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March 11, 2014

Newborn Series: TotsBots TiniFits

*Note: This style of the Tinifit is no longer made, however the newer versions come with either a minky inner or their newest version of Binky (a combination of minky and bamboo) The fit is the same.

A little bit about the Tinifit Diaper:
-AIO diaper with an attached insert
-Fits babies approx 6-14 pounds
-Super strong velcro
-New version has the soft minky insert, older styles (like the one pictured in this post) have a bamboo/microfiber insert attached.

The Totsbots TiniFit diapers retail for $18.95. 

The Totsbots Tinifit diapers are probably one of my favorites to look at. They are so simple and cute plus they are an AIO diaper (so easy for any mom or dad with a new baby at home) and its closure system is aplix (velcro) which again is great for a quick diaper change and very daddy and grandparent friendly.
I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Tinifit diaper in the TuttiFruitti print which is really hard to do in the states as only solid colors are sold over here. This is a favorite print of mine as well.The shape of the diaper is nice and simple and has elastic across the back. There are no rise snaps as this is a NB diaper intended for the little babys. The inside of my Tinifit diapers feature the bamboo/microfiber inserts that are sewn in. The new version of the Tinifit (and Easyfit) diapers will feature the soft minky insert which is able to hold about 20% more fluid. These Tinifits also have nice strong laundry tabs.

Above you can see the Tinifit with the sewn in soaker all the way open. This helps with reducing the amount of time needed for drying and its easy to tuck back in after doing laundry or before putting on baby.
Above you will see a size comparison of the OS Easyfit diaper next to the Newborn Tinifit diaper. The Tinifit is on the right side, then red is the smallest setting on the easyfit, Blue is middle setting and Star burst is on the largest size setting. There is a nice steady flow between the sizes and no huge jumps from one to the next leaving you wondering if you will have leak issues while switching between sizes. Here is the tinifit on Micah. I love this diaper! It fit great just under the cord stump with out rubbing on it much. We did have a couple of times where it would rub and irritate the stump but other wise it was good to go.
 Great comfortable fit around the legs with out any gaping or leak issues.
 Here is a mad little Micah wearing his first cloth diaper. Needless to say he pooped in it after I took these pictures so we had to change him but oh well! It had a great fit on him at 8.6pounds right when we were getting ready to leave the hospital.

How does this diaper work for us?
We love it! The tinifit is the first diaper I reach for and if I don't see one I dig around to see if I can find one. It holds a good amount of pee which is handy because its one of my favorites for night time because it is very soft and comfortable. The aplix on the tinifits is so nice and strong and the elastic on the legs is tight yet stretchy enough to offer a good range of fit around the legs. We have not had any poo  explosions out of this diaper (Or any of our newborn cloth diapers) which is great. I don't think I have any complaints about this diaper except I wish it were a little cheaper. It drys nice and fast as well.

*Update: We still found this diaper to be the best diaper for us on our 4th son! It is a continued love with the bamboo tinifits. The minky worked alright but the bamboo seems to hold more. I am excited to see what the new binky version has in store!

Would you like to purchase a Newborn Tinifit diaper? If you are in the N. American region search for a retailer of Bummis products and more than likely they will carry these cute diapers. The Totsbots products (Easyfits/Tinifits) are a European made diaper and are distributed by the Bummis company in the N. American region. I have purchased most of my tinifits used but they are hard to come by. New they will cost out of pocket around $19.00.


Lisa said...

I had to add a doubler to mine for enough absorbancy at night, kind of disappointing. i also have one old and one new and the velcro is different. the old one stays in the wash, the new doesn't 75% of the time. hope they work better for you!

tricia said...

I loooove these diapers (and just found your blog! great reviews!) I had a preemie who was born at 5 pounds and started using these diapers at about 5.5 pounds. They worked great for us. My son just grew out of them at 12 pounds, and they didn't leak once! I do prefer to change newborns through the night because they tend to poo more often, so that might have contributed to not leaking. I used the doublers when he was a bit bigger, and when he would be in them a bit longer. I liked them for going out because they are so trim.
We used prefolds too as soon as he was big enough for them. Now he fits all of the one-size diapers and we like the EasyFit and BumGenius best, but still use prefolds at home.
Good luck with your newborn! The newborn diapers you have reviewed are adorable, I will have to try some others next time :)

newborn photography perth said...

That does look cool, I really like that diaper a lot, thanks.

Unknown said...

These are soooo cute!!! We have to find some with designs like that for our newborn photography Perth studio.

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