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October 16, 2013

Cotton Booty

We all love a little surprise in our lives right? I was offered the chance to be sent a Cotton Booty package. This is a monthly subscription you subscribe to and have shipped directly to your house. You can choose to pay each month or you can buy a few months or more at a time and save money on the subscription. My October package I received in the mail contained a Kawaii Baby cloth diaper, a Angel Dear muslin swaddle blanket and a sample pack of a baby wash. The contents of the box always have a higher value than the cost of the box itself.

Another great feature about the Cotton Booty box is that is always contain a cloth diapering essential in it! This month was a Kawaii Baby Goodnight Heavy wetter OS pocket diaper. This retailers for around $13.00. Back in July the diaper was a Bumpkins OS cloth diaper in a super cute turtle print, a Bumpkins Dr Seuss print wet bag and a sample of Milky (a milk booster).

We were...well I know I was for sure...very excited to get the Angel Dear swaddle blanket in this package (retails for $16.00). Micah loves muslin for his blankets. If I hand him a fleece or flannel blanket he will stroke it to feel it and then pushes it away. My other boys were never this picky with their blankets. So Micah now has a new special blanket to snuggle with and the Owls on it are so adorable!

The sample that came in this package was Wash with Water, A Star is Born massage cream. We have not had the chance to use this but I have read great reviews about it. 

The Cotton Booty subscription costs $24.99 a month and includes shipping. If you purchase multiple months at one time you can get the subscription for as low as $19.99 a month. The Cotton Booty box was created by Milk and Honey Kids

If you are looking for a little something fun, a nice little surprise to arrive at your door each month you should check into the Cotton Booty box. I have done other subscriptions and they are neat but I love that this one always has something cloth diaper related in it!

October 14, 2013

Pink Lemonade - Mama Cloth

* WARNING: This post is about mama cloth and may contain 'yucky' stuff. If you are a man or don't like to read about womanly things then move on to the next post!*

Getting into the adventures of cloth diapering can be quite scary for a lot of people. How do you wash? What do you do with the poop? It takes to much time! Gross!  Yeah, I have hear it all and I almost always have an answer and if I don't I find one asap! When I started my cloth diapering journey over 3 1/2 years ago I was so totally clueless. I wasn't a 'crunchy mama,' a 'natural parenting' mama. Nothing like that at all! Cloth diapers were merely a way for us to save some money so that I could quit my job and become a stay at home mommy.

Once our cloth diapering journey got started and was in full swing, we fell in love with it so I started to look into other great ways to save money. Reusable snack and lunch bags versus the plastic and paper ones. Reusable Un-Paper Towels, more and more things that you can reuse! It was great not only helping our wallets but also helping out the environment. So then the question of Mama Cloth appeared....NO WAY! I just wasn't into it. How gross, I had no idea how to wash or care for them, would they be bulky and fly around all over the place in your panties? How many would you need? Do you have to rinse them out? The idea of it just wasn't for me. I turned it down multiple times.

{Look how pretty!}

Then I caved. I found a great deal on some new mama cloth pads. I was getting tired of spending money on pads from the store. I have always had issues with the store bought pads causing irritation etc 'down there.' I bought 4 or 5 in that first purchase.

I was skeptical.

I was hesitant.

I was still thinking eww...

I was regretting the purchase.

I was __________ (you fill in the blank).

I threw them in my diaper pal and washed them with my next load of diapers. I dried them. I put them in my 'lady's only' drawer in the bathroom. And waited. I would open that drawer up and peek inside stare them down. Wondering what I got myself into.

And then she showed up. Hello Aunt Flo. Welcome back for your week long monthly visit. You are a pain. Feel free to cut your visit short. Yeah, we all know how that goes. I opened up my lady drawer and there they were. Soft fabric, vibrant colors, pretty to look at but do I really want to wear that? Okay, here goes nothing. I take the mama cloth pad. Snap. Its on. Well that was pretty easy, no trash can to search around for to throw a wrapper away in, that's cool. Now what? This is still kind of strange...

So the day went on and so did a couple new mama cloths. The soiled ones went into the diaper pail we keep next to the toilet. I didn't need to rinse them off. They turned out to not be bulky like I thought. They were actually pretty comfortable and soft. And way cuter to look at than a plain ole boring white one that is all sticky and sometimes peels apart and just plain ole makes a mess. I was pretty happy but not 100% sold. I only had 4 or 5 mama cloth pads so I had to keep using the store bought ones as well.

Middle of the week comes and Aunt Flo if getting pretty angry. Its not uncommon for a little leaking to happen, mostly at night. I got brave. Really brave and put on one of my pretty mama cloth pads. It lasted though the night. I was impressed but still not sold on this crazy idea. Was I really using cloth pads? This is so strange. So foreign. Something you don't want to admit to your friends or sisters you are doing because you know you will get that crazy look from them. This makes cloth diapering look good.

By the end of the week we had a routine down...the best you can get with 4 or 5 pads. I did this for a couple months, rotated between cloth and disposable pads. Finally I broke down and bought a few more. It was nice not having to buy so many disposable pads. It was nice not getting irritated skin from the disposable pads. It was nice. I was happy. Washing was a piece of cake. Wearing was a piece of cake. The over all process, even though it took some adjusting to, was a piece of cake. Aunt Flo, she makes you want chocolate cake. Anyways. I was very pleased with this new change.
{Different sizes -Postpartum, 10in, and 9in stacked}

So how do you get started with using Mama Cloth? How many do you need? How often do you wash? What do you do if you don't have babies in diapers to wash the mama cloth with? There are a lot of questions out there regarding mama cloth and I can probably answer some of them for you but, I don't by any means consider myself 'qualified' to answer most of them. Its a learning process, just like cloth diapers are. If you do have questions however, I highly direct you to message or email Sue, the owner of Pink Lemonade. She is pretty quick to answer any questions you may have as well as recommend what size and how many pads you may need based off of your personal information.

I currently have 14 different cloth pads in my stash. I also have a little bitty wet bag just for my personals.  My stash consists of almost all Pink Lemonade Cloth Pads. I have a couple other brands among them, one that I hate and never use and then 2 other brands that are also very nice. I am able to go pretty much the whole visit with out using a disposable pad but still have some on hand just in case I get behind on laundry. Which is quite possible considering I have not only myself and my husband to wash for but 3 young {messy - dirty} boys and another baby due in less than 8 weeks. Laundry gets backed up. Its life. Its not death. No biggie. I wash diapers every 2-3 days and the mama cloth gets washed with them (while I am not pregnant or nursing anyways) I enjoy those moments of no visiting from Aunt Flo. They are cherished.

{My Lady Drawer}

Soon I will be having our 4th baby as well as my 4th c-section. After my 3rd son was born the postpartum flow as pretty bad. It lasted about 5 weeks. (YUCK) But it was only really bad for the first 2 weeks maybe then finally calmed down. I used my cloth pads as much as possible to reduce as much irritation I could from not using disposable pads. When you have a flow for that long and have to use disposable pads 24/7 for those 5 weeks, lets just say it SUCKED! However having the Mama Cloth on hand to use was a life saver. Pink Lemonade makes 13 inch postpartum pads which are so nice. They are nice a long which cover a good area so if you are bleeding quite heavy and moving around and changing positions this will help to keep you protected. I normally use a 10in pad for my regular flow. Some ladies have a lighter flow, less days, etc some a smaller size might work better for them. Try out different sizes and see what works. I actually measured the length of the disposable pads I was using and based my cloth purchased off of those and it was very accurate.

The postpartum pads from Pink Lemonade are pretty narrow through the crotch area so you don't have much bulk between your legs. They do get bigger towards the front and back to help keep you covered nicely.

{A small selection of Pink Lemonade Mama Cloth}
{Postpartum, 10in, 9in}

I recommend wearing tighter fitting undies while using any brand of mama cloth. Why? Because they don't 'sticker' onto your panties like disposables do. They have wings that snap around your panties. After you have the pad snapped on you can adjust the pad to sit where you need it. Having tighter fitting panties will help to hold the pad in place.

There are a variety of pads you can order from Pink Lemonade. You can get mini panty liners, panty liners, light pads, day pads, heavy pads, night time pads. Its amazing! They have so many options you are surely to find something that fits your needs.

Pink Lemonade was kind enough to let me pick out two pads to review from their shop. I was very excited to do this as they are my favorite brand and I didn't have any postpartum pads in my stash. So with a baby due soon I picked out two beautiful postpartum pads.

 The pads that have the tie die/swirl look to them are all dyed by hand. I think they are just gorgeous! You can get a variety of different fabrics for the top of your pads. I have three different kinds, Minky, Flannel and woven cotton. Pink Lemonade offers 7 different types of fabric to choose from as your top layer that goes against your body. You can find a list of fabrics here on their Pink Lemonade website.
 The back of the pads you can have either wind pro fleece or felted wool interlock to give a nice water proof barrier. I have never soaked though a pad, even on my heaviest of days. Score! I am pretty certain all of my pads are backed with the wind pro fleece.
 The pads have the nice wings on them with a snap so you can place it on your panties and then snap the wings around to help keep the pad securely in place. The fleece/felted wool also helps keep the pad from sliding around.
 A cool little feature with the pads is that they can roll up into themselves and snap closed. You can do this if you are out for the day and take a dirty one off. Just fold it up, snap, and put in your little mama cloth wet bag. This will keep your flow from getting all over the inside of your wet bag.

Below is a picture of the three different fabrics I have for tops in my stash. Blue is flannel, black is cotton woven and the pink is minky. I personally prefer the minky over the other two fabrics. The flannel does get a little pilly and fades. I have found it also tends to stain a little easier. The cotton woven is holding up pretty well yet but its just not quite as soft as the minky. The minky has help up great, is very likely to not stain and is so soft. These of course are my personal preferences. Other ladies may like the other fabrics more. 

 Over my experiences with mama cloth I have really come to appreciate it. It has made a huge difference for me while on my cycle. I still look back at how skeptical I was about switching over and really wish I would have done it sooner. If you are still going back and forth on if you want to use mama cloth I recommend just starting out slow. Purchase a couple pads to get you started and go from there. Contact the company and ask questions about use and care and any recommendations they might have for you. It's their business so getting the questions about your cycle and flow are not out of the ordinary, that is what they are there for!

Pink Lemonade has been so kind to offer one reader, anywhere in the world, a $25 gift certificate to their store! How awesome is that?! To enter to win you will need to fill out the form below.

You can socially find Pink Lemonade on:

 Want to shop?

Giveaway is open October 14th - 20th.

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October 7, 2013

Bummis 'Best Ever Bib'

We have three boys. So we know messes. Especially with our 3rd son. I swear there is not a single thing he eats that doesn't have some part of it ending up on the floor, on me, on the table, under his bum etc. Food ends up every where! Its insane. I have to vacuum any where from 3-5 times a day! So any little help I can get is truly appreciated.

Bummis contacted me to try out their new 'Best Ever Bib.' I'm always up for a good test so here we go! 

The Best Ever Bib

This bib features a wide shoulder covering, so when your little one turns their head their mouth is wiped off on the bib and not their shirt. It also has a nice large pocket that goes across the bottom of the bib to catch any food that does not make it in the mouth. This reduces the amount of food you find under their bottom when you take them out of the chair!
The bib also features 2 snap sizing options for around the neck so if you are using it on a smaller baby you use the smaller setting and larger baby, larger setting. The snap is very strong and durable. 

 Here is our little test subject. He LOVES to eat and if I let him he would eat 24/7. I am very scared for when this little guy is no longer little, more the size of a teen...my grocery bill is going to be frightening! 

Micah loves to eat pancakes for breakfast, so do his brothers. I love how wide the shoulders in the bib are covering his clothes to prevent them from getting all yucky. 

The ultimate test...spaghetti night! You can see in the picture the pasta dropping down, down, down and going into the pocket of the bib! Now, not everyone ended up in the pocket but a lot did so this was very handy to have!
 The pocket does a pretty good job of staying open while being worn. I will sometimes pull it open after I put the bib on just to make sure it is ready to do its job. 
 We love a good mess!
 The messier the better!

Overall I have been so happy with this bib. It has done a great job catching as much as it can to help reduce the amount of mess Micah can make. It also washes up FANTASTIC! We have yet to get a stain on it. Which is pretty awesome. The material used to make the bibs is the same material that is used to make the Bummis diaper covers. The prints are super adorable as well. 

August 30, 2013

Snuggy Baby Ring Sling

in the Ergo, on our way to
the Watermelon Festival!
When my son was born two years ago, I didn't really consider myself a "baby-wearer."  I mean, I had a Moby Wrap that he was in almost every day, and we had another carrier we used when he was a little older, but we also used our stroller a lot of times.  But after being a mom for a few years, I feel like I can say, "yes, I babywear" and it's true.  I don't think you have to sell your stroller and only wear your baby to be a "baby-wearer".  I don't think you need to wear your baby every single day to babywear.  I think that if you use a carrier and enjoy wearing your baby, you can consider yourself to be a baby-wearing mama.  I will say that wearing my son has made a lot of things a lot easier!!  When he was a newborn, wearing him in our Moby was one of the easiest ways to make him happy.  And when we go to festivals or the zoo, it's often easier to wear him than take a stroller (and sometimes, its easier with the stroller, so we have somewhere to put our things, or if it's 100 degrees outside!).  Just thought I'd explain my thoughts on babywearing a little before I began :)
Myles in his Moby, at around 3 weeks old

My babywearing journey began with a Moby (which I was kind of in love with).  I also had an Infantino carrier than was similar to an Ergo, which was OK, but not my favorite.  And that was it.  But once my son outgrew the Moby, I found the other carrier to be kind of a pain to get him in and out of for quick trips into the store and things.  So, I got a sling....not a ring sling, but one that I had to measure myself and order the correct size.  I loved it.  It was so easy and quick to use!!  I had seen many of my friends with their newborns in beautiful ring slings, but didn't really understand how they worked.... the rings, adjusting them, etc.  So I never tried them.
I found Snuggy Baby on etsy and was drawn in by the beautiful prints they had for their wraps and slings.  And then I found out that it was a WAHM business, and I liked them even more.  Snuggy Baby was started by a mom with two young children.  She loved the look of ring slings, but couldn't find a place to buy them.  So, she decided to make her own.  It took a while to develop a fashionable, comfortable sling, but, in my opinion, she's done exactly that!!

Although I was excited when Snuggy Baby sent me one of their ring slings, I wasn't sure how I was going to like it--would it really be more convenient than the sling I already had?  How do you adjust it?  Isn't it a pain having to adjust the sling every time I put my son in it?  And then I got it.  First of all, it's beautiful.  They sent me their Rainbow Chevron print (I had a really hard time deciding....soooo many beautiful prints!!) and it's absolutely gorgeous!!  The colors are so vibrant and fun!
seriously....gorgeous and fun!!
They also sent along an instructional video.  Thank. Goodness.  This was exactly what I needed.  It explained everything I had been confused about!  It showed exactly how to wear your baby at different stages (newborn, hip-carry, etc.) and how to make it fit!  And guess what.... it works!!   And it's really easy!  You can actually adjust the sling while your child is in it--make them higher or lower, and move them in closer or further away.  I had no idea it was so easy (so, make sure you check out their videos, which are also online, if you have questions on how to use a ring sling!  The videos are really clear and informative).

So, on to how it works.  This sling is really great.  The fabric is quite thick and sturdy; I had no worries about it sagging or anything with my 27 lb. toddler.  And he loves it.  He's really comfortable in it.  In fact, when I first got it, he kept asking for me to take him for a "ride" in it, all over the house.
The quality of this sling is absolutely amazing.  The stitching is perfect, the fabric is lovely (and really, the prints Snuggy Baby has are amazing!!  Be sure to check them out online), the rings are so strong....everything about this sling screams quality.
The rings themselves are nice and solid.  They don't have any seams/welds, so I don't have to worry that they might bend or break.
shoulder padding; nice, strong rings
I also really like that the shoulder of this sling is padded slightly.  It makes it more comfortable for me when wearing my son around for long periods of time.
The length of the fabric is also great--long enough that it will fit many sizes of women, but not too long that it gets in the way.  I also feel like this would be great for breastfeeding, either with the baby in the sling or out of it--you could use the sling tail as a cover for while you're out and about.  It's multi-functional!

at the baseball game!  I think the
rings should be a little higher,
but Myles was comfy!
Overall, I really really love this ring sling and can't wait to use it when our new baby gets here in a few weeks!  I've found that slings are the easiest thing to use when pregnant, and we used our Snuggy Baby sling just last week when we went to a baseball game (and I was 34 weeks pregnant).  It doesn't get in the way of my belly, and unlike the Ergo, I don't need to make anything clip around it.  Now, I'm still trying to get the hang of adjusting everything--sometimes I don't get the fabric quite right through the rings and have a hard time getting everything in the right place.  But I know with more practice (and a lighter baby, not a heavy toddler) it'll get easier and easier.  And now that I've tried ring slings, I'd really like another :)  Snuggy Baby just has so many beautiful colors and fabrics (I know their linen sling would be great for the summer!).

Snuggy Baby also makes some other carriers y'all should check out!  They have some beautiful, knit wraps that are similar to something like the Moby, but not as stretchy, so you can use it longer without it sagging from the weight of a heavier child.  They also make Mei Teis.  The other thing that I really love, is they make child's doll slings!!  They're absolutely adorable, and how fun for a little one to get to have their own sling to wear their dolls or stuffed animals in!!  I'm thinking about getting one for my son and all his stuffed animals!
The other thing they make is wet bags.  Now, I didn't get a chance to try one out, but based on the quality of this ring sling, I'm going to assume that the wet bags are great.  The prints they have are just so cute!  And they have sooo many to choose from--various sizes, prints, etc.  Next time we're on the market for a new wet bag, I'm definitely going to check here first!

And lucky for all of you, Snuggy Baby has offered a giveaway of a $75 e-gift-certificate to one of our readers!  So you'll get to choose what product you want to try--wrap, ring sling, doll carrier, etc.  Be sure to enter below!!
Snuggy Baby has also offered a 10% off coupon code for their website, until Sept. 23rd:  use code ADDICTION at checkout.

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August 29, 2013

Spray Pal at the SuperBowl??

 Spray Pal to the SuperBowl?

How cool would it be to see something so small as in "Small Business" small at one of the biggest sporting events of the year? I am talking about Spray Pal-remember the review I did? It is one of those Mom and Dad made things that make you think "Why didn't I think of that?" or "Why haven't I had this since the beginning?" Pure genius. 

Intuit is offering a small business the opportunity of a lifetime-a 30 second commercial to be aired during the SuperBowl. They are also offering weekly grants as well. This would not only help out Mr. Spray Pal and his wife Jen but help to make Cloth Diapering more mainstream! Could you imagine the reactions of so many people! It would be amazing.

Spray Pal is currently in the TOP TEN! They would love to get to #1 but even being in the top ten has been amazing for them. If you would like to help support them and make it to TV during the SuperBowl, you can VOTE HERE. All you have to do is click the yellow button. You can vote once daily for them! 

Do you have a Spray Pal? Share your story in the comments! 

If you feel like you need one(which you should) head over to their FACEBOOK page or their WEBSITE to order one!

Thank you for the support to help make Cloth diapering mainstream!!

August 7, 2013

MommyMilk Creations Breast Milk Pendants

Today marks the last day of World Breastfeeding Week and I have a really unique breastfeeding product to share with you! I was given the opportunity to review a Breast Milk Bead Pendant from MommyMilk Creations. Allicia is the mama who makes these, and her trademarked Breast Milk Beads are made from your actual breast milk and then are embedded within a pendant so that you have a way to commemorate your breastfeeding relationship. I will admit that when I first heard about Breast Milk Beads they sounded a little strange to me, but the longer I breastfed Ava the more I understood why a breastfeeding mama would want one. The breastfeeding relationship is such a unique one, and it is a huge part of my life. I am so happy to have a little piece of that immortalized in a necklace to remind me of the time I have spent nursing my baby.

The necklace arrived in this cute packaging, and I was so excited to open it and see how my custom necklace turned out! When you order a MommyMilk necklace there are a lot of options you can choose. You can pick out the style of bead you want, the setting you would like it in, the chain it comes on, and the word or name that you would like on it.

For my necklace I chose to have my breast milk turned into the cute little baby hand beads. I picked out the hand-stamped copper bezel to have the beads set in, and asked for Ava's name to be on it. The ordering process for the necklace was really easy: once you place your Etsy order, you receive instructions from MommyMilk with how to send your breastmilk. You only need to send a very small amount, so even a mama who doesn't usually pump can easily hand express the amount. One thing to remember when ordering a Breast Milk Bead necklace is that MommyMilk has a very long turn around time for these at the moment. She has so many orders that turn around is between 10 and 20 weeks right now. For me this was worth waiting for, but if you have a special occasion you want to order one for, make sure you calculate enough lead time.

I am in love with this necklace! It is such a special way to have my breastfeeding relationship remembered. The beads are really well made and the whole necklace looks really fabulous. I am sure that I will be ordering another necklace someday while nursing my second child!

July 31, 2013

Smellephant Fluff

I recently found an awesome WAHM cloth diaper shop through Instagram, and I am so happy to be able to share her products with you all today! Smellephant Fluff, created and made by Kendra, has some of the cutest diapers I have seen in quite a while. Kendra sells her diapers on both Etsy and Hyenacart, and you can catch sneak previews via either her Facebook page or her Instagram account.

I received this gorgeous breastfeeding diaper to review. (Did you know that Aug 1 is the start of World Breastfeeding Week? Talk about perfect timing!) This is an All In Two style diaper that is made from super soft minky on the outer and the inner lining, with two organic bamboo fleece and Zorb snap-in inserts.

I think this diaper is the softest, plushiest minky I have ever felt! It is my absolute favorite in my stash right now because it's just so adorable and velvety.

The snap placement on the wings of this diaper is really unique. You can see in this picture above that there are three snaps on the top and one on the bottom there. The space between the first top snap and the second two is a feature that I've never seen before on a diaper, and I have to say I just love the way it works.

This is the other wing so that you can see the snaps here. Again there is the space between the snaps, but on this wing the space is filled with snaps that face the front of the diaper so that you have cross over snapping options. I feel like the spaced out snaps really help prevent wing droop and I got such a nice fit on Ava's skinny waist with the snaps spaced like this.

This is the inside of the diaper, which is all lined with plushy minky. The inserts snap together, and then into the diaper which gives the ease of an All In One with the quick dry capability of an All In Two.

I really liked the way the inserts snap together on this diaper. Again, they have a really unique design. Typically I see diapers that have one set of snaps to attach the inserts to each other and another set of snaps on the bottom insert to attach it to the diaper shell. With these inserts, there is just one set of snaps. Instead of a rounded back for the snaps on the bottom soaker, there is another snapping portion on the back so that both soakers click together and then the back of the snap can click into the shell. I feel like this reduces snap bulk on Ava's back since you have only two snap spots that are just stacked on top of each other.

I love the fit of this diaper on Ava! I was able to get a really snug, soft fit on both her legs and tummy. I love that no matter where you have the rise snaps set, you can still see the breastfeeding logo clearly. These diapers fit from 10-32+ pounds, and I suspect that this diaper will last us well beyond 32 pounds!

Here is a side shot with both soakers in, so it looks a little extra fluffy! I love all that absorbency for nap times though, and if you don't need as much absorbency you can always just use one soaker for a great trim fit.

This is the front view of the diaper. It looks like there is wing droop, but that is due to my very wiggly toddler not sitting still while I put it on. All the other times we've used it, I've had zero wing droop!

Overall, I just love this diaper! If you are looking for some fun minky diapers, look no further. Smellephant Fluff offers mostly All In Twos and Pockets, but does offer fitteds, newborn, and All In Ones on request. My favorite thing offered by Smellephant Fluff are the Character Diapers. I am absolutely dying to get my hands on a Lorax All In Two! Make sure to check her out on Facebook, but watch out: you'll be just as hooked as I am!

July 29, 2013

Peachy Baby Diaper Review

For the past 6 weeks or so, I've had the privilege of reviewing a Peachy Baby One Size Cloth Diaper from Turtles in Bloom!  Being fairly new to Cloth Diapering, I am loving the chance to try out all different kinds of diapers and learning about each type, style, and brand, and so far using Peachy Baby's One Size Diaper has been a great experience!

The Peachy Baby One Size diaper comes with three pieces.  The cover which has a waterproof outer, and a super soft fleece lining on the inside, and then there are two bamboo inserts, a small and large size.  When I first got the diaper, I was amazed at how soft everything was!  I was curious to see how they washed up and if they'd still be so soft, and they have actually withstood washing very well and is still very soft and comfortable!  I am also in love with the color of this diaper, it's gorgeous!  My pictures don't do it justice!

The cover has one row of snaps which adjust to fit babies of all sizes. It also has the rise snaps with three settings to adjust to babies leg.  My daughter has chunky legs and I had no trouble getting a good fit on her!
All you have to do is choose which liner you think would fit best and lay it inside the cover.  I was a little nervous about this at first, with this being the first type of diaper I've tried that was like that, but it wasn't a problem at all!  The bamboo inserts are so nice because they are super absorbent, but don't have a lot of bulk to them.  The directions say to use two inserts for older babies, but I used one and didn't have any leakage issues.  I have used both the small and large inserts at different times and both worked great!  If you have a heavy night time wetter, this diaper would be an excellent solution.  With the liners being so thin, yet absorbent, you could use three at night, and not have leakage issues!

One thing I did notice, and which I am learning is normal, is that it takes a little longer for the more absorbent liners to dry.  That was the case with this liner, but since I only used one liner at a time, I would wash the cover and insert, and when the cover was dry, I'd just use it again with the other insert!  So not a big deal at all!  They do dry quicker when you have a nice sunny day and they are on the line all day, but I seem to have the luck of getting rainy weather every time I want to wash diapers lately!  Does that happen to anyone else or is it just my bad luck!?

 I love the little ruffles around the waist and legs!

I had a hard time getting a good picture because my daughter wanted to get moving!

I love that this diaper is a trim fit.  It really isn't that bulky at all! And it is so soft and comfy for Rebecca too!  Another plus, especially for those who have a wiggly baby, is that there is only one set of snaps to do instead of two or more!  Definitely a bonus when baby doesn't want to sit still!

Peachy Baby One Size diapers fit babies from 6 to 40lbs and come in a variety of very pretty colors.  The inserts come in small and large size, and they also have other accessories, all at an affordable price!  I definitely recommend trying a Peachy Baby Diaper!  You can get yours at www.turtlesinbloom.com today!

Turtles in Bloom would like to offer a Cover and 2 inserts to one lucky reader!  For your chance to win, Enter using the form below!  Thank you!

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July 16, 2013

KristalCrafts Breastfeeding and Teething Necklace

Breastfeeding necklaces are a necessary accessory for me with Ava. She tends to pinch frequently while nursing, so having a cute breastfeeding necklace to match my outfit is a lifesaver! I was given the chance to review this necklace from KristalCraftsShop recently and have really enjoyed adding it to my jewelry options.

The necklace is made of cotton fabric which has been knotted over wooden beads. The size and shape of the beads are perfect for teething, and there have been many times when I have given this to Ava to chew when she has been fussy about teething pain. The necklace has a satin/polyester ribbon on each end which you can tie to achieve whatever length you desire. I like to leave mine tied long so that I can slip it over my head easily if Ava starts begging to wear it herself! This necklace has held up really well to Ava's "love" of it. The craftsmanship is just lovely and I can tell that this will continue to hold up for a long time.

I really like the huge selection at KristalCraftsShop: there is truly something for everyone. Kristal also makes beautiful infinity scarves and pacifier clips with the knotted beads built in as a teether! I've had my eyes on this yellow and grey necklace for a while, as well as this elegant white lace one, and I just ordered this brown lace necklace for myself! Check her shop out, and I'm sure you'll find something you like too!

July 9, 2013

KangarooCare Breastfeeding and Babywearing Necklaces

I'm so excited to have the opportunity to review a couple KangarooCare breastfeeding necklaces for you all this week! KangarooCare necklaces are handmade by Varja, a WAHM who lives in the European country of Estonia. Don't let the far distance discourage you from checking her shop out, though! Shipping to the USA is only $4, and it only took a couple weeks for me to receive the necklaces.

These are the two necklaces I was sent to review. The one on the left is a necklace titled The Best Babywearing Necklace, and the one on the right is the Classic Nursing Necklace. Both necklaces come with the long cotton cord unfastened at the top so that you can knot the necklace to whatever length you desire.

The green Classic Nursing Necklace is my favorite of the two. I love the crocheted flower in the center, and the greens match many of my favorite shirts. This necklace is strung on a crocheted cotton cord, and the colored beads are crocheted cotton over the same wooden beads that frame the necklace. The wooden beads on this necklaces are made of applewood and the whole necklace is safe for baby to chew on.

The Best Babywearing Necklace is definitely Ava's favorite of the two. She loves holding the wooden pendant while breastfeeding. This necklace is also strung on a cotton cord with cotton crocheted beads. The beads on this necklace are made of juniper wood, and again this whole necklace is safe for baby to chew on!

I have really loved having these necklaces available for breastfeeding and babywearing. It's really nice to have a necklace on and not have to worry about whether Ava is chewing it or pulling on it. With the cotton cord, these are very soft on my neck, so even when she does pull it doesn't hurt! Before I got these necklaces Ava had a terrible pinching habit while nursing, and I constantly had scratches all over my chest. These have really helped to redirect her need to grab and pinch, and I no longer have problems with her doing that. It was really interesting to have both styles to compare, too. Initially I assumed that Ava would like the green one with the flower better, due to the different textures and shapes, but even though she does like that one she definitely has a preference for the green and pink necklace with the wooden bead. Check out KangarooCare's Etsy shop to see the many styles and colors of necklaces that they make. There is really something for everyone there!