for it but it was really saggy and droopy so I found 3 on CL and bought them. They fit great. I will still use the large on him but only with tighter jeans to help hold it up, otherwise I get leaks. These can take a while to dry but I found that if you turn them inside out to dry they will typically dry in one cycle on the dryer or outside in a shorter period of time. These diapers have really cute prints and solid colors and my husband actually prefers to use these because of the Velcro. I heard him one day as he was putting on one of the diaper say "That's a cute diaper." This is also a preferred diaper by my mom...nice and easy.

Have you used the Drybees AIO? What do you think of it?

September 20, 2010

Monday Mommies: Jamie C.

Today's Monday Mommy is Jamie! Thank you so much for sharing with us. Also If you would like to become a monday mommy go to the discussions tab on our facebook page for more information! Thanks!

Tell us a little about yourself?
We are in Huntsville,AL and I am from Chicago, IL. I am a stay at home mom to 3 boys 6-4-2. I have my youngest in cloth full time and we are starting to use the pottty. I have my 4 yr old in cloth at night.
Why did you decide to use cloth?
What made me think of cloth is I wanted to do better for my sons and the earth so we started cloth when my youngest was 1 and I started using cloth for my at the time, 3yr old, when he got burned from the pampers he was wearing. I wanted to have him in cloth for night time but hes a big boy I found a great WAHM on eBay to make him some diapers.
My mother-in-law has been trying to get me to use cloth and I said no to the thin cloth and pins with rubber pants. That is what I thought of cloth diapers. I thought when they peed it would be all over. My family thought I was crazy but not my mom or youngest sister. My husband didn't care, what ever I wanted was fine. When my mother-in-law saw the new cloth she was so happy she wished she had had them.
What does your stash consist of? What was your first diaper?
My first diaper was flats with covers thirsties, kushies and bumgenius They all got super used. I only have the flats and covers. I like to try new and different diapers. I get bored.

Where is your favorite place to look online about diapers?
My favorite place would be all over FB, gdiapers, diaper swappers, CCBaby,,anything that has to do with cloth diapering.
What do you use to launder your diapers?
I use Charlies soap and LOVE it never had any problems. I strip by adding a little dawn to a wash and rise and rise a bunch of times. I have really need to strip scine I went to charlies.
Do you have any advise for someone considering switching to cloth?
My advise to anyone is there is alot of opptions out there not all diapers will work for you and you LO. Try as many differnt ones untill you find you you like.
Also there is a lot of different WAHM's out there how make great diapers.

September 16, 2010

Munchie Mug Review

Oh the look on his face when he tipped over his bowl of 'fishies' and they didn't fall out! How wonderful was that, I wish I had a picture. What am I talking about? The wonderful MUNCHIE MUG!
This cup is awesome and the best invention for toddlers who like to snack...which would be every toddler right? Here is what Munchie Mug has to say about their product:

"Innovative in both concept and design the patented spill-resistant Munchie Mug eliminates snack-time messes for children 10 months and older. It's ideal for use at home, in the car or anyplace when you're on the go! Children love the colorful cup and soft fabric while parents like its convenience and ease of use. Munchie Mug is a must have for messy little snackers everywhere."


  • Secure Screw-On Top with Easy Grip Handle
  • Soft fabric closure for sensitive little hands
  • Easy to clean: Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
  • Great for healthy snacking: Cereals, dried fruits, crackers, etc.
  • Additional stay-fresh lid included for keeping snacks fresh when mug is not in use
  • Economically friendly: Made in the United States of America
  • Child friendly: Made of all FDA food grade compliant materials
  • Environmentally friendly: Made of 100% recyclable materials & eliminates waste created by plastic snack baggies that are used once and thrown away. Use the Munchie Mug, again, again, and again!!!

Inside the top of the cup there is a stretchy materiel that your child can reach their hand through to pull out their snack.
It comes with a clear plastic screw on cap so that when you have snacks in the bowl and are not eating them you can put the cap on and not worry about them going stale.
My experience with this cup:
-I think this is the coolest thing ever (and so does my husband). We now have about 75% less goldfish strewn about our living room floor because of this cup. My toddler likes to dump his bowls into his dump trucks, loaders etc and play with his snack. With this cup it makes it much harder to do so because he has to reach in and pull them out.
-An adult hand can hardly fit into the cup to pull out a snack, which is fine because its for kids right?!
-Cute fun design out the outside, fun colors on the top. Washes up nice.
-Comes in pink, blue and yellow and costs $15.95 for one cup (WORTH IT!)

Would you like to buy on? Go Here

* This Product is being given by Munchie Mug. I was not paid to do thisreview . I received a Munchie Mug to test and review. This review is of my own personal opinions and your results may very.

September 15, 2010

Breastfeeding Support

The morning of my release day from the hospital after having my 2nd son I heard another mom down the hall delivering her baby. Low and behold it was a friend of mine from high school! I asked her to share a little bit about her nursing story with you. From my friend Marissa:

For me, breastfeeding was never a question. I was breastfed. My sisters were breastfed. It was all that I knew. To me, having a baby equaled changing diapers and breastfeeding.

My experience has not been without trials. My son did not want to latch. He was also so jaundice that he had to go back to the hospital and go under the bili lights. There is no heartache quite like a doctor telling a breastfeeding mom that she must supplement with formula in a bottle. The defeat she feels is intense. It is also so hard to hear people question your milk supply because your six week old all of a sudden wants to eat every hour when just yesterday he was going three hours in between feedings. It just tares your confidence down.

I am now and always be a strong ‘lactivist.’ I believe that everyone should try breastfeeding. I know that breastfeeding does not work for everyone, but I do believe everyone should try. I believe that a lot of reasons that women fail at breast feeding is due to lack of support or knowledge. I believe that a lot of women who truly want to breastfeed give up or stop because they just didn’t have the support they needed.

Let me explain. (For the record, I would NEVER judge a woman who formula feeds. I understand every situation is different. You must do what you have to do for you and your baby. Please do not take this as formula bashing. There is a time and a place for everything. I’m talking about the women who wanted to breastfeed, but gave up for reasons that could have been avoided. There are women that once they looked back at the situation and realize that if she had more knowledge and support at the time, would have continued to breastfeed.)

When my son was jaundice, his doctor wanted me to supplement with formula until his levels came down. Without running any tests on him, she told me he was dehydrated and that formula was needed to hydrate him and get his levels down. Thankfully, my husband was there to explain to the doctor we felt very strongly about breastfeeding. I was too tearful and in shock to talk. (Remember, breastfeeding was all I knew. So I didn’t understand why I wasn’t enough.) I had a nurse come in and set the formula in my room telling me I needed to do it. After the electrolyte tests came back, it was determined that my son was not dehydrated and no formula was actually needed. If it wasn’t for the support of my husband and mom, I probably wouldn’t have questioned the doctor and given my son formula when it really wasn’t needed. (Don’t worry, had the results come back that my milk actually wasn’t enough, I would have given the formula. But my point is, it wasn’t needed.)

My son (like all breastfed babies) went through periods of cluster feeding. There would be days where it felt like he stayed latched on all day, and only took breaks to have his diaper changed. At one point in time I had someone ask me if I was sure I was making enough milk. They didn’t understand why my son wanted to eat all the time when only yesterday he was eating every two to three hours.. Thankfully, I had found a local support group to attend. I have gone once a week, every week, since my son was born. If it wasn’t for that group I would have assumed (like a lot of moms do) that my milk supply had gone down and the reason he wanted to be on my all the time was because he wasn’t getting enough. I have heard of a lot of moms quitting because of this. I was very glad that I had a support group to explain that babies have times of growth spurts where they “cluster feed” to increase your milk supply. It only lasted a couple days, and then he went back to stretching out feedings. It was a rough couple of days of around the clock feedings though.

I’m also saddened by the woman that quits because when she pumped, she only pumped out drops or an ounce and assumes that’s all her baby gets out so she must be starving her baby. (This could be from a few different reasons. 1. Babies are much more efficient suckers than pumps. Some studies suggest they are up to 50% more efficient. 2. The shield on the pump is the wrong size. 3. When babies are first born, their tummies are the size of marbles. They don’t need very much) She wanted to breastfeed, but believed that she wasn’t producing enough.

Or the woman that quits because she fed her baby eight ounces from a bottle and baby is still hungry, so she must not be producing enough to keep up with baby’s huge appetite. Bottle feeding is much different than breastfeeding. At the breast, a baby can regulate how much they take in. Bottles give milk at a much faster rate, and sometimes a baby will suck it down so fast that she doesn’t know that she is full. You can’t overfeed a breastfed baby, it is possible to do so with a bottle fed baby. (There are plenty of tips on bottle feeding. Kellymom.com and llli.org are great resources on that and all things breastfeeding.)

Breastfeeding in natural, but it doesn’t come naturally. It takes a lot of knowledge and support. It's hard to do it alone. I suggest finding a good support group while your pregnant. Good groups will let you, and encourage you to come while you’re pregnant to check things out. I’m fortunate that in my area, there is a free support group every weekday expect for Friday. It’s important to connect with other moms who have breastfed and find tips and encouragement from them. When something seems to go wrong, it is the natural mother in us to want to fix it. Support groups help to reassure moms that what you are going through is normal and it will pass. They can also give you tips for getting through the rough times. You can do a search in Goggle to find ones in your area, or check with local hospitals to see what is offered.

If you take away anything from this, let it be that you need support. Breastfeeding can be done by most women, but don’t be afraid to ask for help. The amount of support you have will dramatically affect how successful you are at breastfeeding and the length of time you continue to nurse.

And of course enjoy it! Breastfeeding is suppose to be enjoyable. If it's not, ask for help and support.

Thanks for sharing your story!

September 14, 2010

Tidbits from a Labor and Delivery nurse as well as Breastfeeding Mamma.

One thing I enjoy is reading about other mothers experiences. I asked one of our following Mamas to share some information with us. She is a Labor and Delivery nurse as well as an experienced nursing mama herself! I hope you enjoy.

From Laura:

I have to say, the one thing that I stress to all of my new mommies and what I believe was the biggest part of my success in breastfeeding my daughter, is education. Why? Education leads to comfort, and comfort leads to you being comfortable, baby being comfortable, and with this 90% of breastfeeding issues disappear! So what does this mean? Talk with breastfeeding mothers about their experience (make sure to take everything with a grain of salt!!), go to a breastfeeding class, contact your local La Leche League Rep, practice different positions with a baby doll or rolled up towel (find the position comfy for you), and all BEFORE baby arrives!!!

The more you know before baby arrives, the easier it will be once baby is actually here! Yes, when you go to the hospital, there are a TON of lovely nurses (such as myself!) and Lactation Consultants that can coach you and teach you about the art of breastfeeding. However, that first session is usually pretty difficult. Between you being exhausted (from delivery) and baby being brand new, the first try is usually not what you had hoped. You get through that first feeding, probably not as gracefully as you would like, you get some sleep, and when baby is ready for feeding number two, you tackle breastfeeding again! But all of that background knowledge is important so that what the nurses are telling you makes sense!

And don’t get discouraged. That first feeding is NEVER what you imagined. The key to remember is that you have never done this. And neither has baby! It is a learning process for both of you! And until your milk comes in (2-7 days after delivery) the baby will only be getting drops of that thick (and ultra loaded with nutrients) colostrum. You and baby will have to work pretty hard to get those liquid gold drops into baby’s belly. This leads to mommy frustration and baby frustration. You get upset because hormones are running rampant and you feel like you are letting your baby down and baby gets frustrated because his/her belly is hungry and the food is not getting there fast enough. It is normal for all to get frustrated. Just try to remember, keep calm and relaxed, keep trying to latch baby, and eventually, baby will calm down, latch, and get enough to be satisfied. It also takes time to figure out what positions work and what don’t work. Trial and error is how you get through those first few days until you get a routine that works. And as baby grows, you have to trial and error along the way to accommodate growth or preference changes.

Like I said above, education is number one followed closely by comfort. The first time, and any time, you try to breastfeed, get comfy first. Make sure you are either seated or laying comfortably (there are many different positions), your arms are propped on pillows or a nursing pillow (boppy), make sure mommy is comfortable BEFORE you try to latch. If you are uncomfortable or trying to do some crazy position and muscles are twitching/shaking, baby can sense that and feel that and will not latch. So make sure that you and baby are both relaxed and comfy before every session! Many of the breastfeeding issues that mommies encounter (such as latch/suck issues) can all be cured with comfort and/or position change. The number one reason why a baby won’t latch is a comfort issue. If you do have a latch/suck/etc problem that is not resolved by comfort or a position change, this is when those lovely nurses, Lactation Consultants, the local La Leche League Rep, or other breastfeeding coaches come in handy. You don’t hear about it, but there are people around that can help! Make some calls and inquiries. If nothing else, call your OBGYN or Pediatrician, they will know where to find some help. Or give a call back into L&D at the hospital; we will answer questions 24/7!!! We can’t make house calls like some of the other agencies, but we are open 24 hours a day for phone calls! And if we can’t answer your question, we will find someone who can!

We all have to make decisions that are best for us and for our children. Obviously feeding preference at birth is a big decision. For some it is a simple decision, for some it takes thought, and for some it is a HUGE decision. Whatever you decide will be the right one. We all know the saying that “breast is best” but bottle feeding is a CLOSE second! You have to do what is right for mommy and baby!

Keep in mind, there are more than two feeding options. Most people see a line drawn in the sand between breast and bottle. This is not the way of the world. There are so many other options. First, you can exclusively bottle feed or exclusively breastfeed. Then, there are the moms who EBF for a set amount of weeks. It may be due to work or it may just be preference at that point to stop breastfeeding and switch to bottle. Then there are the combination feedings. Some new moms have issues (such as nipple cracking…use Lanolin from the first feeding mommies!!!) and they start pumping early. This way baby is getting mommies milk but giving the nipples a rest and time to heal. Some mothers also do this for other reasons (going back to work, don’t like breastfeeding, or they pump to get some REST and some one else can feed baby!). Then there are also supplementing options. Some moms chose to breastfeed and then supplement with formula a certain number of feedings. Like I said, there are a TON more options than just breast or bottle. And you have to find the one that works best for you and baby!

Feeding preference is a decision that every mommy has to make for herself! I hope that this post helps some of you lovely ladies out! I would love to answer any questions you may have or give any help/advice! And if I can’t help you, I can find someone who can! You can always find me on my blog as well http://the-mommy-goods.blogspot.com/ where I talk about breastfeeding, cloth diapers, and other mommy/baby related things!!! I will be starting cloth diaper reviews soon too!!


September 13, 2010

Nursing Pads

Have you found the right nursing pads for yourself? I know that I tried plenty different kinds before I found the perfect ones for me. There are so many different options available out there to choose from. There are two major groups to choose from: you have disposable and reusable. I'm going to share my experiences with the ones I've used with you.

The disposable nursing pads I used are:

-Medela Disposable Nursing Pads:

Features and Benefits

  • Contouring pleats ensure a smooth, feminine shape.
  • Adhesive tape keeps pad in place and prevents shifting.
  • Individually wrapped for convenience.

My experience:There are nice disposable pads, they do however have a plasticy back on them to help prevent milk getting on your shirts. Also for me they can get kind of itchy. They have a contour shape which helps fit on you nicely without there being crease marks through your shirt. The tape really didn't work that great for me. Individually wrapped was handy for throwing in the diaper bag.

-Gerber Ultra Thin disposables:

Product Features

  • Gerber Ultra Thin Nursing Pads are Thin disposable pads provide no show protection.
  • It is soft, breathable material prevents soreness and chafing. Softer, more comfortable.
  • It is specially designed to draw moisture away from body.
  • Its moisture proof barrier, to prevent leaks and stains.
My experience: These are nice for it you are a light leaker. I constantly was leaking through these and having to change my pads, bra and shirts every couple of hours. They are soft to wear and I didn't have much of an itching problem with these. However they are not milk proof at all.

-Evenflo Comfort Select Pads:

Product Features
  • Soft inner layers dray moisture away from skin
  • Absorbent core provides protection against leaks
  • Discreet contour fit
  • 60 count
  • Lanolin soothes sore, cracked nipples
My experience: These were my favorite disposable nursing pads. I never leaked through them, they have a soft lining on them that goes against you, the price is good, and it has a leak proof outside. These are very discreat and you could hardly tell I was wearing them. I would occasionally have some itching but a simple readjustment would solve the problem.

Reusable Nursing Pads I've used:

-Gerber Reusable Nursing Pads:

Absorbent protection that can be washed and reused. Natural, 100% cotton inner-lining to absorb moisture and protect clothing. Economical and convenient.

My experience: These were the first reusable pads I purchased. I liked the thought of buying them once and being able to rewash and reuse them. They are pretty thin but slightly noticeable. Comfortable and wash up well. Can be washed with your regular clothes. However these are not waterproof and I would leak through them and have to change my tops.

-Knickernappies Reusable nursing pads:
Product Features:
Waterproof PUL, super soft custom-milled micro-fleece, and an interior absorbent layer of hemp make these breast pads a must-have item for any nursing mom.

My experience: These are my favorite nursing pads hands down. They are very soft, not itchy, fairly discreet, comfortable, leak proof and come in cute colors. I wash them with my diapers and line dry. The fleece is nice and soft up against you and these wash up great. I love these and will purchase these as gifts for some of my friends and family that are going to have babies and plan on nursing.

What are some nursing pads that you have used and loved? Share in the comments section.

September 12, 2010

Nursing Series Part One

So I am declaring this nursing week here at cloth diaper addiction. I will also be the first to admit that I am in no way a nursing pro. I was always undecided about whether or not I really wanted to nurse any of my babies. I knew it was the best thing for them and that it was also free but with being a plus sized mommy I wasn't completely comfortable with the whole idea of it. No one in my family nursed except for my mom and that was only with me, her 4th and final child. She nursed me for about 4 months before weaning and switching to formula. My mother-in-law nursed her children (all 6 of them), and was a huge advocate for nursing. I have two sisters both who have children, neither of them nurse but one of them wanted to. After her daughter ended up in the NICU for a month she pumped for a while but eventually switched to formula. On my husbands side only one of his siblings has kids and they were not nursed either. So as you can see nursing isn't really something that happens very often around me and my family, its not discouraged or encouraged.

Then there is me. Unsure of what I wanted to do and about to have our first child. After 22 hours of pitocen induced labor I ended up with a c-section and had to wait an hour in recovery before being able to hold my little guy. After being brought back up to my room and finally being able to hold him I started nursing him. It was hard and it hurt. Luckily I had wonderful nurses who I was comfortable asking questions to and comfortable with them helping me get a good latch for my son. However, he had different things in mind. He liked to keep his tongue on the top of his mouth which is not the best thing for feeding. We found a way to fix that problem...with a pacifier...we were hoping to not use one but ended up doing it anyways and we thought it had helped. We also had tried a nipple shield to help him get the hang of nursing. After leaving the hospital I continued to nurse. I became so engorged it hurt like crazy so I pumped which only made things worse. I also cracked from not getting a good latch. I used lanolin cream. It was a great friend and helped me to feel better but it didn't solve my problem. Nursing just wasn't working for me. I didn't have anyone to ask questions to, my son wasn't not gaining any weight and even my pediatrician who is very pro nursing suggested I supplement with formula to help get his weight up. Finally by six weeks he was gaining weight with the formula and breast feeding was basically over. And it was a hard 'over.' The one person related to me that had breast fed was not making it easy for me. Yes, I knew it was the best for my child but when my child is loosing so much weight that even the doctor says to change what I'm doing, I'm going to. Even my husband was telling me I should continue to nurse even though I knew it wasn't working for me.

Then my second baby came. I was going to give it another shot. What could it hurt really. Plus, I had an incentive. If I nursed I could save more money which would help me to be able to become a stay at home mommy. We went in for our c-section and welcomed our second little guy into the world. I got to see him for a quick second then he went up with the nurse and my hubby to get weight and all that good stuff and I went off to recovery for an hour. When I finally was able to go back up stairs I got to my room and waited for the nurse to bring me my little guy. I waited and waited and then in walked my Husband and our pediatrician. I knew something was wrong. The Dr. told me that my baby was born with wet lungs, typically when a baby is born naturally the fluids are squeezed out of them but with c-sections that doesn't happen because they are not pushed through the birth canal. He had to be on oxygen and she didn't know for how long. It took a lot of work for him to breath so bringing him down for me to see wasn't going to happen for a while, let alone nurse him. Periodically a nurse would come in and give me an update and I would ask each time 'when can I nurse,' 'should I pump?'. I didn't know. But they said to just wait a little bit and see what happens. After a few hours they tube fed him some milk, after a few more they gave him a bottle to see if he could handle breathing while drinking. Finally I was able to have my little guy in my arms. By then all my family had left and it was just my husband and I, and it was finally time to nurse. He took to it like a champ! He had a great latch and a big appetite. Nursing was a success! And completely new for me. I yet again had no idea what I was doing. How often should I nurse, is he getting enough, to much? I had no idea but after that one week weight check and seeing that he had GAINED weight I knew I was on the right track. Then week two came as well as major engorgement. I stood in the shower just crying because it hurt so much. I wanted to stop and be done right then and there. But I continued. I pumped but just a little to relieve pressure and it worked. At three weeks old we both were in sync with each other, he was sleeping 8-9 hours a night and nursing couldn't be better. Except in public. I didn't like nursing when I was out, it was that self confidence sneaking up on me again. I would go lock myself away in a room and nurse while my family and friends were out together having a good time. I missed out on great conversation with ADULTS! Finally I said to myself, you just have to do it. So I slowly did. I would sit in the corner of the room to nurse and use a nursing cover, and then before I knew it I was sitting at the table eating dinner and feeding my son. He did not have his first bottle until he was 4 months old and we were at a friends wedding. I felt proud that I was able to truly EBF my little guy.

How long did I want to nurse for? I had always said if I nurse it would only be for 6 months then I would switch to formula. Giving my son a bottle kind of pulled on my heart a little. It was hard to have him drink from a bottle and not me. I have been going back and forth with whether I want to stop nursing or not and have come to a decision that is right for me and my family. I will start weaning my son soon. I am happy for that decision and know that I have provided him with a great start and I'm proud of myself for being able to do what I have up to this point. I also am thinking that I might nurse my next one even longer. I've been reading what others have been saying on facebook about nursing for long periods of time and all of you ladies are truly inspiring! Thank you!

So for this week I hope to provide you with information about great products for nursing and also have a giveaway or two. I also have a couple of mother inspirational moms who are going to share with you as well. And for the moms who haven't nursed your little ones...your still wonderful moms!

September 10, 2010

FuzziBunz Review

I am truly blessed to have a local, brick and mortar, cloth diaper store to shop at. It's called Ecobuns. Ecobuns is where I purchased my first cloth diapers and accessories from. Kellie, the owner is extremly nice and is so willing to help with anything you might have problems with or answer any questions you have. Kellie and her husband started selling diapers from their home in their front living room, after less than a year they had gained so many customers that they decided to open a store front. Ecobuns offers Cloth Diapering classes twice a month (2nd and 4th Saturdays), open to anyone who is interested in learning more about cloth diapering. Ecobuns not only carries 'name brand' diapers but other great WAHM items. They carry amber teething necklaces, nursing pads and covers, baby carriers and more! Check them out here.

Kellie at Ecobuns has generously offered for one lucky reader to win a Fuzzibunz OS /cloth Diaper! I also was provided with one to use and review. Here is my experience with the diaper:

All packaged up, I received a light yellow color to use.
The back of the diaper...sideways...
The front of the diaper opened up. There are two rows of snaps, the top to adjust the tightness around the waist and the second for the tightness around the legs.
The diaper comes with two microfiber inserts plus and extra set of elastic.
The back of the diaper has the pocket opening as well as adjustable elastic so you can get the right fit for your little one. If you look to the right side of the yellow you will see a button. That is where the elastic comes out and allows you to tighten or loosen the back of the diaper. The elastic is replaceable.
This picture shows the leg elastic. There are numbers between holes to help you figure out which setting you need to put the elastic on for each side.
The leg hole.
My experience with this diaper:
-I was able to use this diaper successfully on both of my boys, without any leak issues.
-This diaper is so soft and washes up great. It makes for a super squishy tush! But its not bulky at all.
-Just put the diaper on my 2 year old. He is wearing it as I type this. His 2T jeans fit very nicely over top of it.
-The elastic takes a few times to get to the right setting so that the diaper will fit your baby nicely with out any leak issues.
- I like that the back of the diaper has the adjustable elastic. That way you don't have to worry about it gapping away from the back when your little one has a major explosion.
-On some of my other one size diapers I use snaps to adjust the rise of the diaper. Often these snaps will come undone when I'm pulling the diaper up over my baby's front side. With the Fuzzibunz, you don't have snaps that adjust the rise. Its all in the leg elastic, so I didn't have to worry about popping any snaps open.
-If you only have one baby in diapers this is a great one size diaper to have. If you have two in diapers like me, its still a great diaper to have but you might want each child to have their own set of these. Why? Because adjusting the elastic in the legs takes more time to adjust then a few snaps. Its a great diaper for one baby but not as versatile for two different size babies at the same time.
-Overall I was very happy and pleased with the performance of this diaper. It holds up great in the wash, is super soft, no leak issues, great for overnight when double stuffed. Fit both of my boys great.

Would you like to buy a Fuzzibunz? The price for this OS diaper is $19.95. They recently release new colors that are awesome. If I had a girl I would own a few of the Grape colored diapers...its amazing!

* This Product is being given by Ecobuns. I was not paid to do this giveaway. I received a Fuzzibunz OS to test and review. This review is of my own personal opinions and your results may very.

September 8, 2010


I recently borrowed some G-diapers to use and test out. After we had our first son we had talked about cloth diapering to save some money and this was one option I was seriously looking into. The price seemed fairly good but I didn't really know a whole lot about cloth at that time and I'm one of those people who needs to see and touch an item before I buy it. So we never really took the plunge to switch to cloth. Now that we have our second baby we obviously are enamored with it. I wish I would have used cloth earlier than what we had. But anyways, G-Diaper was what I was thinking of trying but never have purchased. Here is a look at the G-Diaper:

The front view of the diaper. It has a very basic rectangle shape to it with tabs going out on the sides.

The inside of the diaper has a cute fun print. The outer shell of this diaper is a nice stretchy cloth, and it is soft, but not water proof.You snap in a plastic-y liner in each corner of the cover.
Then you take your g-cloth which has a nice fleece on one side for against babies skin and microfiber on the other side (or disposable flushie liner)
and you push it into the plastic-y liner that is snapped on to the cover. It fits in pretty well.
Here is the diaper stuffed and closed up ready to go.
a side view of the diaper.
Here is the diaper on my 2 year old. He is super skinny and was wearing a medium diaper. It is very trim.
The tabs velcro shut in the back of the diaper.
And the front almost looks like a pair of undies. It is very trim.

My experience with this diaper:
-I liked how trim the diaper is.
-I did not have any leaks with this diaper, however I did have a hard time keeping it on my son. Even though the velco is in the back of the diaper he was constantly taking it off. I don't think he liked it at all.
-Each time I took the diaper off the g-cloth was all bunched up in the middle of the plastic liner which meant that the plastic had been touching my little guys bum.
-It is easy to put together and stuff with the cloth.
-I only used this diaper for a day because E wouldn't keep it on so I dont have a lot of experience with it but I don't think I will be purchasing these in the future. I prefer my other styles of diapers.
-I have heard from others that they enjoy this diaper and it works well for them, maybe on a younger baby that doesn't move around as much. I'm not really sure.

Do you use the G-Diaper and enjoy it? Leave us a comment with your experience!

-This review is completely of my own opinion. I was not paid to review this item nor did I receive any type of compensation for writing it. I also did not receive a diaper from any company to use for this review.