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July 20, 2011

Lexie Faye's Fluff

Today let me introduce you to Lexie Faye's Fluff and Finery

-When/how did you decide to become a WAHM?
I had been toying with the idea for a while, but never could figure out what to do. I'd done some crafting things before, but never anything that I enjoyed enough to do it a LOT. After I started cloth diapering... well, that changed pretty quickly!
-What made you decide to open the store and sell the items that you do?
I saw that a lot of things were pretty popular, and that mom's want VARIETY. I personally shop on four or five different WAHM pages. I decided on something simple. Cloth wipes, and wetbags. Shortly after that, I decided on bows and hairclips... that way I would stop spending so much money on my daughter's bows!!!
-What kinds of items do you sell?
Cloth Wipes, Wetbags (12x14), Hairbows, flower/bow clips, and pretty soon, nursing covers and burpcloths!
-Are all the items you sell made by you?
Every last one! Which is why none of them are exactly the same. Not all the wipes are EXACTLY the same size, not every stitch in the exact same place on every bag, and the bows definitely are not all identical :)
-Share a little about your family where you are from etc
Well, I moved back in with my parents (I'm a single mom), and so it's me (I'm 20), my seven month old daughter, my mom, and my brother. I was born in Killeen TX, my daughter in El Paso, TX. I've been a military wife, and now (like I said) a single mom. Loving life to the fullest, being a semi-crunchy mama (we cloth diaper, and do all natural/organic baby foods), and I'm also a waitress and operate two home businesses. I love sewing, playing with my daughter, and just enjoying life with her, and learning to take the hard times with the good, and what honestly sums up what I think on a daily basis?
-Anything else you would like to share?
I'm a proud cloth diapering, baby wearing, co sleeping, all loving young single mama. My daughter is the most important thing in my life, and I am doing what I have to in order to take care of her. I wait tables 40 hours a week, I sew and craft for one of my home businesses, and I also do LADIES ONLY parties... Not so "Family Friendly" so I won't bring them up here :) So to all the single moms out there.... Yes. You CAN do it. DON"T give up. ALWAYS remember that your little one will always love you, and that they will understand why you sometimes have to be away from home so much. Remember that you are doing this for their benefit, so you can provide the best possible life for them. Do not give up on yourself. Don't forget to take care of yourself. Do things you love. Do things WITH your child. Cherish the moments you have, because too soon, they are gone.

Lexie Faye's Fluff sent me two cloth wipes to try out and review. I only have one in the picture, didn't think you would want a picture of the used one. :)

The wipes are made out of flannel, both sides. I love this fun monkey print. The other wipe had brown on the back side this one has green.
I love the stitching that she uses to sew these together. The little zig-zag pattern is fun.
These wipes have held up nicely. They are great with the flannel on both sides for when DS has a little bit of a sore area (from eating to many blueberries) and pooing way to much. The double flannel is guaranteed softness no matter what.

You can find Lexie Faye's Fluff here on facebook.

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