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July 14, 2011

Jack Be Natural

We have a little bit of a different WAHM/D for today's feature. Jack Be Natural is a store that is ran from a home allowing parents to stay home and work at the same time. John and Stacy are great to work with.

-When/how did you decide to become a WAHM?
Around June of 2010. I had a full time job as an HR manager for a construction company prior to having kids and I missed the interaction with people which is the focal point of HR. I really enjoyed helping people and even though I loved being able to stay home with my kids I wanted to do something that I enjoyed, while at home with my kids, and at the same time being able to help others as well. When we started cloth diapering I never thought of making a business out of it but seeing that there wasn't much out there as far as resources, at least where we live in Charlotte NC, we thought that Jack Be Natural would be a great resource for mothers that were interested in cloth but didn't have a "go to" place to ask questions and get the best information possible. That was really the reason we started JBN.
-What made you decide to open the store and sell the items that you do?
Expanding on the previous answer a little it was the fact that there weren't many resources for cloth diapering and natural parenting in general. When we started cloth we had to figure things out on our own through trial and error, like most mothers do, so after all that I wanted to offer what I thought were the best products. I didn't want to sell a product that I didn't use myself. Having been mother tested and approved I thought was crucial in deciding what to carry in our store. Obviously, there are a lot of products out there that are wonderful that we don't carry but that is more of a function of timing in having the funds to add a new product line. We are steadily introducing new lines to our store however and we listen to what our customers are asking for. Once we try it out ourselves and we're happy with the product we will add it on to our product offering. If it's a product that we can't test directly ourselves we will send it to a customer/fan of ours, or two or three, for them to use and give us their opinion.
-What kinds of items do you sell?
Cloth diapers is the core of our offering but we also have a variety of other related products and accessories. Natural detergents, natural sunscreen, swim diapers, potty training pants, wool dryer balls, natural lotions and rubs, bibs, blankees and even some jewelry just to name a few.
-Are any of the items you sell made by you?
Unfortunately, no, but that is something we aspire to do at the appropriate time. A good portion of the products we carry are made by other WAHM's or small businesses in general started by WAHM's.
-Share a little about your family where you are from etc
Originally I am from upstate NY but have lived in Charlotte NC for most of my life. I have been married for 7 years and have 2 wonderful boys (almost 4 years old and 18 months old). Did I mention that I love to help people? I am extroverted by nature so helping people comes easily to me. My husband tells me that I go beyond what's necessary or even expected. I guess sometimes I do, but I want to treat others the same way I would want to be treated. I know that sounds very cliche but that's how I truly feel.
-Anything else you would like to share?
I just really enjoy helping people, which lends great to my personality and the reason why I got into HR out of college and have continued this through JBN. I have a passion for cloth diapering and natural parenting and I am eager to help families any way I can. I always tell people that the reason it took me so long to embrace natural parenting and diapering was because family and friends talked me out of it. I succumbed to peer pressure basically. Once I tried things out for myself I confirmed what I always believed to be true in that natural parenting and cloth diapering have barriers to entry due to perception. I get a lot of satisfaction in helping interested mothers or families so that they make an informed decision instead of listening to misguided opinions. Natural parenting and cloth diapering are not for everybody, though it should be but I'm not in denial, but so many people embrace it once they try it for themselves and most of all have someone to help them along the way. I like being that someone to help them through!

They were nice enough to send a GroVia newborn diaper to us to review. My daughter is 4 month old who weighs around 12 pounds so I was excited to try the diaper right away!
The diaper came in a nap sack that is reusable.

This newborn diaper has two snaps for making the rise a little smaller or bigger depending on the need for your baby. My daughter was on the bigger side of the weight range, so she didn't need it snapped at all but it still fit great. The weight range is approximately 5lbs to 12lbs+.
It is an AIO diaper so no pockets to stuff, no searching around for missing inserts etc. It's all there sewn together which is great for any parent who had a new baby at home! This was my first time personally using an AIO and I loved it. It was extremely easy to use and putting away laundry was a lot less time consuming. The inside has an organic cotton layer while the outside has a soft water resistant TPU.
I love the leg openings around this diaper. They are just cute! They fit her little legs really well and I didn't have any leak issues at all. I also loved the snaps. I did a little research to discover that they are YKK snaps. I felt like they were easier to snap and unsnap without pulling the fabric by them.

Overall I loved this diaper. I wish I had them when she was born because they are super trim and extremely absorbent. The Grovia Newborn diaper comes in seven different prints/solids.

Jack Be Natural can be found on Facebook. They also have a youtube channel, simply search jackbenatural. Their FB page has become exactly what they intended it to be. A resource for all mothers(and fathers). Their customers/fans are routinely on their page asking each other questions, making suggestions, trying out new things. They encourage any mom or mom to be who is interested in cloth diapering to ask away on our FB page! You will be impressed with the level of support and communication that you get from JBN as well as our wonderful fans.
"Our youtube channel is also a great resource. I have done numerous quick instructional videos covering a variety of topics. We are always adding new videos and if a customer has a specific question that a video tutorial would be beneficial we will do one just for them!"

Jack Be Natural
Jack Be Natural on Facebook
Jack Be Natural on Twitter
Jack Be Natural on YouTube


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