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June 10, 2014

Bum Rarpz Cloth Nappy Review

In having started my Cloth Diapering journey totally clueless as to what the different style diapers were, what the terms meant and how "All things Cloth Diapering" worked, I have been blessed to start off well by being able to review some pretty awesome diapers and get a feel for what worked best for my little one and for me as a Mommy!  One of these awesome diapers I get to test out is a Bum Rarpz Cloth Nappy!

I was sent this OS Character Pocket Diaper in a "Surfer" print.  There are quite a few different diapers to choose from in the Character collection, each of which represents a different personality.  This diaper has such a fun bright yellow soft minky fabric along with the printed designer cotton on the outer, and the inner is a soft microfleece lining with the hidden waterproof layer.  The back opening allows for inserting almost any type of soaker.  I received a Bamboo+Microfiber trifold soaker for the review.

A little bit about Bum Rarpz!  The Rarpz Label was started about 8 years ago by a work-at-home-mom and qualified fashion designer, Emma. Bum Rarpz nappies were launched in 2009 and have grown steadily in the cloth diapering industry. They are based out of Tauranga, New Zealand, and you can find their products stocked in stores across New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.  We have enjoyed working with Emma and I am excited to share one of her awesome diapers with you!

I am all about convenience and ease of use when putting a Cloth Diaper on!  After all, I am still quite new to this and can use all the help I can get!  These diapers offer just that because they have one set of snaps on each side, and it's so easy to wrap around baby's waist and snap!  For all those Mommas out there who have wiggly babies, I know you can appreciate this in a diaper!  What is also nice is that the shape of the diaper on the wings is more of a triangle so as you are bringing the wings forward around baby's waist, it just flows nicely right into place.  (Sorry, not sure how to better word this! But just trust me, and the pictures, that this is a fun and easy diaper to use!)

I love how this diaper fit my little one!  Overall it is a very trim fit and even with chunky legs, we still managed just fine!  The only thing I might change would be the style of soaker because the trifold did make it a bit bulkier that I like.  That however is just my preference, I had no problems with how the soaker itself worked!

I was also sent a set of Rainbow Slice Wipes to try out!  Oh my goodness!  They are so soft and well made!  I didn't want to get them dirty they were so nice!  I just love the rainbow colored edging and also how the corners are rounded.  Another plus is that they are about the size of my hand which is awesome because I can usually clean up with just one wipe, all while not getting anything on myself!  Laugh but you've all had that happen at least once!  If not, you will, trust me!

Here is a description from Emma for this diaper:

SIZE – One size fits most, birth to potty (3.5-17kg+) 

STYLE – Pocket nappy with a back opening to insert almost any type of soaker 

FIT – Slim fit (a trimmer, newer version of Bum Rarpz nappies, for a better all-round fit on all babies big and small) FEATURES – Inserts stopper (for tummy sleepers), snap closures, elasticated leg gussets. 

Overall we love this diaper from top to bottom. The super softness of the minky, the trimness, the cute print! This Bum Rarpz worked great for us. 

You can find your own Bum Rarpz Nappy at www.rarpz.com as well as quite a few other items.Check it out today!

Most of our readers are in the US and you can get your Rarpz at Jack Be Natural!
Shark Pups! (You have to check these out!)

Bum Rarpz is also so generous to give away a diaper in the same print- SURFER!!!
Just fill out the rafflecopter! Winner will be picked on June 20th. 
*Winner must pay for shipping.*

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