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March 10, 2014

Newborn Series: Grovia NB AIO

*NOTE: This style of the grovia newborn diaper is no longer in production. However you can still purchase it from some retailers with what they have left in stock as well as on various used diaper swap pages. I did get the chance to try out the new style newborn diaper and liked it even more! I hope to get a review up on it eventually!*

 A Little About the Grovia AIO NB diaper:
-No stuffing or doublers
-Fits babies 5-12+ pounds
-Organic Cotton
-No cover required
-Quick dry design

The Grovia Newborn AIO diapers retail for $14.95 a piece.

I purchased a Grovia NB diaper (well a couple) to have on hand for when baby comes. Here is the Grovia NB in the cute mod print.This print is no longer being made but you can still find it at various retailers and online at used diaper swap groups. They did just recently introduce a new spring line of prints that is super cute as well.
 The Grovia NB diaper has on rows of snaps across the waist. It also has the option of rise snaps. The rise gives 2 different options for rise height on the diaper which is nice if the baby still has the umbilical cord.
 The diaper has elastic across the back. The edges are serged all the way around the diaper. I know some babies, when wearing a serged diaper, will get some irritation from the thread rubbing on their skin. We have not had issues with the surging causing irritation on Micah.
 The inside of this diaper has a sewn in soaker that is loose on one end. This allows the soaker to dry much quicker. The inside is made with organic cotton. The new prints have a stay dry material on the inside to help keep baby more comfortable which is really nice.
Below is a picture of Micah weighing around 8.10 pounds (guesstimate) and he still has his cord stump. I did have a little bit of an issue with the top of the diaper rubbing on his cord causing it to bleed a little bit but nothing major. Other than that this diaper has proven to be a great diaper to have in our stash! I also have the rise snapped down to the smallest setting on the diaper in the picture below.
 I love how this diaper fits around the leg. The elastic is nice and tight to help get a nice fit but it is also nice and stretchy and doesn't leave any red marks on his legs.

How did this diaper work for us?
Overall this diaper has been great. I really love the rise snaps on this which allowed us to use the diaper earlier while Micah still had his cord. Even after the cord fell off we still kept the rise snapped down for a  little bit. Micah can now wear it snapped or unsnapped with out any issues. I really like the elastic around the legs for this diaper. They seem to offer a really comfortable leg opening which doesn't leave red marks on him. He does have skinner legs to (with no baby chub) but getting a nice snug fit around the legs is still really easy to accomplish. I think even if he had chubby thighs this diaper would offer a great fit around the legs. One thing I have found to be a pain with this diaper though is that it takes a while to dry. A lot longer than some of my other newborn diapers. This is not a huge issue but it would be nice if they all dried fast.