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August 29, 2013

Spray Pal at the SuperBowl??

 Spray Pal to the SuperBowl?

How cool would it be to see something so small as in "Small Business" small at one of the biggest sporting events of the year? I am talking about Spray Pal-remember the review I did? It is one of those Mom and Dad made things that make you think "Why didn't I think of that?" or "Why haven't I had this since the beginning?" Pure genius. 

Intuit is offering a small business the opportunity of a lifetime-a 30 second commercial to be aired during the SuperBowl. They are also offering weekly grants as well. This would not only help out Mr. Spray Pal and his wife Jen but help to make Cloth Diapering more mainstream! Could you imagine the reactions of so many people! It would be amazing.

Spray Pal is currently in the TOP TEN! They would love to get to #1 but even being in the top ten has been amazing for them. If you would like to help support them and make it to TV during the SuperBowl, you can VOTE HERE. All you have to do is click the yellow button. You can vote once daily for them! 

Do you have a Spray Pal? Share your story in the comments! 

If you feel like you need one(which you should) head over to their FACEBOOK page or their WEBSITE to order one!

Thank you for the support to help make Cloth diapering mainstream!!


Breanna Rodriguez said...

I don't know where they are in the ranking, but Kelly's Closet (my favorite online cloth diaper retailer) is also in this contest. I would love to see anyone in the cd world win this!

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