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October 30, 2012

Rump Arounds Review & Giveaway

I was thrilled when Rump Arounds let me know I was selected to review one of their diapers. If you haven't had a chance to check out their site, I urge you to take a few minutes to see what they have to offer! I chose the One Size, Rump-ALL-Arounds Pocket diaper (RAA).

First, some information on the RAA:
  • With a 4 rise snap setting, adjusts from XS, Small, Medium, large permitting the diaper to be used from true birth weight 6.5lb up to 40lbs dependent on body frame. 
  • 2 rows of 10 snaps across waist for size adjustment & extra protection against leakage and drooping of wings.
  • 4 snaps per wing & 2 over snaps for size adjustment & extra protection against leakage and drooping of wings.
  • "Snap wrap" feature, just roll up like a disposable and snap closed until ready to wash.
  • Double gussets for extra barrier protection.
  • Includes one 100% Bamboo (3 layer) Insert each
  • Breathable Laminate Outer Shell, waterproof to prevent leaking & do away with diaper covers!
  • Soft Inner liner, gentle against babies skin while keeping baby dry. 
  • Stretchy & Soft around legs and waist
Um. Wow. So get ready as we take a little tour of this diaper...

Here is the RAA in all its glory! If I could explain how incredibly soft this diaper is. The outer is minky...love.

Here you can see the two rows of 10 snaps across waist...

...4 snaps per wing & 2 over snaps...

...double gussets...

Here is the included insert (reminder with bamboo, it will take 5 washes to prep, and upwards of 10-12 washes to reach maximum absorbency).
So how did the RAA fit? Reminder that my 2 year old is approximately 31.5lbs.

I was able to get an amazing fit around his waist - with room to tighten, and room to grow, if needed on either side.

LOOK at how trim!!!! Oh my goodness. I was floored the first time I put this diaper on Caedmon.
So how did the RAA work for us? Incredibly. I had intended on making the first use a "short time" use, but my little guy wasn't feeling too well, and I suspected an ear infection, so what was supposed to be a short trial run turned into a long, nearly 4.5 hour trial with an outing to the peds office included...not a single leak, and it was still going strong. And since bamboo gets better with time, the more I use/wash, the better it works.

I loved the snug fit around the legs, and there are never any red marks from the elastic. The back elastic is amazingly snug as well.

We have loved trying out this diaper. It has definitely been placed in our "favorites" pile!

Rump Arounds has offered one RAA (winner may choose print) to one winner! To enter, please enter via the Rafflecopter form below:
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Disclaimer: I received one RAA for review. All opinions are honest and my own. You may have a different experience. Rump Arounds has offered one RAA for giveaway.

October 23, 2012

A couple Pin Wins, Fails, and To-Do's

I have a love hate relationship with Pinterest...as I'm sure most people do! I love having a bajillion ideas at my fingertips, but 2 hours later...nothing has gotten done ;) I thought I'd share a few things that have been major wins for us (and a couple fails, just to keep it real) ;-)

I usually shred my chicken in recipes...and while using two forks isn't difficult, it was definitely a win when I found this tip to make use of your stand mixer to shred chicken... (in the comments, someone said that a hand mixer worked just as well). If you're in the lazy crew, like me, give it a try! Just takes a few seconds!

One of the main reasons I love Pinterest, is for the recipes my friends pin. One of those was White Chicken Enchiladas. I don't really love enchilada sauce, but this was...oh. my. word. Our new favorite meal. We are still working on how to jazz up the flavor of the chicken, but it's so creamy and yummy and...wowzers.

My biggest fail as of late, this cutie:

I wrapped up my door, it rained, he drooped. Sad Mummy :( Sad Mommy :( It was SO cute, but just not meant to be. I think next year, I might do inside doors or something, because the boys thought it was so funny. Just not made for the humid South ;) 

Brine your T-shirt: I REALLY wanted this to work. I adore soft t-shirts. And this project had SO much hope. I waited the three days I was supposed to... nothing. I retried it, same shirt and waited 5 days. Still the same, rough t-shirt. Tried again, for a week. Nada. If anyone tries it and WINS, PLEASE let me know!!!

I'm trying to re-vamp my clothes so I don't always dress, well...frumpy ;) I found a tutorial for this shirt. I have a dark gray shirt eerily similar to the one in the pic, so I'm going to try soon! It's so ...quirky!

We always get together with friends for Thanksgiving potluck (due to work, church, and school schedules we can rarely make traveling work). I usually make a Sweet Potato Casserole and something went amiss last year ...it was horrible, and I'm scared to try again. I saw this recipe for Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes and I can't WAIT to try them out!

Do you have some Pin Wins (or fails?!) to share?

October 9, 2012

LoveMuffin Goods - Prefitted Review

In our nearly 5 years of cloth diapering, I had heard "prefitted" only a few times. Recently, I heard it more frequently. A few months ago, I polled our awesome Facebook fans for their favorite WAHM's and products, and Cassy from LoveMuffin Goods came up. I contacted her, and she was eager to allow me to try out her Prefitted!  Having never held/seen (in person) a Prefitted, I wasn't 100% certain what to expect - in terms of fit, and performance.

To start, let's take a tour of the Prefitted. It is simply a modified Prefold.

The sides are cut to a form like a Fitted diaper and elastic added in the legs.

And very trim!
Cassy includes a Doubler Insert for extra absorbency.

The fit is amazing! Since the Prefitted doesn't have snaps or velcro, you can use a Snappi or pins to secure it. You can even go without a closure, and just wrap and secure in a snug cover (very SNUG...otherwise, it'll get lose and it'll get messy) ;)
Prefitted on my 2 year old (approx 31lbs)
Trim!!!!! (Diaper red marks from a different diaper!) ;)
Paired with a Sweet Pea OS cover

The Prefitted can be used for a long time if you fold down the front (as demonstrated in Cassy's picture) to become One-Size

I was VERY happy with this Prefitted.
  • It contained major messes. 
  • It was super easy to add absorbency to (we made it all night with a couple of hemp boosters added). 
  • It seemed to dry much faster than other fitteds we own. 
  • And the simplicity of it was great.
  • Oh, and I can use my fun covers which haven't seen a lot of action lately ;) 
Cassy made fans out of this family for sure!

Let me end by saying that Cassy was fantastic to work with! And Cassy doesn't just do diapers - she has shoes, belts, luggage/diaper bag tags, and more! Be sure to check out her Facebook page to keep up with all her new goodies that she comes out with!

Cassy has generously offered a Prefitted to one of our amazing readers! To enter, simply enter via the form below:

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Disclaimer: I received one (1) Prefitted from LoveMuffin Goods for review. All opinions are honest and my own. You may have a different experience. Cassy at LoveMuffin Goods is sponsoring the giveaway of one (1) Prefitted to one (1) winner.