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June 14, 2014

Nursing Bra Express - cotton nursing bra

I am assuming most of you are like me and absolutely hate the time when you need to buy a new bra. It is such a pain to find a bra that will do the job well, be comfortable and easy to care for(when it comes to washing vs dry cleaning). I find it even harder to shop for a nursing bra. Most likely you are going to be shopping for one while you are pregnant and after that your body changes so much anyway that you can't even fit into the ones you just got! That happened to me. I had bought 4 new bras and after Corbin was born-none of them fit!

When Kristina told me about Nursing Bra Express, I thought we should try them out immediately! They sent me a cotton nursing bra by QT Intimates and a sleep nursing bra by La Leche League International (to be reviewed next week). My first impression of them was "Yay! New clean bras!" Haha. I instantly loved the color of the soft pink sleep bra. Since I had a boy, it was nice to have the little bit of girly for myself. The cotton bra made me really nervous at first because A. It has no underwire. Every bra I have ever owned has had the underwire-even my old nursing bras and B. It was not padded. I prefer a little padding just in case there is a little leakage and the nursing pads don't quite cut it. It turned out ok!

A little about Nursing Bra Express:

"Our mission at Nursing Bra Express is not only to provide nursing moms with the best breastfeeding products on the planet, but also to keep our nursing (or soon-to-be nursing) moms happy and satisfied with her purchases! We greatly appreciate your business and our customers always come first!"

What I love about them is that they have a large selection of brands and sizes-including plus size as well as great customer service. They have a generous return/exchange policy and their prices are great. If you aren't sure what size you need, they have tips on how to measure yourself to get an appropriate fit. They also offer breastfeeding tips, advice and anything else you would need for nursing your little one. Along with the great advice and nursing bras, they also sell nursing tanks, sleepwear, postpartum shapewear and accessories for breastfeeding.

Did you know you should wait until after your baby is born before buying a nursing bra? Here is why!

The Molded Cotton Nursing Bra by QT Intimates is a nude color but also comes in black, pink and white. It is a cotton material making it breathable and comfortable. 

The larger sizes come with a slightly wider strap making it much more comfortable for your back. 

I was nervous at first because I normally wear an underwire bra that is lightly padded. This one had neither but was none the less very comfortable. Since it is molded it didn't need the underwire because it was supportive enough without one. 

There is a light padding along the underside of the cup which also helped with the lack of underwire for me.

 As for the nursing clasps-they were easy to undo and reclasp with one hand. They also had a nice quiet click-seems silly unless that click wakes your sleeping babe up who knows that noise to mean dinner! I do like how this bra has a full "arch" over the breast once the clasp is undone. I found that with my other bras that didn't have this, they tended to stretch out quickly and caused drooping with the material. I have had no issues with that with this bra. 

 The only issue I had with the bra was the back where you hook it. There is a small section that has a different type of stitching and that did cause me to have some redness where it rubbed against my back. I just adjusted the c-hooks and that seems to help. 

Another odd thing for me was when I wear reusable nursing pads-the outline shows through the bra and my shirt if I am not also wearing a nursing tank. Not a big deal but kind of awkward if you are out in public and your 3 year old comments on it because you forgot to throw on your nursing tank. :)

Overall I found this bra extremely comfortable and easy to use. It does say to hand wash in warm water-however I have thrown it in the wash with some other delicates on a light cycle and hung it up to dry with no issues. I liked that this bra was so comfortable and light weight. It is nice to wear on a warm day! 

This bra retails for 22.00 and you can buy it HERE.

Be on the look out next week for our review of the Sleep bra and a little giveaway as well!

June 10, 2014

Bum Rarpz Cloth Nappy Review

In having started my Cloth Diapering journey totally clueless as to what the different style diapers were, what the terms meant and how "All things Cloth Diapering" worked, I have been blessed to start off well by being able to review some pretty awesome diapers and get a feel for what worked best for my little one and for me as a Mommy!  One of these awesome diapers I get to test out is a Bum Rarpz Cloth Nappy!

I was sent this OS Character Pocket Diaper in a "Surfer" print.  There are quite a few different diapers to choose from in the Character collection, each of which represents a different personality.  This diaper has such a fun bright yellow soft minky fabric along with the printed designer cotton on the outer, and the inner is a soft microfleece lining with the hidden waterproof layer.  The back opening allows for inserting almost any type of soaker.  I received a Bamboo+Microfiber trifold soaker for the review.

A little bit about Bum Rarpz!  The Rarpz Label was started about 8 years ago by a work-at-home-mom and qualified fashion designer, Emma. Bum Rarpz nappies were launched in 2009 and have grown steadily in the cloth diapering industry. They are based out of Tauranga, New Zealand, and you can find their products stocked in stores across New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.  We have enjoyed working with Emma and I am excited to share one of her awesome diapers with you!

I am all about convenience and ease of use when putting a Cloth Diaper on!  After all, I am still quite new to this and can use all the help I can get!  These diapers offer just that because they have one set of snaps on each side, and it's so easy to wrap around baby's waist and snap!  For all those Mommas out there who have wiggly babies, I know you can appreciate this in a diaper!  What is also nice is that the shape of the diaper on the wings is more of a triangle so as you are bringing the wings forward around baby's waist, it just flows nicely right into place.  (Sorry, not sure how to better word this! But just trust me, and the pictures, that this is a fun and easy diaper to use!)

I love how this diaper fit my little one!  Overall it is a very trim fit and even with chunky legs, we still managed just fine!  The only thing I might change would be the style of soaker because the trifold did make it a bit bulkier that I like.  That however is just my preference, I had no problems with how the soaker itself worked!

I was also sent a set of Rainbow Slice Wipes to try out!  Oh my goodness!  They are so soft and well made!  I didn't want to get them dirty they were so nice!  I just love the rainbow colored edging and also how the corners are rounded.  Another plus is that they are about the size of my hand which is awesome because I can usually clean up with just one wipe, all while not getting anything on myself!  Laugh but you've all had that happen at least once!  If not, you will, trust me!

Here is a description from Emma for this diaper:

SIZE – One size fits most, birth to potty (3.5-17kg+) 

STYLE – Pocket nappy with a back opening to insert almost any type of soaker 

FIT – Slim fit (a trimmer, newer version of Bum Rarpz nappies, for a better all-round fit on all babies big and small) FEATURES – Inserts stopper (for tummy sleepers), snap closures, elasticated leg gussets. 

Overall we love this diaper from top to bottom. The super softness of the minky, the trimness, the cute print! This Bum Rarpz worked great for us. 

You can find your own Bum Rarpz Nappy at www.rarpz.com as well as quite a few other items.Check it out today!

Most of our readers are in the US and you can get your Rarpz at Jack Be Natural!
Shark Pups! (You have to check these out!)

Bum Rarpz is also so generous to give away a diaper in the same print- SURFER!!!
Just fill out the rafflecopter! Winner will be picked on June 20th. 
*Winner must pay for shipping.*

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March 22, 2014

Padded Patootie

Today's WAHM I am so excited to introduce. After receiving a super cute diaper for review and using it for a while, I fell in love and actually ordered a custom diaper for my Micah man! With out further adieu, welcome Padded Patooties!

Here is a little bit about Michelle, the talented WAHM behind Padded Patooties:

When I started cloth diapering my son, I was having a horrible time find diapers that didn't leak during naps and nighttime. We used GroVia's during awake time (and liked them very much), but they just didn't have enough coverage in the front for him. We tried some brand-name pockets, but found he would manage to pee out the side of them (while amazingly keeping the diaper dry) during our nighttime nursing sessions. Since I'd sewn for years, I started looking into sewing our own nap-worthy diapers. By this time, we'd already fallen in love with fitteds and wool for nighttime. My husband commented on how professional the diapers I'd made looked (and he was used to the GroVia's). Soon other family members, friends, our pediatrician, and our kids' photographer were noticing and impressed by our diapers. That was when thoughts of starting a small business began.
-What inspired you to start sewing?
My mom taught me to sew. She did it out of necessity, making and repairing our clothes. I've been sewing (using a sewing machine) since I was a teenager (and I'm 40 now, ugh!). I'm a detail-oriented person, so love taking the time to pay attention to the "little things" that are required for good sewing. I love the process of making flat pieces of fabric turn into something beautiful that you can use. It must be a similar feeling to when a person builds a house--enjoying the process, but also the pride that comes with seeing and using the final product.
-Where did you come up with your unique style for your diapers with all the fun colors inside?
The PUL surround started as a way to help prevent leaking at the legs and waist. I generally tried to match the color for the PUL surround to the diaper outer, so it wouldn't be noticeable at the leg elastics. I started out using bamboo velour as the lining because it was so soft, but observed it became quite sherpa-ish after a few washes. Then I discovered cotton velour. It retained is original look and feel with many washes AND it was available in so many beautiful colors! Sometimes I tried to be humorous (like trying to make the inside of a bacon and eggs diaper look like a fried egg), and sometimes I just chose colors that coordinated nicely with the outer and snaps. I soon fell in love with the fact that brightly colored color velour did not tend to show stains and thought "why shouldn't the inner be nearly as cute and fun (poo excepted) as the outer?"

Padded Pattoie can be found online through their websiteFacebook or their Etsy Shop

"The name "Padded Patootie" and slogan "Natural Fiber Padding for you Baby's Bum" came about when our son was learning to crawl, walk, and climb. He did not seemed phased by the many falls, and we joked that it must be because of all the padding on his bum! It reminded us of an episode of "Olivia" (the pig) where she teaches her friend Julian how to ice skate by strapping an "Olivia Patootie Pillow" to his bum to protect him from falls.
I feel so blessed that I am able to do something I love to do, and that it is actually benefitting other people."

I was able to choose a diaper from Padded Patooties and while they had a couple of nice boy prints in stock my eyes kept darting back to this green grassy daisy print diaper. I had to have it. I would (and have multiple times) put it on my boys. Grass is so boyish right? and I have this thing for daisy's so this diaper just rocks all the way!
 The diaper features cross over snaps and a 4 rise snap adjustment. It has a single row of snaps across the waist.

 The diaper open all the way.
 Here is a close up of the snaps. I love how the snaps are set up to look like daisy's with the white on the outside and the yellow middle. So pretty. The colors in the pictures do no justice to the real colors of this diaper.
 Cross over snaps for the tiny babies.
 Now this is where I get really happy! Look at how pretty the inside of this diaper is! Isn't it amazing! I love how Padded Patootie uses different colors inside of their diapers to make even the inside great and enjoyable.
 The Padded Patootie diapers are AIO diapers. The feature PUL around the outside of the diaper (that is the green part). Then the white on the back is made of one layer of bamboo fleece topped with white velour. The tounge part of the diaper (yellow section) is made of one layer heavy bamboo fleece and one layer of regular bamboo fleece, topped by black cotton velour. The diaper also comes with a snap in booster which is made with one layer of heavy bamboo fleece sandwiched between two layers of regular bamboo fleece.

 The extra booster can be snaped onto the yellow part of the diaper or if you are not using the extra booster you can snap the yellow part to the shell of the diaper to help hold it in place, although it works fine if its not snapped in place as well. But having it snapped in place makes the diaper a little more daddy friendly.
 Isn't the colors and fabric of this diaper fantastic? In the picture above you can also notice her sewing. I was so impressed with her quality of the diaper. You can tell she puts a lot of hard work into the diapers she makes making sure everything is sewn just right. To me, the quality of her diapers is amazing.

  Above you can see the snap in soaker that comes with the diaper.

Here is the diaper on Micah. The wings look a little stretched out. I usually put it on him with one or two snaps open in the middle. We use the middle rise snap on him and get a great fit. I love how it is not bulky between the legs.

From the side you can see how trim it is on his back side.

And a back view. I just love the daisy's! The diaper is also trim side to side as well if that makes sense.

I am so please with this Padded Patootie diaper. The quality and workmanship of it is fantastic. We haven't had any leaks or issues with it. We are able to get a great fit on both my boys and the diaper is so incredibly trim. One thing that I like on diapers that these do now have are a double row of snaps across the waist but its not a huge issue on this diaper. Michelle, the WAHM behind the diapers has been so awesome to work with and for the custom diaper I am getting made she has been very great to work with as well. She is very detailed and you can tell she really enjoys making these diapers.

March 21, 2014

Chunky Cheeks Diapers

 Night time is such a dreaded time in my house hold. Not because children scream and throw fits because they don't want to go to bed but because I never know if what I am putting on my 2 1/2 year old will hold up though the night...will we be washing bedding in the morning or will we have clean sheets?

That's where Chunky Cheeks Diapers come in to play. After a year of night time diaper struggles and trying so many different things (even nasty disposables {BARF}) we have  found a couple of diapers that will hold up to my son's ability to pee like a horse.  Our Chunky Cheeks diaper has worked wonders for us. Chandra, the WAHM behind this awesome diaper sent me this cute Monster Rock print fitted diaper to try out on my boys.

This is a new style diaper for Chunky Cheeks Diapers, it is a hybrid fitted. It consists of an outer cotton fabric, a hidden layer of ply fleece and a cotton velour inner.

 The hybrid fitted comes with two snap in soakers so you can easily adjust how absorbent you need the diaper to be for your child. They are topped with the soft velour fabric to help keep your little one comfortable. The soakers can snap individually onto the shell of the fitted or they can snap onto each other and then onto the shell. Pretty neat!

 This hybrid fitted is a one size (OS) diaper, featuring a fold down rise. You can see the snaps lined up across the front of the diaper as well as the inside in the picture below.
 This is the diaper on the smallest size setting using the cross over snaps on the wings. How cute is that?
 Such a fun diaper!
 Here is the diaper set to the larger rise setting and the wings snapped as close as they go with out crossing over.
 I have used this diaper on both of my boys. Here below, if Micah my 19 pounds 7 month old. The diaper had a great fit on him. I used the rise folded down on him.
 The wings crossed over just a tad because he is still smaller.
 Here is the rise folded down.
 Because Micah is a smaller guy and this is a fitted there was a little extra bulk on his behind but he didn't care. :)
 I love the fit around the legs that we got on Micah.
I would love to share pictures of Zeke (2 1/2 yrs) wearing this diaper but lets just say ...that it is pretty much impossible to get a picture of that boy holding still or where there isn't a hand grabbing the diaper. So I will just share about his fit.

We use the rise up on him and the wings are opened up just a little bit. He has a fairly narrow hip width so there is a lot of room for growing in this for him yet...however I really hope he potty trains soon...

The fit around the legs was great, we never had marks left around his legs from using this all night which is great. The only thing I did notice with this is because it has the fold down rise when the rise is not folded over the snaps on the inside of the diaper were up against his skin (which isn't a huge deal) but he did have some snap in prints on his outer hips from where they were up against him all night. But he wasn't bothered by them at all. This diaper is able to hold a lot of pee, It is now, as I said earlier, one of two night time diapers that I have that actually last though the night on Zeke which is great. I was really getting frustrated with him peeing though all the time and HATED HATED putting him in disposables at night but it was the only thing that worked. So this Chunky Cheeks hybrid fitted diaper was a huge night time life savor for me...Zeke...

While trying out awesome diapers I am always curious about the mama behind them. So here is a little big about Chunky Cheeks Diapers and their maker, Chandra!
Chandra started making diapers and covers for her daughter and some friends around 9 months ago. She then opened her etsy shop to start selling her diapers in November.
Chandra and her family are located in Oklahoma. You can find her online at her etsy shop or her facebook page to see all her great products.

 Chandra started making diapers for her daughter because she has really sensitive skin. She couldn't have any kind of synthetic fabric against her skin, no microfleece, no minky etc. Her skin also really needed something more breathable then PUL but Chandra needed something that was going to keep her couch dry as well. Being pretty oblivious to the WAHM world at the time, it was really hard for her to find diapers for her daughter that didn't cause her to blister and still let her skin breath. Eventually Chandra discovered fleece covers and bamboo fitteds and that's where it all really started. She started making fleece covers for her an then kind of combined the idea of the bamboo fitted with the fleece cover to make the two's which is what she started out selling. After being introduced to the WAHM world of hybrid fitted, she fell in love with them.
Chandra currently only makes the hybrid fitteds and fleece in two's. The main reason for that is she only likes to make things that her daughter would be able to wear. It was hard to find something that would work for her and she knows her little girl isn't the only one out there with sensitive skin issues. You can also find other diapering accessories like fleece covers, wipes and wool longies at Chunky Cheek Diapers.

Chunky Cheeks diapers has offered up a great giveaway for our readers. The diaper pictured below you will have the opportunity to win! Isn't it great? All you need to do is enter  via the Rafflecopter form below.

They also have offered up a discount code if you would like to make a purchase from their site.  Use the code CDA10percent which will be good the whole month of February!

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March 20, 2014

Moraki Cloth Diapers AI2/Pocket

Recently I was contacted by a company called Moraki. I was asked to review their AI2/Pocket diaper. Typically when I hear a diaper being called different things  like and AI2 and a pocket diaper I tend to be leery because, well, lets face it do they every really work that great as both? I checked the Moraki diaper out online and thought they looked pretty nice and decided to give them a try. I received this super cute Christmas Elephant print for my boys to use.

This Moraki diaper should fit 7-40 pounds.
 The diaper features two rows of snaps across the waist as well as 4 diaperdifferent rows of snaps for rise adjustment. It also has extra hip snaps to help keep it  from getting wing  droop.

 So why is this diaper considered an AI2/pocket diaper?  When you open the diaper you notice nice soft fleece and a flap across the front of the diaper. In the middle of the diaper the fleece is split open. In order to use this diaper as an AI2 all you need to do it lay the insert on top of the fleece and you can tuck the insert under the flap on the front of the diaper to help keep the insert for getting the babys clothes wet. If you would like to use the diaper as a pocket diaper you just take the insert and stuff it down into the  front, turn the diaper and then stuff in the back then close up the fleece pocket.
 The inserts are made in a loop form to help keep drying time down to a minimum.
There are three different sizes of inserts. Which you can use according to what size rise setting you have the diaper set to. However I use them all for the same baby. :)
 Here is the diaper on Micah, my 6 month old who weighs 18 pounds. I have it on the second rise setting and have to snaps open across the waist. The fit is great on him. I have also used this diaper on my 2 1/2 year old who is around 35  pounds and had the rise open all the way with about 4 of the waist snaps open. There is still plenty of room for him to grow, I probably could have had the rise snapped down just one for him to and that would have worked as well.
 The diaper is trim as are the inserts.
How did I like this diaper? Over all I really liked it. My son really isn't fond of having wet diaper against him so using this as and AI2 on him wasn't the most fun for him but we didn't have any leaking issues while using it as an AI2. I did three AI2 uses in a row and the cover stayed nice and clean and did not get smelly at all from being used over and over which is great. While using the diaper as a pocket we also had success. Micah was much happier using it as a pocket diaper rather than an AI2 because it offered him is favorite stay dry feel with the  soft fleece it has lining the inside of the diaper.

For fit we were able to get it nice and snug with the snaps on it. We have yet to leak though this diaper. I don't think I have used it as a night time option but I think it would work great because the inserts are really nice and absorbent plus you can stuff what ever you need absorbancy wise inside the pocket or if your child doesn't get bothered with the wet feeling you can just place inside what you need and use it as an AI2.

My hesitancy to try out a diaper that is considered an AI2/Pocket diaper has now gone away as this diaper really worked great for us while being used as both styles. If your looking for this style diaper Moraki is a great option plus they have different cute prints to choose from as well.

March 19, 2014

Newborn Series: Ragababe Newborn

Ragababe Newborn

A little about the Ragababe Newborn:
-Fits 6-15 pounds
-AIO (sewn in soaker)
-Cross over stars
-Suede cloth stay dry inside diaper

Retails for $25.95

The Ragababe AIO diapers are pretty neat. They come in aplix only and are sized. I have two newborn Ragababes and love their prints. I honestly wasn't sure these diapers would fit our baby but they actually have a great fit on him. The front of this diaper has a hidden pocket opening so if you want to stuff extra inserts into it that option is available. Other than that this is a pretty simple and easy to use diaper.

 Here is the Ragababe Newborn diaper on Micah at around 9 pounds. It was a great fit and we slightly use the star cross over aplix tabs.
 The legs also have a great fit with no gaps around his skinny thighs.
 And just because I love this picture here is Micah wearing our Newborn Ragababe in the cute Star Candy print.
How did this diaper work for us?
Great! I was really happy with how the diaper fits on Micah because I really didn't think it would fit him at all! I had heard that the newborns run small and most people typically skip the newborn size and go to smalls but I am glad I have a couple of the newborn ones. I do have a size small and it does gap around his legs causing leaks. This diaper can hold a good amount of pee. We have used it at night for a 4 hour stretch with no issues. Its nice and trim and I like that with the waist strip of aplix we don't have rubbing issues. Sometimes diapers with aplix will roll down and rub on the babys tummy leaving a red irritation from it but this diaper doesn't do that. It also fit great under his cord stump which was nice because the was able to wear it sooner.