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March 19, 2014

Newborn Series: Ragababe Newborn

Ragababe Newborn

A little about the Ragababe Newborn:
-Fits 6-15 pounds
-AIO (sewn in soaker)
-Cross over stars
-Suede cloth stay dry inside diaper

Retails for $25.95

The Ragababe AIO diapers are pretty neat. They come in aplix only and are sized. I have two newborn Ragababes and love their prints. I honestly wasn't sure these diapers would fit our baby but they actually have a great fit on him. The front of this diaper has a hidden pocket opening so if you want to stuff extra inserts into it that option is available. Other than that this is a pretty simple and easy to use diaper.

 Here is the Ragababe Newborn diaper on Micah at around 9 pounds. It was a great fit and we slightly use the star cross over aplix tabs.
 The legs also have a great fit with no gaps around his skinny thighs.
 And just because I love this picture here is Micah wearing our Newborn Ragababe in the cute Star Candy print.
How did this diaper work for us?
Great! I was really happy with how the diaper fits on Micah because I really didn't think it would fit him at all! I had heard that the newborns run small and most people typically skip the newborn size and go to smalls but I am glad I have a couple of the newborn ones. I do have a size small and it does gap around his legs causing leaks. This diaper can hold a good amount of pee. We have used it at night for a 4 hour stretch with no issues. Its nice and trim and I like that with the waist strip of aplix we don't have rubbing issues. Sometimes diapers with aplix will roll down and rub on the babys tummy leaving a red irritation from it but this diaper doesn't do that. It also fit great under his cord stump which was nice because the was able to wear it sooner.

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Berta Lei said...

I am pretty convinced with your Ragababe Newborn review. I better try this one for my baby, too. This can surely save me time and money like you did.