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July 11, 2011

Curnchy Creations

Todays WAHM Feature is with Jill from Crunchy Creations!

Here is a little more about her:

-When/how did you decide to become a WAHM? I became a WAHM after having our second son. We have decided to home-school and I knew I wouldn't be returning to work anytime soon. So, finding something I could do from home became a new focus. With our second child, I did just about everything different than the first time around. I found a love for cloth diapering and have started a personal quest to make small changes to live a more 'green' life. My creative mind wouldn't stop when I saw so many cool things that I could make at home.

-What made you decide to open the store and sell the items that you do? Originally it was just for our personal use. But I soon found that this was more than a hobby, more like a calling. I want to help other parents make those small changes that can help them live and parent in a more natural and eco-friendly way. Thus, the website was born.
-What kinds of items do you sell? I currently make Reusable Snack bags, Wool Dryer Balls, PaciPals, Cloth Wipes, Mama Cloth and Baby Loveys. I also have started making hemp/bamboo cloth diaper inserts, hemp/bamboo reusable nursing pads, and wetbags for both cloth diapers and mama cloth.
-Are all the items you sell made by you? Absolutely. Everything is cut, sewn and snapped by me.

-Share a little about your family where you are from etc: My name is Jill! My husband, Ernie, and I have been married for 4 1/2 years. We are the proud parents of 2 beautiful little boys, ages 3 1/2 and 15 months. We live just south of Pittsburgh, PA.
-Anything else you would like to share? My passion has always been crafting/sewing but my husband likes to fly radio control airplanes and helicopters. And I don't mean the little ones you get at walmart. ;) They range in size from something that can fit in the palm of your hand to the wingspan of his largest plane being over 7 feet tall! I love seeing our boys take an interest in Daddy's hobby. They both already love it!

Jill gave me the opportunity to review a couple of her snack bags. They came wrapped up nice and cute with a yarn ribbon and business card. I always give kudoos for cute packaging, to me it shows they really appreciate your sales (not that I bought this but still :) ). I have personally used quite a few different brands of reusable bags and each has their own special features. What I really like about Jill's from Crunchy Creations is the size. I also love that it closes with a long strip of velcro across the top rather than having to fold down the material to close it. You can kind of see in the picture below the velcro across the top of the bag. I turned one inside out. The out side material is cotton. The inside is a nylon type of material...kind of reminds me of a wind breaker jacket...I tried to get a good close up of the material but its hard to see. There is a grid like pattern on it.

I absolutely love the different prints of the snack bags she sent me. The circle one with the food is so cute! And you can't get past the cuteness of owls.I love how these bags are holding up. They also wash up really nice. Plus they don't take up much space to store while not in use. We make a lot of trips to the farmers market, library, park etc and I always need to bring a snack or two along for my boys. They are always hungry it seems so the snack bags come in really handy.

Thanks Jill for allowing me to use and review your snack bags!

Crunchy Creations
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CC's blog


Jamie said...

I subscribed to the Crunchy Creations blog since there was no place to "Follow", except with Twitter. I hope that is okay.

Ramblings Of An Average Mom said...

I'm following Crunchy Creations through RSS since I couldn't find anything to follow.
Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

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