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July 30, 2011

Mama Hooks

Thanks to this blog, I tried wool covers about 8 months ago...and I am beyond in love with them. I was so excited when Sara from Mama Hooks! signed up for our WAHM Month event! She was awesome to work with and creates amazing wool covers and photo props. I had the chance to try out a pair of her wool shorties on my youngest and fell even more in love with wool.

First, the variegated yarn she used, I drool over all day...the colors. Sigh.
The waist is drawstring, so they work perfectly on my larger thighed/skinny waisted guy. And the length -- he looks like a lil surfer dude ;)
I love pairing the shorties with a prefold for playtime for some serious breathability. For this particular photo, I had paired it with a fitted because it was almost nap time. The rise is great and covers all of the fitted/prefold keeping everything nice and dry.
I got brave and actually ventured to a chiropractor's appointment with Caedmon in wool a few weeks ago. I don't know why I was nervous to venture out in wool, we never have any leak issues at home...but the conversations these shorts started was great! I got to talk to so many new and soon-to-be mamas about cloth and how easy wool really is (and not to be afraid of it for 3+ years like I was!!) Sara sent fantastic instructions on lanolizing wool (even though I know how to do it, I like having the instructions in front of me and these were by far the best I've had!)

A little bit of info about Sara, the mom behind the business:
  • Sara was taught by her grandmother how to crochet when she was 6 years old
  • She thought crocheting and selling things would be a great way to offset her income loss when she made the decision to stay home with her children
  • She can crochet just about anything, but don't ask her to knit! She has tried many, many times and only ends up with a knotted mess.
  • Also, don't ask her to take care of houseplants :) She claims she has killed nearly every kind of plant, including chia pets!
  • Sara has 3 beautiful daughters, who are 6, 4 and 1 years old. She says, "They are the reason I wake up every morning and I love them with every breath of life in my body. The older 2 are learning to crochet as well...I am married to the most amazing man on the planet. He's my best friend and the best husband and father I could ever imagine. He works his butt off so I can stay home."
You can keep up to date with Mama Hooks! via Facebook and shop through her Hyena Cart.

Sara has offered a 10% discount through her shop using the code "WAHMmonth10". Happy shopping!!! This code is good through August 31, 2011.

Disclaimer: I received one pair of wool shorties in conjunction with WAHM Month for review. All opinions are my own and you may have a different experience.

July 29, 2011

Sweet Bobbins

I was thrilled with all the print choices that game in my review package from Sweet Bobbins! She asked for boy, girl or gender neutral - I said, gender neutral, but err on the side of boy and she didn't disappoint! Before I knew it, a dozen, adorable, super absorbent wipes were in my hands As I flipped through admiring the prints, my big boys went nuts over the shark, dinosaur and robot flannel sides...
I went crazy over the amazingly soft Organic Bamboo Velour side! SO incredibly soft, and I quickly discovered, able to clean up the toughest of messes with the greatest of ease.

The wipes are a perfect size of 6x8 - not too small, not too big. (As my big boys would say, "Juuuuust right") ;)
The edges are serged and have held up great with frequent use and many, many washings.
I was unsure of the bamboo side and how it would handle the tough messes, but I've found I prefer these to our terry cloth or flannel wipes for those icky diapers! I also thought my husband would dismiss these wipes and opt for our normal, terry cloth wipes. Truth be told, he reaches for these first now! (he wanted me to say they are dad tested, dad approved) ;)

Sweet Bobbins is a 3-person team made up of Angela, Rene and Mr. Sweet Bobbins (Michael). Angela started sewing when her daughter was about a year old and serging wipes has become a "happy place" for her ("until a thread breaks, but hey, that's just reality!" she says!) Rene loves to makes nursing covers and pail liners and can make anything look professional, while Mr. Sweet Bobbins is indispensable: "he puts snaps on everything." As a totally random fact, Angela said that she hates mayonnaise, mustard, dill and pasta salad - this makes potlucks "terrifying" for her ;)

In addition to wipes, Angela also makes nursing pads, bibs and wet bags. In her Etsy shop you can also find a patterns section, as well as a handmade section with a ton of surprises!! If you see something you love, but want a different fabric, let her know!

You can find Sweet Bobbins on Etsy as well as Facebook and Twitter. Angela also has a great blog set up where you can learn more about her products as well as find tutorials.

Disclaimer: I received a dozen wipes for review in conjunction with WAHM Month. All opinions are my own and you may have a different experience.

July 26, 2011

United by Fluff

As soon as I opened the package of wipes from Jessie of United by Fluff, I was thrilled with all the color!

BRIGHT is an understatement - just what I love with my diapers!

The size is generous (a fantastic 8x8) and they are oh-so-soft - designed with flannel on one side and coordinating minky on the other.

I was worried about how the minky would handle the poo, but it worked like a charm. (Sparing all details...just know, it didn't have a problem handling it!) :)

Jessie just opened up her shop on Hyena cart and at the moment, is strictly selling wipes, but un-paper towels are coming soon!

When Jessie isn't playing with her child or sewing up wipes, you can find her playing guitar in an all-female cover band, Second Skin, performing hits from bands like Hole, the Breeders and Veruca Salt, to name a few! Jessie started United by Fluff when her significant other was laid off from his job. While he was home during the day, she took that opportunity to plan and organize and thus, United by Fluff was born, out of her love for sewing and addiction to cloth diapering.

You can keep up with Jessie and her Hyena Cart stockings on her Facebook page - be sure to let her know that you found out about her shop from CDA's WAHM Month!

DISCLAIMER: I received 3 wipes for review in conjunction with WAHM Month. All opinions are my own and you may have a different experience.

July 20, 2011

Lexie Faye's Fluff

Today let me introduce you to Lexie Faye's Fluff and Finery

-When/how did you decide to become a WAHM?
I had been toying with the idea for a while, but never could figure out what to do. I'd done some crafting things before, but never anything that I enjoyed enough to do it a LOT. After I started cloth diapering... well, that changed pretty quickly!
-What made you decide to open the store and sell the items that you do?
I saw that a lot of things were pretty popular, and that mom's want VARIETY. I personally shop on four or five different WAHM pages. I decided on something simple. Cloth wipes, and wetbags. Shortly after that, I decided on bows and hairclips... that way I would stop spending so much money on my daughter's bows!!!
-What kinds of items do you sell?
Cloth Wipes, Wetbags (12x14), Hairbows, flower/bow clips, and pretty soon, nursing covers and burpcloths!
-Are all the items you sell made by you?
Every last one! Which is why none of them are exactly the same. Not all the wipes are EXACTLY the same size, not every stitch in the exact same place on every bag, and the bows definitely are not all identical :)
-Share a little about your family where you are from etc
Well, I moved back in with my parents (I'm a single mom), and so it's me (I'm 20), my seven month old daughter, my mom, and my brother. I was born in Killeen TX, my daughter in El Paso, TX. I've been a military wife, and now (like I said) a single mom. Loving life to the fullest, being a semi-crunchy mama (we cloth diaper, and do all natural/organic baby foods), and I'm also a waitress and operate two home businesses. I love sewing, playing with my daughter, and just enjoying life with her, and learning to take the hard times with the good, and what honestly sums up what I think on a daily basis?
-Anything else you would like to share?
I'm a proud cloth diapering, baby wearing, co sleeping, all loving young single mama. My daughter is the most important thing in my life, and I am doing what I have to in order to take care of her. I wait tables 40 hours a week, I sew and craft for one of my home businesses, and I also do LADIES ONLY parties... Not so "Family Friendly" so I won't bring them up here :) So to all the single moms out there.... Yes. You CAN do it. DON"T give up. ALWAYS remember that your little one will always love you, and that they will understand why you sometimes have to be away from home so much. Remember that you are doing this for their benefit, so you can provide the best possible life for them. Do not give up on yourself. Don't forget to take care of yourself. Do things you love. Do things WITH your child. Cherish the moments you have, because too soon, they are gone.

Lexie Faye's Fluff sent me two cloth wipes to try out and review. I only have one in the picture, didn't think you would want a picture of the used one. :)

The wipes are made out of flannel, both sides. I love this fun monkey print. The other wipe had brown on the back side this one has green.
I love the stitching that she uses to sew these together. The little zig-zag pattern is fun.
These wipes have held up nicely. They are great with the flannel on both sides for when DS has a little bit of a sore area (from eating to many blueberries) and pooing way to much. The double flannel is guaranteed softness no matter what.

You can find Lexie Faye's Fluff here on facebook.

July 19, 2011

Dippee Dypees

Todays WAHM is Dippee Dypees! She makes some awesome High Rise Prefolds

-When/how did you decide to become a WAHM?
When my youngest was born she had very sensitive skin. All disposable diapers would give her a horrible rash. I started researching cloth diapers and went with fuzzi bunz to start, but alas, she was allergic to the synthetics in them too! I then moved into bamboo prefolds and fitteds with covers. These did the trick, but I couldn't afford the crazy prices so I ordered some material and gave it a try. Having gotten a pattern down I liked and worked well for my daughter, I thought hey I wonder if these would do well for others. Dippee Dypees was born. I opened a facebook page on October 1, 2010 and my etsy shop was opened a few months later. Things were so busy so fast that I recruited a friend to help me out with sewing and prep work! I would be lost without my dear friend Patsy!! It has been wonderful, crazy, exciting and very uplifting to be able to offer good quality products an affordable price :)

-What made you decide to open the store and sell the items that you do?
October 2010 Dippee Dypees made its debut on facebook! By December we was so back logged on orders due to the fact that we was doing strictly customs via facebook. Patsy and I tinkered with the idea of opening an etsy shop and finally we did just that. Now our etsy shop is home to all we make! You can find bamboo breast pads, bamboo tri folding soakers, winged prefolds of all sizes, bamboo velour washcloths, fitted dypees, AI2, and starting next month, we are excited to offer bamboo trainers!!

-What kinds of items do you sell?
While we do offer fitteds and AI2, our main passion here is winged or extended tab prefolds. We make them in 3 sizes from newborn, we call these itty bittys, to toddler size, we call these highrises, you can always find a perfect fitting prefold here! Couple that with our bamboo velour wipes and a super cute dypee cover and your little one is set for a day of squishy, comfy fun!

-Are all the items you sell made by you?
All the items we make are made right here on my dining room table!! While I am doing cutting and serging, my dear friend Patsy is always playing with new pattern ideas and is a mean mama on that sewing machine!!

-Share a little about your family where you are from etc
I have been married for 14 years this September! My hubbys family is very thick in the boy department, so our first 3 are all boys lol!! Josiah is our oldest, he is 13, oh my!! Malachi is next and will be 12 in October and starting middle school this fall!! Adin is our third boy, he will be 8 in august and heading into 3rd grade :). We thought we were done there, no more kiddos for us....well................. on November 25, 2009 Miss Myah made her grand entrance to the world!! We were shocked and excited when she was born, due to the fact that hubbys family has so few girls but we got one!!! We all live in Washington state, way up by the Canadian border in a wonderful little town!!

Dippee Dypees
sent me one of their high rise extended tabs prefold to use and review as well as one of their wipes. As soon as I opened the package I was enjoying this prefold. This super cute food print was perfect for my son who LOVES to eat...and eat...and eat....you get the point. Anyways this is just adorable to begin with, plus its super soft and has to this point remained super soft as well. This is surged around the edges and is done so with great care. I haven't had any issues with stitching coming undone etc.
Here is the diaper folded up (above)
This is pretty easy to fold and put on your LO. You bring the end that doesn't have the tabs on it together and then fold it up over your baby then pull the tabs around babies side and snappi/pin it on!
Here is the prefold all opened up.
The inside of the diaper has two seams sewn down the middle like a cotton prefold does. The wash cloth that Dippee Dypees sent me has flannel on one side and a nice velour material on the other. I like have two different textures on the wipes because you can get a good clean with a 'rougher' material than you can with a soft material.
I love this prefold. Its so super trim it feels like he is wearing undies with a cover on top of them. Its great. I was worried about absorbancy in this because of the fact that it is trim but my son has really cut down on not peeing as much and so he doesn't soak through this really. I try to change diapers every 2 hours as well so this worked great for us. I was nervous the first time and put an extra hemp insert on top of this but there wasn't a need for it. The wash cloth is great, cute print, nice materials that work great for removing poo.

Dippee Dypees on Etsy
Dippee Dypees on Facebook
CDA on Facebook
CDA on Twitter

July 18, 2011

Dustie Bottoms

Let me introduce a WAHM who has some really cute items. I found out about Dustiebottoms through a giveaway and I happen to win so I got this super cute diaper cover pictured below. She custom made it just for me and I do have to say that its great! Read below to learn a little more about DustieBottoms!
-How long have you been making and selling your items?
I've been sewing since my first daughter was born, so about 14 years. But I've been selling my sewn items for two years now.
-What inspired you to open your store?
You want the long version or the short lol? When I was pregnant with my second son I realized that we were BROKE and were going to have two babies in diapers at the same time. So I started researching cloth diapers. And I was stumped on how to get a stash of diapers with no money to do so. So I started sewing my own. They sure weren't pretty back then, but they were functional and I was hooked on cloth diapers. And you all know what a slippery slope that is! Sewing diapers was just so much fun that I was sewing up way more than my two boys could use, donating them to a local charity that helps out needy moms. And I found that by using cloth diapers, being on forums with other parents that cloth diapered, I was becoming more concious of the other disposabe habits we had in this house. So I started looking at becoming more environmentally concsious, and leaning more towards attachment parenting.

-What kinds of products do you sell?
I sell mostly what I've been inspired to make, or what we as a household will/do use, so what I stock changes from time to time. But mostly it is diapers, menstrual pads, reusable coffee sleeves and tissue holders, and snack bags. I'd like to start making un-paper towels and just going for an all around cloth friendly shop. During the holidays I make Hot/Cold Therapy Sets that are absolutely a gift worth giving or just keeping for yourself. They are awesome!
-Tell me a little about yourself, your family etc
I'm 34 and have 5 wonderful kids. I have the honor and challenge of staying home with them thanks to my wonderfully hard working husband. In my other life I was a critical care nurse and once the kids are all in school I'll be returning to that, though I hope I can have the best of both worlds and continue with my sewing for others. Let's see, we're going to be moving soon to our dream home (not that it's a dream yet, it's a major fixer upper lol), on 2 acres in the country so we can try to lead an even more sustainable life. And where I'll have my very own sewing room!! Now that is exciting!

Along with my diaper cover DustieBottoms sent these two cool reusable snack bags. They are of course CARS which my son is a total fan of. We have used these for quite a few different things.
They have a snap closure and are surged all around the edges.The inside material is a nylon (windbreaker type of material) and the out side is a cotton print.
There are two different sizes (That she sent me) Both are great for different items.We have used these bags for food and toys. My son loves to stick his cars and tractors in the larger sandwich size bag for when we go to gammys house. We have also used these while garage sailing and I put marshmallows or pretzels in them. They worked great and are easy for my boys to hang on to.

DustieBottoms Etsy
Dustie Bottoms Facebook

July 17, 2011

SquishyFace Baby

This particular One Size Happy Snap pocket diaper from SquishyFace Baby, has become a favorite in our house. I was very unsure about it at first, mainly because I love having cross-over snaps for my youngest and this particular diaper doesn't have that, however, as you'll soon see, totally not necessary.

The diaper is very well made, and has been in constant use (constant as in, my husband and I try to be the one to change Caedmon's diaper as soon as this diaper is out of the wash!) since we started trying it out.

The diaper has a great little pouch for inserting your absorbency (note: the diaper did not come with an insert, but I have used extra inserts, as well as prefolds, just fine)
The inside is a fantastic coordinating color of super soft suede cloth.
And the front...oh the front...ADORABLE!
The coordinating minky is such a fantastic touch. The outside is a solid PUL:
The generous amount of snaps is awesome, and the color combo - fantastic! I love when the diaper looks created and not just made.
Unfortunately (for our readers, only, ha!), from here on out, I only have one diaper tester, my youngest! While we were on vacation this week, our middle son decided to jump on board with the whole potty thing! I tried to get him to wear the diaper just for pictures, and his response was, "No. Diapers are for babies and I am a BIG boy!!" SO, here is the diaper on the middle setting on my almost 11 month old, he's approximately 24lbs.

Here you can see that even with his ITTY bitty waist, we got a great fit around the waist. I prefer my OS diapers to have 3 snaps across, for sides and middle rise, but we get a steller fit with the Happy Snap!
This particular time, I used a prefold from Smart Bottoms as the insert, and you can see the incredibly trim fit I was able to achieve!
And the heiny shot ;)
As I said, this quickly became a favorite diaper of ours. Not only is it adorable (as well as "cute", "awesome", "unique" and "really cool" - quotes from family while on vacation!), it is s.o.l.i.d. - we've yet to experience a leak. It is so trim (I suppose that depends on the style of insert, but it definitely has been very trim with all the various inserts I've tried) and very easy to use.

Alicia, the mom behind SquishyFace Baby creates a plethora of items from itty bitty Newborn diapers to Pocket diapers to Trainers and even wet bags! Alicia started her business because she loves sewing cloth diapers and having an etsy shop allows her to continue what she loves.

You can keep updated with all things SquishyFace Baby by joining her Facebook page - be sure to let her know you found out about her via CDA's WAHM Month!

Disclaimer: I received one Happy Snap OS Diaper for review in conjunction with WAHM Month.

July 16, 2011

Babes in Cloth

Todays WAHM is 'local' to me, well kind of we are in the same state anyways. Monica from
Babes in Cloth is sharing with us about her opportunity to be a WAHM!

-When/how did you decide to become a WAHM?
I decided to become a WAHM because I wanted to stay home with my two children. I had been using cloth diapers with them and saw a local need, as well as, seeing more demand online. So I decided having a cloth diaper store was a great choice for me!
-What made you decide to open the store and sell the items that you do?
I decided to start the planning stage back in January of this year. We opened our virtual doors in April and have been doing well so far. I chose cloth diapers and related items because I have a passion (read obsession) for cloth!!
-What kinds of items do you sell?
Everything related to cloth diapers.
-Are any of the items you sell made by you? I don't make any of the items I sell.
-Share a little about your family where you are from etc
I am from the mid-Michigan area. I have two beautiful little girls that are my heart. We enjoy playing outside, jammin' to our tunes, and the oldest likes to help me pack shipments for the store.
-Anything else you would like to share?
Yes, come shop at Babes In Cloth! lol.....and thank you to anyone taking the time for reading this :)

Monica of Babes in Cloth recently participated with us in our Anniversary Celebration so you might have recognized the name from there. She had sent the Eco Sprout detergent for me to try and got me hooked! For today's feature she asked me to review the Eco Sprout Bottom Balm.

The bottom bum comes in a giant chap-stick type of container. Its probably about 4-5 inches tall and about an inch-inch and a half wide so its a nice size.At first I wasn't to impressed with the smell of this, but I really like it now. You just twist the bottom of the container and the cream comes up. I love the fact that I don't have to stick my fingers into a tub of cream and then wipe it all over my child butt that was just covered with poo. Having this in a stick form like this is wonderful because I can simply give it a little twist, and wipe it on the red spots and we are good to go. Plus its nice and fast to use which is good for when you have a little wiggler on your hands. I have been very impressed with how this bottom balm has worked on my son. It cleared up any red really fast. I had put one diaper on him and the leg elastic was rubbing him the wrong way and it left a blister type of mark on his leg. I have been using this and it has help a lot with helping to clear that spot up.

You can visit Babes In Cloth at the following sites:
Babes In Cloth
Babes in Cloth on Facebook
Babes In Cloth on Twitter

July 15, 2011

Lexies Lip and Lotion

Todays WAHM hand makes some great products for us Mommys, we all deserve something special now and then so let me introduce Lexie from Lexie's Lip and Lotion

-When/how did you decide to become a WAHM?
I became a WAHM about 3 months ago. I used the products for myself and had an abundance that I thought I would just try to sell. The response was overwhelming, so I decided to start making it specifically to sell. I love my products and wanted to share them with others.
-What made you decide to open the store and sell the items that you do?
Well, like I said, I used the products myself. I was looking for a lotion that was less expensive than store bought lotion, and one that was better for your skin. After searching the internet I found a lotion recipe and decided to try it out. I also bought lip balm tubes and made lip balm from the same ingredients. The ingredients used are natural and very good for your skin.
-What kinds of items do you sell?
I currently sell a lotion bar and lip balm. They are made from three ingredients (coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax). They are available in Original (unscented), Vanilla, Tea Tree, and Lavender. I have a chocolate flavor coming soon. I also hope to make deodorant, soap, and laundry detergent.
-Are all the items you sell made by you?
Yes, I order my ingredients then combine them for the perfect lotion and lip balm.
-Share a little about your family where you are from etc
My husband and I met in the youth group at the church we attended when we were younger. We both attended The University of Mississippi and got our degrees in education. I taught for 4 years before we felt like the Lord was calling me to stay home with our 2 year old daughter, Ella Grace. We soon found out I was pregnant with our second daughter, Nora Truth (who is 4 months old now). My husband works as a private music instructor where he teaches mainly guitar, bass, and drums. We are excited about my new business and can't wait to see what God does with it.
-Anything else you would like to share?
The three ingredients make the lotion great for: healing diaper rash, preventing diaper rash, calming eczema and psoriasis, preventing stretch marks, reducing aging signs, healing dry or cracked skin, soothing sunburn and itching skin, use on the face and body after shaving, insect bites, and other damages to the skin. It also contains anti-biotic properties and locks in moisture. It also stays soaked into the skin even after washing hands. To use the lotion bar you simply rub it in your hands until is melts slightly. You can also pinch some off and rub it into the hands until you can spread it all over hands and body.
Products can be purchased through the contact button on her facebook page, or through etsy

Lexie was kind enough to send me some samples of her products to try out. They came packaged in a cute little box tied up nicely with little tags. Very impressive!
(sorry about the sideways picture!)
The lotion bars are a nice size that fit great into your hands
She also send me a tube of her chap stick.
I have really enjoyed using Lexies products. I love the fact that she makes it herself and sells it so that she is able to be a WAHM. I tried out the lip balm right away when I got it in the mail and it went on so nice and smooth. I was very impressed. It did take me a moment to realize how you were supposed to use the lotion bars. Because its made with coconut oil all you have to do it rub it around on your hands and it will melt and once you have enough you simply put it down and your good to go! I have been using this lotion on my knees, they get dry after playing on the floor with my boys so this is nice to have for that. I also am looking forward to using it this winter when my hands get dry and cracked.

Lexie Lip and Lotion on Etsy
Lexie Lip and Lotion on Facebook
CDA on Facebook
CDA on Twitter

July 14, 2011

Jack Be Natural

We have a little bit of a different WAHM/D for today's feature. Jack Be Natural is a store that is ran from a home allowing parents to stay home and work at the same time. John and Stacy are great to work with.

-When/how did you decide to become a WAHM?
Around June of 2010. I had a full time job as an HR manager for a construction company prior to having kids and I missed the interaction with people which is the focal point of HR. I really enjoyed helping people and even though I loved being able to stay home with my kids I wanted to do something that I enjoyed, while at home with my kids, and at the same time being able to help others as well. When we started cloth diapering I never thought of making a business out of it but seeing that there wasn't much out there as far as resources, at least where we live in Charlotte NC, we thought that Jack Be Natural would be a great resource for mothers that were interested in cloth but didn't have a "go to" place to ask questions and get the best information possible. That was really the reason we started JBN.
-What made you decide to open the store and sell the items that you do?
Expanding on the previous answer a little it was the fact that there weren't many resources for cloth diapering and natural parenting in general. When we started cloth we had to figure things out on our own through trial and error, like most mothers do, so after all that I wanted to offer what I thought were the best products. I didn't want to sell a product that I didn't use myself. Having been mother tested and approved I thought was crucial in deciding what to carry in our store. Obviously, there are a lot of products out there that are wonderful that we don't carry but that is more of a function of timing in having the funds to add a new product line. We are steadily introducing new lines to our store however and we listen to what our customers are asking for. Once we try it out ourselves and we're happy with the product we will add it on to our product offering. If it's a product that we can't test directly ourselves we will send it to a customer/fan of ours, or two or three, for them to use and give us their opinion.
-What kinds of items do you sell?
Cloth diapers is the core of our offering but we also have a variety of other related products and accessories. Natural detergents, natural sunscreen, swim diapers, potty training pants, wool dryer balls, natural lotions and rubs, bibs, blankees and even some jewelry just to name a few.
-Are any of the items you sell made by you?
Unfortunately, no, but that is something we aspire to do at the appropriate time. A good portion of the products we carry are made by other WAHM's or small businesses in general started by WAHM's.
-Share a little about your family where you are from etc
Originally I am from upstate NY but have lived in Charlotte NC for most of my life. I have been married for 7 years and have 2 wonderful boys (almost 4 years old and 18 months old). Did I mention that I love to help people? I am extroverted by nature so helping people comes easily to me. My husband tells me that I go beyond what's necessary or even expected. I guess sometimes I do, but I want to treat others the same way I would want to be treated. I know that sounds very cliche but that's how I truly feel.
-Anything else you would like to share?
I just really enjoy helping people, which lends great to my personality and the reason why I got into HR out of college and have continued this through JBN. I have a passion for cloth diapering and natural parenting and I am eager to help families any way I can. I always tell people that the reason it took me so long to embrace natural parenting and diapering was because family and friends talked me out of it. I succumbed to peer pressure basically. Once I tried things out for myself I confirmed what I always believed to be true in that natural parenting and cloth diapering have barriers to entry due to perception. I get a lot of satisfaction in helping interested mothers or families so that they make an informed decision instead of listening to misguided opinions. Natural parenting and cloth diapering are not for everybody, though it should be but I'm not in denial, but so many people embrace it once they try it for themselves and most of all have someone to help them along the way. I like being that someone to help them through!

They were nice enough to send a GroVia newborn diaper to us to review. My daughter is 4 month old who weighs around 12 pounds so I was excited to try the diaper right away!
The diaper came in a nap sack that is reusable.

This newborn diaper has two snaps for making the rise a little smaller or bigger depending on the need for your baby. My daughter was on the bigger side of the weight range, so she didn't need it snapped at all but it still fit great. The weight range is approximately 5lbs to 12lbs+.
It is an AIO diaper so no pockets to stuff, no searching around for missing inserts etc. It's all there sewn together which is great for any parent who had a new baby at home! This was my first time personally using an AIO and I loved it. It was extremely easy to use and putting away laundry was a lot less time consuming. The inside has an organic cotton layer while the outside has a soft water resistant TPU.
I love the leg openings around this diaper. They are just cute! They fit her little legs really well and I didn't have any leak issues at all. I also loved the snaps. I did a little research to discover that they are YKK snaps. I felt like they were easier to snap and unsnap without pulling the fabric by them.

Overall I loved this diaper. I wish I had them when she was born because they are super trim and extremely absorbent. The Grovia Newborn diaper comes in seven different prints/solids.

Jack Be Natural can be found on Facebook. They also have a youtube channel, simply search jackbenatural. Their FB page has become exactly what they intended it to be. A resource for all mothers(and fathers). Their customers/fans are routinely on their page asking each other questions, making suggestions, trying out new things. They encourage any mom or mom to be who is interested in cloth diapering to ask away on our FB page! You will be impressed with the level of support and communication that you get from JBN as well as our wonderful fans.
"Our youtube channel is also a great resource. I have done numerous quick instructional videos covering a variety of topics. We are always adding new videos and if a customer has a specific question that a video tutorial would be beneficial we will do one just for them!"

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