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March 15, 2014

Newborn Series: Upsies NB AI2 Diaper

Upsies diapers are a WAHM diaper brand that you can find on Hyena Cart. They stock at certain times and are only in stock until sold out so keep an eye out at the top of their shop page or on their fb page for when they stock.

I have an adorable Upsies whale print AI2 diaper. This diaper is more boyish but I would use it on a girl for sure because, well, its just super cute!
Here is a little about this diaper:
-Outer layer is cotton, hidden layer of PUL and inside layer is fleece
-Has umbilical cord (u.c.) snap down
-Fits approx. 7-12 pounds
-Has a snap in soaker

Here is a shot of the diaper. It has the snap for the u.c. snapped together.

Here is a full shot of the diaper on the outside. It has 2 rows of snaps across the waist but only 1 snap on each tab. When you have the snap down for the u.c. then you would use the lower set of snaps on the waist. When the u.c. snap is open then you would use the top row of snaps on the waist. This also allows for a higher rise on the diaper after the u.c. falls off.

The inside of the diaper is lined with a soft fleece. You can see the snap in the middle back (on the right side) where you snap in the soaker. You can also see the waist snaps better on the diaper in this picture...it looks like a lot but don't let it scare you. Its very easy to figure out where to snap.
Each of the Upsies AI2 diapers comes with a snap in soaker which is made of a prefold. You have the option to get a bleached or unbleached prefold with your diaper. You can also purchase additional prefolds to snap into the shell.
Sorry for the blurry picture. Here is the whale Upsies diaper on Micah around 9 pounds. It has a great fit and its so soft and cute. We love it. Its one that my 3 year old will pick out when he is being my helper because he wants Micah to wear this one! It has the cord snap snapped down and we didn't have any rubbing issues. There were a couple of NB diapers that we couldn't use because they would rub on the cord so we had to wait to use them but this one worked great.
 An issue I did have it this diaper was when the corn snap was being used it did gap away from the tummy showing a little of the prefold inside. However we didn't have any leak issues from this so it didn't turn out to be a problem for us.
 And a back shot because its so cute. I love how trim this diaper is as well.
 The inside of the diaper is fleece lined so its very soft around Micahs legs which is nice to have. It doesn't cause any irritation or leave red marks.
 And because I loved the Upsies diapers so much I ordered Micah two new custom diapers for him! These are the first ever custom diapers I have ever ordered and they are just adorable!
 Here is Micah around 9.6 pounds wearing the new Upsies diaper I got for him with the cord snap open because he had lost his cord. The fit is still great and I think he will be able to wear this for a while.
 How does this diaper work for us?
Well seeing as how I bought 2 more of the I can say they work really awesome for us. I love the fun prints, the soft and comfortable fleece on the inside and around the legs. The snap in soakers are nice and trim and usually we are able to reuse the cover because the poo stays on the soaker. Which is hard to believe with NB explosive poops! We did have a leak with this diaper but that was (I think anyways) because my MIL put it on him and she didn't get it tight enough on him. I have also found that the soakers are a little long so they do need to be folded over so they don't stick out but over all we love these diapers!
Want one for yourself...errr...your baby? Head over to Upsies and check them out! They NB AI2 diapers run 10.95 each plus shipping so a great price for WAHM made diapers! I also purchased a custom set of 2 diapers for 19.95 plus 3 for shipping so a great deal!


Anonymous said...

I ordered two NB ai2s after I read this review. They came today and I LOVE them! I'll be ordering more! Mine are the pink whale print and argyle, so cute!

Kristina said...

That is so awesome to hear! Thanks for sharing! Its nice hearing that other people use our reviews as a means of deciding what to use for their own babies!

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