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December 31, 2010

Baby Bond Nursing Cover Review

Many breastfeeding mothers look for a way to cover up while nursing in public, be it due to a nosey, distractable baby or wanting their stomach, back and/or chest to be covered. Some moms dislike 'traditional' nursing covers for a number of reasons either because they are too big, drawing more attention than a nursing baby or the 'distance' it puts between mom and baby. Missy Reder saw the need for something different and came up with the Baby Bond nursing cover which allows baby to maintain eye contact with mom, and mom the chance to stay covered while nursing. You can read more about the Baby Bond Nursing Cover on their website (here are their Facebook and Twitter pages if those are things you are into!)

The Baby Bond nursing cover comes in three styles:

The Original, which is worn like a sash, allowing you to nurse from the top of your shirt and comes with a built-in burp cloth.

The Flex, which comes with a removable burp cloth, still allowing you to nurse from the top of your shirt.

And The Couture, which I received to review. The Couture is the most versatile of the three, allowing you wear the cover in two different ways - around your waist, covering your belly and back and allowing you to nurse from the bottom of your shirt, or as a sash, like the Original or Flex. This is also the only of the three that will change with your post-baby body as it is not a sized cover.

The Baby Bond comes in fantastic colors - Charcoal/Gray, Riviera (turquoise), Espresso/Chocolate (dark brown), Hudson/Night (black), and Classic (navy) - all subtle colors. The material (100% cotton), is so incredibly soft, almost silky. Also, the Couture rolls up into a pouch attached to the cover, making storage a breeze and very convenient.
I confess that I had the most difficult time trying to figure out exactly how to use the Couture. It did come with printed directions as well as a 3-step tag sewn onto to cover, even then, I had to use a video to get it right.

I found that getting the cover on "sash style" took quite some time - very hard to do while holding a ready-to-eat baby, and if I was trying to be discreet about what was happening, it wasn't doable with this cover.
Once I got the cover situated correctly, I found it very awkward to nurse in. I tried countless times to latch Caedmon on without exposing myself (something I have no problem doing while wearing a shirt over a nursing bra or tank).
Also, Caedmon would manage to get the fabric in his mouth while I was trying to keep myself covered. Caedmon all too easily moved the cover around, again exposing me.

I switched things up and tried to use the cover "belt style" and it felt very unnatural (and unnecessary) for me to use it that way.
I have read only raving reviews from moms around the web, so most moms who have tried the Baby Bond must love it! I think for me, it's just a matter that I've grown accustom, after 3 children, to nursing a certain way - there are times my husband has to ask if I'm nursing our son or not. If my husband can't tell, things must be pretty covered!

Have you tried one of the Baby Bond nursing covers? What are your thoughts?

Disclaimer: I was given a Baby Bond Couture Nursing Cover in Riviera for review. All opinions are my own and you may have a completely different experience.

December 29, 2010

Input Needed

As we approach a new year and close on 2010 we would like to hear from our readers. In the form below you will find a quick survey that would help us out tremendously in providing our readers with information that they helpful, useful, and practical. If you fill out this quick short survey we will give you 5 (FIVE) extra entries into any giveaway! You much fill out the whole form and use the extra entries before the end of January. To use the entries simply put in the comment box "survey 1-5"!

Thank you for taking the time to help us out!

Happy New Year!

December 25, 2010

Strawesome Review

I mentioned last week when I reviewed the CaliBowls that I love finding things that help me make my home a safer place, and that fun get bonus points. Well, enter more fun, Strawesome glass straws! Get a load of some of these designs:

Each of the designs are limited edition, so if you love it, snag it, because it may not be there when you come back! Also, each straw is handmade by a SAHM in Michigan!

I was so excited to be able to review a glass straw, but confess that I am super clumsy and was very worried I would break it within moments of its arrival! Thankfully, Strawesome has a lifetime guarantee - you break the straw, they will replace it (whew). I'm going to take their word on that one, as mine is still in one piece! Don't think of these as your average glass either. These straws are made from the strongest commercially available glass - borosilicate, to be specific. And better than that, glass doesn't leech toxins into your food or drink, so you can use Strawesome straws knowing that you are protecting those you love.

I chose the Skinny Bent Straw to review and it has definitely been a conversation starter! Friends will come over and just stare until I finally start talking about it. Every one thinks it is a neat idea and most have never heard of Strawesome or even a glass straw.

I confess that after a month of using my glass straw, I'm pretty much addicted to 'my' straw now. It's very rare that I have a glass of water or tea in hand without this straw. It was a bit difficult to drink out of at first...my first sip may or may not have spewed everywhere (apparently, I bite straws while drinking? But I quickly got the hang of not biting!) Cleaning of the straw is easy, just pop it in the dishwasher. Strawesome does make cleaning brushes, and you can get one free with the purchase of a set of 4 or more straws, but I have found that without one, my straw is very clean. I have not had to transport my straw anywhere, and I just store it sitting in one of our glasses in the cabinet, but they also make (gorgeous) carrying cases to protect your straws.

Strawesome also makes custom straws. You can have logos or names laser engraved, or even designed with the colors of your wedding or party! If you let them know it is for an occasion as such, they will ship them pre-washed and ready to use! What a great party or wedding favor!

If you are interested in purchasing a straw or set of straws, visit the Strawesome website to see all the straws they have to offer, and remember, it is constantly changing!

Disclosure: I received the Skinny Bent Straw free for review. All opinions are mine own, and yours may differ. Strawesome is sponsoring the giveaway of one (1) straw.

December 24, 2010

Kaboost Review

Last spring, we had a problem in our house. Our 3 year old could sit at our kitchen table with out the assistance of a booster seat, but our 1.5 year old could not. This wouldn't be a problem, but whatever big brother does, little brother wants to do! Benjamin (our 1.5 year old), would get so frustrated that he couldn't reach the table (and forget the booster seat, that was just asking for a huge tantrum!) We needed a solution fast.

That's when a friend introduced me to a Kaboost! At first, I was very skeptical, I really didn't think it would lift the chair enough to make a difference, but it was perfect. The Kaboost is essentially 2-sided: place it one way and you get a boost of 4.5inches, place it on the opposite side and you get a boost of 3.75inches - it grows with your little one. The legs expand and swing around to fit virtually any chair. And because the legs swing, it makes packing the Kaboost and traveling with it super easy.

The Kaboost comes in some great colors: A dark Chocolate color, a mute Natural, a solid Charcoal, and if you like a little funk, a bright Green!

The chair has a great grip to prevent it from sliding around with wiggly children. The only problem we have had is that the Kaboost is so 'grippy' on the bottom, I couldn't easily move our chair that it was attached to making sweeping the kitchen a bit difficult. We solved that problem with a package of felt dots from WalMart and placing one dot on each arm of the Kaboost.

This has been a dinner-time-life saver for us. We love our Kaboost, and it definitely makes for some conversation when friends and family come over, as they usually haven't seen a product like this!

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. We purchased a Kaboost with our own money. All opinions are my own, and your experience may differ.

December 22, 2010

How to convince your hubby...

So a while ago while doing some of our Monday Mommies posts I was checking out some of the other Mommy's blog. I came across one post that really caught my eye. Our Monday Mommy Whitney had done the most detailed post I had EVER seen on the costs of Cloth Diapers vs Disposable Diaper. If you really want to do cloth but are having a hard time convincing the hubby to do it show him this. It might be the one thing you need to push him over the edge and into a big fluffy pile of cloth diapers!

She runs her blog called Leaves of my Tree, which is where you will find this post:

"One of the first things you'll hear about cloth diapering is all the money you'll save, not having to buy diapers and wipes every week. but there are skeptics out there who say you probably won't save much, or any at all. figuring out the numbers takes time and patience (especially if you're like me, and your mind withdraws to a hiding place whenever you see numbers), but i decided to do it, and this is what i came up with. it is quite detailed, so stay with me - it gets a bit confusing!

drying diapers in the sun helps with stains

When we were using disposables, we preferred pampers over any other brand, and for wipes, we prefer walmart organic wipes. we don't change middle-of-the-night diapers, which saves us about two extra diapers a day - so a pack of each lasted us just short of a week, usually about five days.

$10 (pampers) + $2.50 (organic wipes)
total for five days = $12.50

365/5 (days in a year, divided by days
between diaper/wipes purchase) = 73
73 x $12.50 (cost of dipes/wipes)
total for one year of disposable diapers and wipes = $912.50

we also bought a diaper genie at walmart,
and about every two and a half weeks,
we'd have to buy another refill.

52/2.5 (weeks in a year, divided by
weeks between refill purchase) = 20.8
20.8 x $11 (cost of refill) =
total for one year of diaper genie refills = $228.80

$228.80 + $912.50 =
$1,141.30 total in diapering cost per year

on average, a child is in diapers
for about two and a half years.
$1,141.30 x 2.5 years =
total disposable diapering cost for one child = $2,853.25

john and i want five children. so -
total cost for five children
in disposable diapers
= $14,266.25

figuring out the cost of cloth diapering is a little bit more complicated. the initial cost of cloth diaper supplies can be pricey, but year by year, it is significantly lower than using disposable diapers. it would be impossible to write the exact cost, because most people don't just buy one type of diaper and a couple covers - starting off is very trial by error. here's (generally) how we (plan on) doing it (river has an odd assortment of cloth diapers currently, and we didn't CD him in the first 4 months). also, understand that this is not including the occasional splurge of a cute diaper cover. ;)

little-lions ($6.75 S&;H) unbleached
prefolds in three sizes (basically, SML):
infant ($17.95), regular ($18), and premium($23)

3 dozen infant + shipping = $60.60
2 dozen regular + shipping =$42.75
2 dozen premium + shipping =$52.75
total for prefolds = $156.10

guesstimated cost for covers at about $12 each,
and spending about $30 in shipping:
4 small, 4 medium, 4 large, and 3 one-size
total for covers = $210

i was planning on making some wipes out of second-hand XL shirts at goodwill for $2 a shirt. i was going to buy 4 shirts, and estimated about 9 wipes per shirt, so it would have cost me about $8 - however, a friend gave me some hand-made wipes, so...
total for cloth wipes = free

i use snappies as closures instead of pins, because they are way easier. i don't expect a snappi to last through five kids, so i think i'll buy 2 new snappies per kid. two $4 snappies x 5 kids
total for snappies = $40

$40 (snappies) + $8 (cloth wipes) + $210 (covers) + $156.10 (prefolds)
total for diapering supplies = $406.10

now we have to add the on-going cost of water (in our case, the laundromat) and detergent. we use charlie's soap to wash the diapers, at about 20 cents per load. charlie's soap isn't disinfecting, so to make sure i get the diapers really clean, i add a little oxygen bleach (never chlorine bleach) to the wash once a month. you must wash cloth diapers twice per use. for the cold wash, i hand wash and for the hot wash, i use the laundromat. it costs $1 per wash. we wash diapers three times a week, on monday, thursday, and saturday.

$0.20 (cost for detergent per load)
x 6 (number of washes per week)
total cost in detergent per week = $1.20

$1.00 (cost per hot wash at laundromat)
x 3 (number of hot washes per week)
total for laundromat washing per week = $3

oxygen bleach added to the laundry once a month
estimated total for oxygen bleach per month = $0.20

$1.20 x 52 weeks = $62.40
$3.00 x 52 = $156
$0.20 x 12 months = $2.40
total laundering cost per year = $220.80

$220.80 x 2.5 years
total laundering cost per child = $552

$552 (laundering) + $406.10 (supplies)
total diapering cost for one child = $988.10

going back to the laundering cost per child, multiplying by five (for five children) and then adding the initial cost of diapering supplies (because you can use the same prefolds and covers with every child):
total cost for five children
in cloth diapers
= $3,166.10

now, back to disposable diapering cost
= $14,303.25

that looks like a good amount of savings to me!

we have limited line space, so we dry some of river's diapers on our crib, saving us $3.75 a week.

now, this is how OUR family is planning on cloth diapering. it's not exactly how it's going to go (i'll tell you already that i've only purchased green mountain prefolds and have yet to buy any little lions :) we will probably have to replace worn covers, we may experiment with different kinds of diapers, snappies will get lost, products may be purchased from different websites where shipping is less or more, and washing them is not always going to cost a dollar a load (especially if we have our own washer and dryer some day!), but any way you look at it, there will be money saved.

perhaps a family buys only second-hand prefolds at a cloth diapering store for a dollar each, make their cloth wipes for pennies out of garage-sale t-shirts, and use gerber diaper covers, which are about $4 for a pack of 3. or say there's a family who will buy all-in-one diapers in small, medium, and large, thirty of each size, at $25 per diaper, plus 36 factory-made cloth wipes that are $10.75 for half a dozen - you're at $2,314.50 for supplies. and of course, there's the number of babies a family plans to diaper. there are many, many ways of doing the cloth diapering thing. and i'm pretty sure all of them are going to save you some money. ;-D"

Whitney, Thank you so much for allowing me to share this wonderful post with our readers!

December 20, 2010

Fun Craft Idea

So today while looking through one of my magazines I found a really fun idea for a craft. It seemed pretty easy to do so I decided to do it with my 2 year old. Here is the simple instructions with pictures showing each step. This is a great activity to do. I would recommend if you have younger children to prepare the paper ahead of time so they don't have to wait. Also, if they don't like the sound of a blender do that part ahead of time.

Step 1: Tear colored construction paper into about 1 inch square pieces. (They recommended using 3 sheets of 8x11. ) Then soak in hot water for 5 minutes.
Step 2: Pour water and paper into a blender. Blend until its just little chunks of paper. (sorry I almost for got to take a picture so this is after I had removed most of the paper.)
Step 3: Pour the paper into a sieve and squeeze as much of the water out as you can. If you don't have a sieve you could probably just use your hands to do this or if you have a strainer with extremely tiny holes or a cheese cloth. Those would all work good.
Step 4: Place the paper into a bowl. I used 5 different colors and it was nice having them all ready to goat the same time.
Step 5: Take a plate or cookie sheet and cover it with a couple of old towels or rages. Then put a paper towel on top of that. Fill cookie cutters with the mush up to the top. Then smash it down, squeezing out the rest of the water and flattening the mush as flat as you can. For the smaller cookie cutter like the light bulb one I used int he picture below a spoon was needed to flatten in the small spots. I would recommend using larger cutters for little kids so its easier for them to fill and flatten. Do not remove the flattened mush from the cutters just yet! Feel free to get creative and mix colors together. We did two Christmas trees and put garland on one and ornaments on the other using other colors of paper. Add the additional colors after you flattened the main backing down. Make sure you push them into the main back well enough that they connect together.
Step 6: Move the cutters over to a new cookie sheet. (I lined mine with parchment paper). After the cookie cutter is placed down slowly push around the edges to pop the mush out. If you have a smaller cutter like the light bulb one I used be careful that you don't push just one side out first. kind of slowly work your way around the cutter. I did have to re attach some of the green part to the bulb because they came apart. To help keep this from happening make sure you has squeezed as much water out at possible and make the paper as flat as you could.
Step 7: Place the shapes into the oven for 2 hours at 200 degrees. This will dry out the paper and form the hard ornaments. I flipped mine over about 1 1/2 into the time. This helped the other side to dry up a little faster. If they still seem a little damp keep them in for a bit longer and check again. You can then glue ribbon onto the back of them for hanging.
Here are some of the light bulbs I made. My husband said they looked like carrots and beets. lol
After my 2 year old and I were finished we have some left over paper. My husband couldn't resist this fun craft and made a layered star.

I hope you enjoy this idea! This is a great way to use up those scraps of paper left over from other projects!

Budget Bottoms Review

If you readers remember I did a brief review with a giveaway of the Budget Bottoms Diaper from Crunchy Angel. I really want to be able to share more about this diaper with everyone.

When I got the diaper in the mail and opened it up I found the shell, and two inserts, one microfiber(with fleece liner) and one hemp. The inserts come in two pieces. One that snaps in the front and one that snaps in the back. In the picture below I have the microfiber insert snapped in the shell. The front insert piece is a bigger rectangle and the back piece is more of a T shape. I was confused at first the in the inserts because the rectangle insert can actually snap to the back side of the T insert. My guess is that it is like this for when they are clean and it allows you to keep them together so you don't have to search for both pieces.

In the picture above you can also see that there is quite a bit of the shell that is uncovered, however the PUL is not exposed but a soft cotton material. I don't like when the plastic-y PUL is against the baby's skin so this is a nice feature with this diaper. The inserts do seem small for the shell and I wouldn't mind seeing them made bigger to fit the shell better. The picture below shows the two pieces snapped together. A feature the hemp insert has is that it is sewn together on the ends but opens up in the middle to allow it to wash up and dry out way better than if it were one piece.

Okay on to the front of the diaper. This is a One Size Diaper. I will be completely honest and say that I was so CONFUSED! I actually ended up emailing my rep. for this diaper asking for directions! Turns out I was doing it the right way but I wasn't completely sure. On the front outside of this cover their are three rows of snaps. The top and bottom rows go all the way across with snaps about an inch-inch and a half apart. The middle row consists of 4 snaps. In the below picture you can see the top of the diaper is folded down about an inch. I have the top row snapped down onto the middle row (4 snaps), then when you put it on baby you would fold that 1 inch part (White strip that goes across top) down and under so that it is against the baby. That is one of the ways to adjust the rise of this diaper. You can also leave it how it is when you put it on baby without folding it under but you still would snap the waist adjustment into the same place leaving a tall flap across the whole belly.
In the next picture below you can see the other way to adjust the rise. What you do is snap the middle row (4 snaps)down to the bottom row. You would then put it on baby as is with out any additional folding. This picture also shows how many snaps are in the top and bottom rows of the diaper. I like how many there are because it allows you to get a good fit around the waist when putting it on the baby. If you need the diaper all the way unsnapped you just leave it all opened up and put it on baby. So after you figure out what rise setting your little one will need, you will have to make sure the tabs are correct. If you have the rise snapped up or down you will have to snap up the tab in a triangle like pictured below. Pretty simple.
If the rise is left completely open you would leave the tab unsnapped so that it is a rectangle. In the below picture you can see the snap that go together to make the triangular tab when you have the rise adjusted. Here are some pictures of the diaper on my 7 month old. It actually fit really well, which I was glad and surprise at. Mainly because I had such a hard time trying to figure out how the size adjustment worked. The tabs do allow for crossing over if you need that option.

Here is the diaper on the smallest setting. It is a very cute diaper.

My experience with this diaper:
Well starting off I wasn't to happy about the diaper. I almost was tempted to contact my rep and tell her that I was not going to be able to do the review but I asked her for directions instead. Once I got everything figured out I was very happy with how well this diaper worked. From my very first use of this diaper until right now as my 2 year old is wearing this diaper while napping I have yet to have a leak. This I find very impressive. I currently have on my 2 year old, the diaper with both inserts I received inside of it. I don't like how small the inserts are and how much of the cover is against the baby's body and would really love to see the inserts made wider. I am able to get a good fit on both of my boys with this diaper. They also make this for newborns that will fit a baby 4-15 pounds. I am not sure what weight this one starts at but I think it would have to be on a bigger sized baby, probably around 12 or so pounds.

Now your probably wondering if I would recommend this diaper to you. Well, Because of the success I have had with this diaper not leaking I would recommend it, as long as you have a bigger baby. Also, as long as you don't mind a little learning at first with how to use the diaper I would recommend it. Once you get it figured out you can put it on pretty quickly. My husband was even able to get it on with out a problem. I just leave it set to the correct rise setting and its good to go.

One neat thing about this diaper is that you can reuse the shell. Just snap out the dirty inserts and put a new on in. If the baby poops though you will not be able to reuse the shell. I have yet to have a poopy that stayed within the confines of the insert. The shell runs about $18 and they recommend getting 4-6 shells and then they suggest getting about 18-20 inserts. The inserts run $15 for three of the microfiber and $21.95 for three of the hemp inserts. That is of course if you plan on using these are your only diaper. You can also easily use a prefold with this shell and save even more money.

Please let me know your thoughts and questions below in the comments section. I would love to hear what you think of this diaper, especially if you own and use one yourself!

December 18, 2010

Pampered Mama Real-Shape Cloth Nursing Pads - Review

In August, we welcomed our third child into our family. Even though he is the third child I have had the pleasure of breastfeeding, I'm doing something with him that I did not do with the older two - I am using cloth nursing pads. With Keaton, I didn't even know they existed. With Benjamin, I was given a pair before being discharged from the hospital. I liked them well enough, but continued to use my trusty disposable nursing pads. Before Caedmon was born, I decided that a switch to cloth needed to be made.

I bought a pair that got great reviews, but were very thin, scratchy and reminded me of saucers (in size and shape). I hated them and was bound and determined to find something more "natural" looking. I was directed to Pampered Mama via Facebook and was immediately intrigued! Tanya at Pampered Mama is the creator of some great mommy things - boppy covers, labor/hospital gowns, maternity skirts, mama cloth and "Real Shape Nursing Pads"!

I purchased a couple pair and anxiously awaited their arrival. They came sweetly wrapped in tissue (a small feminine touch this mama of all boys enjoyed!)

My first reaction was how soft the pads were. Tanya states the pads are "made from 2 layers of thirsty bamboo fleece, topped with your choice of cotton flannel, cotton velour, organic bamboo velour, or minky."

And the shape is perfect - "Real-Shape Nursing Pads have a smooth contour to fit your natural shape, eliminating odd bumps around the edges, and no "perky nipple" points to be embarrassed about" - this couldn't be more true! I have worn these with nursing tanks and nursing bras and they are so discreet, I love them!

I will say that while these pads can hold back leaks, I did experience a major leak when my milk let-down on the side my little guy had not nursed on all night - but really, I wasn't surprised, as they aren't supposed to be "water"proof, so I wasn't disappointed. That was the only leak I have experienced and I've been using Pampered Mama's pads for over a month now - day and night!

I honestly have no complaints with these nursing pads. They are soft, discreetly designed with much attention to detail and a great size!

If you are interested in purchasing some Real-Shape Cloth Nursing Pads for yourself or a new mama, you can see what Tanya as to offer at the Envy Hyena Cart.

Disclosure: I purchased two pair of Real-Shape Nursing Pads from Pampered Mama for my own use and review. All opinions are my own, and your experience may differ.

December 17, 2010

CaliBowls {Review}

A couple tidbits of information about me:

1- I'm always on the hunt for products that can make my home a safer place to live.
2- I'm kind of lazy. For example, I'd much rather rip off the paper towel and throw it in the trash than dig through the drawer to find a cloth rag and then walk it back, over toys, with kiddos on each leg and a baby in the sling to throw said rag in the laundry basket.

Anything that can make my home safe, and is an easy "switch" for me gets points in my book.

Enter The CaliBowl! Check out those bowls! (By the way, fun gets bonus points!)

The CaliBowl bowls are BPA free and unbreakable (while being dishwasher and microwave safe), and come in bold colors (like Retro Aqua Blue and Sunflower Yellow) and amazing sizes (95oz bowl, anyone?!)

A neat thing about these bowls that set them apart from any other bowl out there is the wave-lip around the rim. I can hear you now, "Why does my bowl need a wave?" I didn't think my bowl did either, until my bowl did! This special wave keeps the yumminess (aka: food) on your chip or spoon (I apologize for these pictures - I am not a food photographer, and well, chili just isn't pretty!)
Here comes the first bite out of the bowl
See how the wave-lip keeps the yummies on the chip?
Here you can kind of see how the wave sticks out a bit
And the yum yum stays on the chip!

We also purchased the Toddler bowls and while my boys, at ages 2 and 3.5, don't quite get how to utilize the wave to their advantage, they still love the bowls. The fact that it's made from safe materials makes me feel better about them using the bowls at meal times.

You can read about The CaliBowl philosophy, including their "Recycle-A-Bowl" program:

As an effort to eliminate all landfill contribution in line with Simple Wave’s “Zero Landfill Policy”, at the end of a product’s life, participants will have the option to return the CaliBowl™ product to Simple Wave to be recycled into new product. In return the participant will receive a 20% discount on their entire subsequent order through the CaliBowl™ online store.

Sounds great to us!

I would eventually love to replace all our bowls with CaliBowls (in coordinating colors!)

disclosure: I purchased The Santa Barbara Kid Pack and the La Jolla Bowls at discount for review. All opinions are my own.

December 15, 2010

Bububibi diaper review

I had the chance to do a review on the Bububibi diaper. I have a 21 month old son that I tested it out on. The prints available are really fun and cute for boys and girls. The inside of the diaper is lined with bamboo.
You can see in this picture below that the insert snaps into the opening of the pocket. You can then leave it on the out side, or stuff it into the pocket. The top of the insert is also lined with the bamboo so no microfiber touching baby's bottom. The insert also comes with snaps so you can adjust it to the right size.
The diaper is a trim diaper and has a really nice fit on him. It is made of bamboo with a snap in liner that is made of 3 layers of microfiber and 1 layer of bamboo so its super absorbent. It has a snap closure for keeping it on. Which I personally like because its harder for my son to take it off. The diaper has the snap adjustable rise to make it bigger or smaller and goes from infnat to toddler in size. The diaper insert can be adjusted to size to fit into the diaper also. The insert slides through the diaper and then snaps in on one side. So you can add another liner if you needed to on top of it.

My (Dana) Experience with this diaper:

I really like the diaper but I had to use extra liners with the one it came with. After about 2 hours he would leak through. So once I added an extra microfiber insert he was good to go. I really like the diaper and its so easy to use. Like mentioned the only dislike was the insert. The diaper comes in some very cute prints and boy prints which you do not find often! Chek out the website for more information.

My (Kristina) experience with this diaper:
I received two of these diapers to use on my two boys. I wash as directed (Cold water only and hang dry). I put them on the boys and they leaked shortly after them wearing them. I tried again changing the rise and waist settings and they still leaked. That is why I asked Dana to use one and review it as well. She seemed to have better luck with this diaper than I did. Adding an extra insert is the only way I could keep my boys from leaking and they still needed to be changed with in 2 hours. I did end up washing this diaper with my other diapers in the hot wash and it might have gone into the dryer as well and it seems to work better. Maybe the PUL wasn't sealed or something and needed the heat. Here is my 2 year old in this diaper. It has a nice fit on him.
Here is the side shot. This is a nice trim diaper, super soft and cute. This was with just the one insert in so obiously when you put a second insert in it gets bulkier.

Would you like to buy a Bububibi?
These diapers from Bububibi retail for $9.00 each and $1.25 for shipping. Pretty good price for a good quality cloth diaper. VERY cute prints also!

**Two Bububibi diapers were sent at no cost to use and review. The above opinions are our own and of our own experiences. We were not paid in anyway to write this review. **

December 14, 2010

Happy Baby Food review

My little guy recently started eating baby food. Its always fun to watch them try to get the food in and keep it in. Luckily Z likes to eat and caught on really well. So, every since I started cloth diapering I have been looking at more eco-friendly and organic items available to me as a parent for my children. That's how I came across Happy Baby Food. Happy Baby Food offers all organic food for babies and toddlers. Here is what they say about their products:

HAPPYBABY is committed to providing families with the healthiest, most optimal nutrition possible. Besides using the best organic ingredients, we also incorporate the best nature has to offer when it comes to added nutrition, like our sustainable source of DHA, pre and probiotics, and supergrains like Salba and Quinoa.

I looked around on their site and decided to see if any stores local to me carried their products. I found two listed and they said they carried the Happy Baby products. I was sent some coupons to get products to use and review and headed over to my local store. I couldn't find the items anywhere! So I contacted Trina, my Happy Baby Contact, who was WONDERFUL to work with, and asked for her help. She looked up my local stores and found that they carry the cereal and the puffs, but because I couldn't find them she sent me an AMAZING package of items to review.

I got HappyMelts, HappyBellies Oatmeal cereal, HappyPuffs, and a variety of their HappyBaby in different stages and their HappyTots snacks.
Here is a picture of their baby and tots food. They come in neat squeezable packaging with a twist off cap. I like their nice bright colors and pictures used on their packaging. The only thing I didn't care for with the packaging was that the tops seem like a choking hazard to me. I made sure I put the cap in the cupboard or in my pocket so my toddler couldn't get a hold of it while i was feeding the baby. I do like the fact that these can easily seal back up when baby doesn't eat the whole thing in one setting.

When I received the pack of goodies Z wasn't quite yet on fruits. We were still working on his veggies so I decided to introduce him to the HappyBellies Organic Oatmeal. It is DHA and Probiotic. I opened up the can and thought it looked like a great product.
The oatmeal isn't as flaky like some other oatmeal cereals I have seen. It still has the same light weight consistency but looks way yummier. You can mix this with breast milk, formula or water. I use formula. I also had an extra formula scoop so I keep that in the oatmeal contain to measure out how much Z gets. This is also handy for Daddy when he has the boys in the morning and needs to know exact details for feeding baby Z. I usually do 3 scoops of oatmeal and about 1-2 ounces of formula to get the right consistency. Some babies need their cereal thicker some need it thinner. Adjust the amount of liquid you add in to fit your babies needs.
Here is Z after eating a couple of bites of HappyBellies Organic Oatmeal...
Lets just say he's a HAPPY BABY!
When we finally reached the point of introducing fruits to Z, we started with pears. I opened up the pears that HappyBaby had sent in my package. The mouth of the container is pretty small. You can squirt the food directly onto your spoon and save a dish or you can pour it into a bowl and scoop it out with the spoon. I tried putting it directly onto the spoon but found it to time consuming. I would rather wash the extra dish. I put about half of the pack into a bowl and let Z have a bite.His first bite of fruit (Pears), He loved them! Of course he likes to eat pretty much whatever we give him.
We have tried a few of the other items now as well and I am very happy with them. I gave one of the HappyTots to my toddler to eat but he was not interested in it at all. I think because it was 'baby food' that his brother eats. I think if it were packaged a little differently he would have been okay with it. I do like though that with the HappyTots, you can unscrew the lid and give it to the toddler. They can drink out of it like a straw and its extra good when cold. Or you can put it into a bowl and they can use a spoon.

We have been giving Z some of the happy puffs now and he loves them! We gave him the banana flavor...my toddler even enjoys them as well! They are a cute little ring shape puff but for just starting out with a 'hard' type of food we break the puff into about six pieces so he doesnt choke. The pieces dissolve very quick too!

I still keep looking at the stores that were listed to see if they carry the Happy Baby foods but haven't found them. I did however find some at my local Target store and bought two more cans of oatmeal and two cans of the puffs.

My experience with HappyBaby products:
I am extremely pleased with their products. I have tried other name brand foods and even though they are good they are not organic. Which isn't a bad thing but if you are looking to provide your baby with only organic items I would recommend these. There is one other company that I know of that packages their products in pouches and I found those at my local supermarket so I bought a couple to try. I was no where near as happy with them as I am with HappyBaby. I can say that even though Happy Baby is a little more than other brands I will purchase Happy Baby before others because of the quality they provide in their products.

Would you like to purchase Happy Baby Products for your little one? Go here to see if there is a local retailer near you. Otherwise you can purchase online here.