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March 19, 2014

Newborn Series: Ragababe Newborn

Ragababe Newborn

A little about the Ragababe Newborn:
-Fits 6-15 pounds
-AIO (sewn in soaker)
-Cross over stars
-Suede cloth stay dry inside diaper

Retails for $25.95

The Ragababe AIO diapers are pretty neat. They come in aplix only and are sized. I have two newborn Ragababes and love their prints. I honestly wasn't sure these diapers would fit our baby but they actually have a great fit on him. The front of this diaper has a hidden pocket opening so if you want to stuff extra inserts into it that option is available. Other than that this is a pretty simple and easy to use diaper.

 Here is the Ragababe Newborn diaper on Micah at around 9 pounds. It was a great fit and we slightly use the star cross over aplix tabs.
 The legs also have a great fit with no gaps around his skinny thighs.
 And just because I love this picture here is Micah wearing our Newborn Ragababe in the cute Star Candy print.
How did this diaper work for us?
Great! I was really happy with how the diaper fits on Micah because I really didn't think it would fit him at all! I had heard that the newborns run small and most people typically skip the newborn size and go to smalls but I am glad I have a couple of the newborn ones. I do have a size small and it does gap around his legs causing leaks. This diaper can hold a good amount of pee. We have used it at night for a 4 hour stretch with no issues. Its nice and trim and I like that with the waist strip of aplix we don't have rubbing issues. Sometimes diapers with aplix will roll down and rub on the babys tummy leaving a red irritation from it but this diaper doesn't do that. It also fit great under his cord stump which was nice because the was able to wear it sooner.


Berta Lei said...

I am pretty convinced with your Ragababe Newborn review. I better try this one for my baby, too. This can surely save me time and money like you did.

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