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March 22, 2014

Padded Patootie

Today's WAHM I am so excited to introduce. After receiving a super cute diaper for review and using it for a while, I fell in love and actually ordered a custom diaper for my Micah man! With out further adieu, welcome Padded Patooties!

Here is a little bit about Michelle, the talented WAHM behind Padded Patooties:

When I started cloth diapering my son, I was having a horrible time find diapers that didn't leak during naps and nighttime. We used GroVia's during awake time (and liked them very much), but they just didn't have enough coverage in the front for him. We tried some brand-name pockets, but found he would manage to pee out the side of them (while amazingly keeping the diaper dry) during our nighttime nursing sessions. Since I'd sewn for years, I started looking into sewing our own nap-worthy diapers. By this time, we'd already fallen in love with fitteds and wool for nighttime. My husband commented on how professional the diapers I'd made looked (and he was used to the GroVia's). Soon other family members, friends, our pediatrician, and our kids' photographer were noticing and impressed by our diapers. That was when thoughts of starting a small business began.
-What inspired you to start sewing?
My mom taught me to sew. She did it out of necessity, making and repairing our clothes. I've been sewing (using a sewing machine) since I was a teenager (and I'm 40 now, ugh!). I'm a detail-oriented person, so love taking the time to pay attention to the "little things" that are required for good sewing. I love the process of making flat pieces of fabric turn into something beautiful that you can use. It must be a similar feeling to when a person builds a house--enjoying the process, but also the pride that comes with seeing and using the final product.
-Where did you come up with your unique style for your diapers with all the fun colors inside?
The PUL surround started as a way to help prevent leaking at the legs and waist. I generally tried to match the color for the PUL surround to the diaper outer, so it wouldn't be noticeable at the leg elastics. I started out using bamboo velour as the lining because it was so soft, but observed it became quite sherpa-ish after a few washes. Then I discovered cotton velour. It retained is original look and feel with many washes AND it was available in so many beautiful colors! Sometimes I tried to be humorous (like trying to make the inside of a bacon and eggs diaper look like a fried egg), and sometimes I just chose colors that coordinated nicely with the outer and snaps. I soon fell in love with the fact that brightly colored color velour did not tend to show stains and thought "why shouldn't the inner be nearly as cute and fun (poo excepted) as the outer?"

Padded Pattoie can be found online through their websiteFacebook or their Etsy Shop

"The name "Padded Patootie" and slogan "Natural Fiber Padding for you Baby's Bum" came about when our son was learning to crawl, walk, and climb. He did not seemed phased by the many falls, and we joked that it must be because of all the padding on his bum! It reminded us of an episode of "Olivia" (the pig) where she teaches her friend Julian how to ice skate by strapping an "Olivia Patootie Pillow" to his bum to protect him from falls.
I feel so blessed that I am able to do something I love to do, and that it is actually benefitting other people."

I was able to choose a diaper from Padded Patooties and while they had a couple of nice boy prints in stock my eyes kept darting back to this green grassy daisy print diaper. I had to have it. I would (and have multiple times) put it on my boys. Grass is so boyish right? and I have this thing for daisy's so this diaper just rocks all the way!
 The diaper features cross over snaps and a 4 rise snap adjustment. It has a single row of snaps across the waist.

 The diaper open all the way.
 Here is a close up of the snaps. I love how the snaps are set up to look like daisy's with the white on the outside and the yellow middle. So pretty. The colors in the pictures do no justice to the real colors of this diaper.
 Cross over snaps for the tiny babies.
 Now this is where I get really happy! Look at how pretty the inside of this diaper is! Isn't it amazing! I love how Padded Patootie uses different colors inside of their diapers to make even the inside great and enjoyable.
 The Padded Patootie diapers are AIO diapers. The feature PUL around the outside of the diaper (that is the green part). Then the white on the back is made of one layer of bamboo fleece topped with white velour. The tounge part of the diaper (yellow section) is made of one layer heavy bamboo fleece and one layer of regular bamboo fleece, topped by black cotton velour. The diaper also comes with a snap in booster which is made with one layer of heavy bamboo fleece sandwiched between two layers of regular bamboo fleece.

 The extra booster can be snaped onto the yellow part of the diaper or if you are not using the extra booster you can snap the yellow part to the shell of the diaper to help hold it in place, although it works fine if its not snapped in place as well. But having it snapped in place makes the diaper a little more daddy friendly.
 Isn't the colors and fabric of this diaper fantastic? In the picture above you can also notice her sewing. I was so impressed with her quality of the diaper. You can tell she puts a lot of hard work into the diapers she makes making sure everything is sewn just right. To me, the quality of her diapers is amazing.

  Above you can see the snap in soaker that comes with the diaper.

Here is the diaper on Micah. The wings look a little stretched out. I usually put it on him with one or two snaps open in the middle. We use the middle rise snap on him and get a great fit. I love how it is not bulky between the legs.

From the side you can see how trim it is on his back side.

And a back view. I just love the daisy's! The diaper is also trim side to side as well if that makes sense.

I am so please with this Padded Patootie diaper. The quality and workmanship of it is fantastic. We haven't had any leaks or issues with it. We are able to get a great fit on both my boys and the diaper is so incredibly trim. One thing that I like on diapers that these do now have are a double row of snaps across the waist but its not a huge issue on this diaper. Michelle, the WAHM behind the diapers has been so awesome to work with and for the custom diaper I am getting made she has been very great to work with as well. She is very detailed and you can tell she really enjoys making these diapers.


Erin said...

PP diapers look SO soft and squishy on the inside. They are definitely on my wish list :)

Kaylan said...

Super cute!!! I love the colorful inside!

Claybrook Family said...

I love everything about these diapers!! The PUL on inside of the diapers is great and I really like how the soaker snaps together to add more absorbancy. :)

Amanda Sandoval said...

I love the fun cotton velour inners (my favorite diaper lining material) and the unique PUL patterns she has!

Linda said...

Love the soft inner materials - and the details like the two toned snaps. ty for the giveaway.
Robin Phillips-Knotts on the rc.

Anonymous said...

These look like a great AIO option - There are very few brands I love for AIOs and this looks like it might be a winner!

Wendy said...
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Cheryl said...

I love the fun insides! I also like that they can snap in!

Wendy said...

I like the way the outer fabric (green) and inner fabric (white) isn't sew together right at the elastic. I like how the outer fabric is brought inside a little bit. I personally feel that helps with avoiding leaks. And she's from Pasco, WA!!

Carmen Sandiego said...

I love that they snap in! And hey are so cute!

Rachel said...

I LOVE the galaxy print!! I can't help it, the geek in me is just thrilled! I also really like the PUL on the inside- one of my beefs with most AIO is that the wings get wet and gross, this would totally fix that!

Conservamom said...

I love her inserts and prints!

ab82 said...

i love the attachable ruffles

Unknown said...

Sewn in soaker, and the option to add another!

Trisha W. said...

I actually have a PP 'girlish' diaper in this space print. I totally agree with you on the attention to detail and quality of her sewing. My 2.25 y.o. was able to use this as an overnight diaper after one wash and we experienced no leaks. If I remember correctly, she prewashes her fabrics which saves on prep time. I also like the sweet way she packages the diapers and the personal note she includes inside.

Sarah Hayes said...

I like how well made these are and I like that they only have one row of snaps at the waist

Heather Anne said...

I LOVE so many things about this diaper! I love that it is an AIO. I love the PUL around the legs to stop wicking (we are having an issue with this now). And, most of all, I love that it is a natural fiber diaper! Very timely, since my little guy has developed a sensitivity to all synthetic fibers!

Colleen Maurina said...

I like that this diaper is a one size diaper and that she makes the inner part in fun colors!

colljerr at comcast dot net

aperry said...

I like the The extra booster

Lisa said...

I love the color on the inside and extra booster.

Heather Carroll said...

The fabrics are so adorable!

Rhonda Tenderholt said...

I like that the insert snaps in.

Carrie C said...

I love the PUL on the inside - what a great way to stop leaks!

The Durhams said...

I love the coordinated colors on the inside!

Amanda said...

I like the colors on the inside and that it's an AIO but not all one piece...KWIM!
tvpg at aol dot com

Lois said...

What I love most about the padded patootie diapers I saw on Etsy were all the cute choices of diapers she had available! I LOVE variety!

Anonymous said...

I like the unusual prints.

Charlotte said...

Wow!!!! These are super cute!!! I've always loved space pictures!!! Beautiful!

Tired Mommy said...


Stephanie E. said...

I love that they are color coordinated!

Keara B. said...

Aside from the adorable print, I love that they have bamboo inserts/soakers. Great for my heavy wetter!

Jenna said...

Love the insides and that they are bamboo!

Christina G said...

I love that they fit so trim!

Unknown said...

I love that the diaper is so trim! Keeping the waddle to a minimum, even though it is adorable.

Tannis said...

I like the snap closures and the snap in booster

Mary D said...

I love that they're WAHM pul diapers. Seems like that's a little more rare.

Kristina S said...

I like how soft it looks and the fun colors

brandi said...

love the colors and how trim they look

Sarah F. said...

I love how they look so color coordinated! My OCD would be happy!

Anonymous said...

I love those gorgeous prints! Katy Cain dragon _ at _ heart 04 @ hotmail . com

Betty said...

I like the second snap in liner.

jennafish said...

oh my that pattern is so pretty. and they look really easy to use!

Rebecca Williams said...

I like all the funky prints! The price isn't bad either.

Unknown said...

I like the colorful inside...it should hide stains fairly well, plus it would make diaper changes a bit more interesting.

caedmen said...

I like that she leaves a layer of pul along the outside of the diaper. I think that would be great for containing leaks.

(rachel N on raffelcopter)

Kelsie Harris said...

I like the snap in soaker and the funky prints.

Rachel said...

I like the snaps! (especially how yours were yellow and white!)

CJ said...

I love the snap in soaker!

Beth R said...

I love that they have bamboo inserts/soakers.

Becks said...

I really like that the inner part of this diaper is cotton and bamboo.

BentoLu said...

I love the trim fit!

Unknown said...

i love the ruffle butt. :)

Katie Fender said...

I love all the natural fibers!

Britni Bradford said...

I love that the soaker is so pretty inside and sewn on one edge but free on the other to help with drying.

Unknown said...

Love the snap-in soaker!

Kayla Dusseau said...

the awesome fabric!!!

Stormy said...

I can't find anything not to like

Lizzwisniewski said...

I love how trim it is!

Unknown said...

I love the prints available!

Krystal layher said...

Those prints are so cute!

Melanie said...

I love all of the absorbent bamboo inside!

Chantal said...

I love the use of bamboo and the alternate coloring on the inner of the diaper! It's so cute!

Heather S said...

I like that it's an AIO, but it unsnaps so it can dry faster. I also like the bamboo

junebug said...

I love the print but I really love that the soaker can snap in and the flap is free on one end. I have an AIO which I don't love because it takes 4 times longer to dry than all my other diapers.

Unknown said...

I love the natural fibers and how trim it looks.

Olivia said...

I love how the colors and prints complement each other. And the PUL around the legs!

Unknown said...

I love the colorful inside. White is fine, but color is better!

Krystal said...

I love that it is an AIO (my favorite!) and that it has a colorful inside!

Lauryn said...

I love the prints! They're so fun and colorful.

Charity said...

I love the prints and the snap-in soakers.

Unknown said...

Ilove the natural fiber inner.

Lizzy Ash said...

I love that the inside of the diaper matches the print on the outside!

Unknown said...

I love how very soft they look and the unique patterns

Julie said...

I like how the insert snaps into place when not using the extra booster!

Unknown said...

Love the ruffles on some of the diapers.

kelly said...

I like the sewn in soaker.

Stephanie Phipps said...

Love these colourful creative diapers. Though I prefer lil helper starter kit as they suffice all my needs but I would definitely like to have these on my child's bum instead of his shorts!!!

Anonymous said...

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Irina Johnson said...

Super cute!!! I love the colorful inside!

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