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February 28, 2013

Spray Pal

Spray Pal

If you are a cloth diapering mommy (or daddy), you know the fun times that are had when it comes to taking care of the poo and the even more fun when you have to spray it off into the toilet. The only downside...backsplash, ricochet, bad aim, sprayer mess, whatever you want to call it. You end up not only cleaning the diaper off but the entire bathroom as well. Lucky for every cloth diapering family out there, one little family created something to help everyone else. The Spray Pal!

Like they say "This is the best thing since sliced bread", this is probably the best thing since the cloth diaper. I am not kidding. If you own a diaper sprayer, you NEED this Spray Pal. Below are some pictures that demonstrate how to use it. Please take note that some of these picture contain real poo and if you must, advert your eyes. hehe. 

A little about the spray pal...The Spray Pal was invented by a Mom (Jen) and a Dad (Mr. Spray Pal) when they began their cloth diapering journey with their daughter when she was 3 months old. They didn't like the mess that was created when a dirty diaper was cleaned with a diaper sprayer. They came up with an idea that would prevent an entire bathroom wipe down. (no pun intended). After several prototypes and their fun demo videos, this is the product that they sell today! 

Dad puts everything together and Mom gets orders ready and shipped as well as handles their facebook pageand website. It really is a team effort and a great WAHF(amily). They both still teach outside of the home and now have a little boy as well! So they are super busy but still find time to constantly improve the Spray Pal and help CDing families all over!

In the picture below is a side shot of the clip and the snaps that are used to close the pal and to open it to "spray position". The plastic used is very flexible yet study. The snaps are easy to unsnap and snap and hold well. The clip is also very durable and can hold any size diaper/trainer that you use. I have tried several brands and had no issues with any!

This is a picture of their logo. It is now printed directly on the plastic rather than a sticker that was used before. There have been many different styles and the family had done a lot of work to perfect the Spray Pal. It is truly genius!

WARNING: poo ahead! 

To attached the diaper to the spray pal, I found it easiest to lay it on the counter and clip it. That way it wasn't standing in case any "heavier" poo decided to fall onto the floor.

Then you simply snap the three snaps in the front so it creates a dome. 

Set it over top of the toilet...

And spray!

Just spray until the poo is gone! 
This also works great when spraying off stinky overnight diapers as well!

I let it sit for a minute to drip.

Then you can unsnap it and squeeze the diaper within itself to get any remaining water off.

Then you just carry everything to the diaper pail and unclip! You don't even have to touch the diaper!

After you are done, you just spray the Spray Pal off if needed and put it away. If you need to do an extra cleaning, just use a clorox wipe to sanitize it!

We have also used our Spray Pal for rinsing out night time diapers and accidents in undies/trainers.

Here is my bathroom set up! We put a small rug underneath to contain any drips and keep everything neat and tidy. The Spray Pal is small enough to squeeze behind the toilet or inbetween anywhere you might have room for it. 

This is such a great accessory to have for cloth diapering families! You think that it can't get even better? Well guess again! You can purchase the Spray Pal for only $19.95!! That is such a great deal and well worth it! You won't regret owning this!

Stop by Spray Pal's facebook wall and let them know that CDA sent you!

MonkeyFoot Designs

Monkey Foot Designs

If you are anything like me, you have an addiction to cloth diapering. Even worse though, is my addiction to wetbags. You can find wetbags in as many or possibly more prints than diapers and they have a zillion uses! I absolutely love wetbags! I discovered Monkey Foot Designs wetbags by pure luck and I am more than happy I did! These bags, made by Kristen, are probably the best I have ever seen.

This is the beauty and some of the extras that Kristen sent me. It is a double pocket bag in Eco Love print. (In this picture it is folded in quarters) She also sent a nice note and her business cards.

***Update: the bag I was sent for review was a large double pocket wetbag***

A close up of the print. My daughter loves it too!

Here is the bag unfolded. There is a full zipper across the top and the pocket goes the entire length of the bag down. The second pocket starts at the top of the white print. There is a single strap/handle that is thick and quilted. It is very durable.

Here is a close up of the strap. It is thick and soft. You could carry this around full and heavy and the strap will support it and not dig into your shoulder! 

The clips where the straps attached are high quality and will not bend or break. The strap easily detaches for washing. The strap is sewn to attach on the back of one side and the front of the other so that is stays balanced.

The prints for this bag work so well together and are much more bright and vibrant in real life. They bag has such a good overall quality to it because it is made by a WAHM and each one is meticulously made unlike several of the major diaper companies. Here is a close up of the double pocket.

This is a picture of the quality put into these bags. The stitches are done extremely well and I didn't find any flaws at all! Everything is tight, smooth and precisely executed.

Here is a picture of the inside where the strap is attached. She made sure to give it that extra bit of security by doing additional stitching.

Both pockets opened. You can get an idea of how big these pockets can get and how much they can hold. Each pocket is completely waterproof so it can be used for dirty diapers and wet clothes or as a wet/dry bag. We often used this for keeping dirty clothes separate from the diapers so when we got home, I didn't have to pick through stinky messes to sort them into the proper baskets. I could just open it up and dump!

The bag is super trim even though it is super squishy and has so many layers. It folds up nicely to fit into a diaper bag. The strap is also adjustable so you can have it long enough to drape over a stroller or short enough to carry around your arm.

Cute tag alert!

This is probably the most perfect wetbag I have ever used. The quality of it is amazing. It is super soft, contained all messes and smells, holds more than I could ever need in a day trip. This size would be great for a vacation or an over night trip. I am bummed that I never got a picture of us out and about with the bag but we did get a good cloth diaper discussion started with a stranger because she asked about this wetbag! 

Monkey Foot Designs also sells several other sizes (from xs snacker bags all the way up to XXL!). She also sells single pocket bags, pail liners, kitchen/stroller bags and the prints are absolutely adorable!

Monkey Foot Designs is offering a discount code to CDA readers by entering CDA15 at checkout at her website Monkey Foot Designs. *The coupon will expire on Thursday March 7th at midnight EST.*

You can also see some of her cuteness at her facebook page.

Monkey Foot Design is also giving away a medium single pocket from instock prints to one lucky reader! You simply fill out the raffelcoptor form and we'll pick a winner on March 7th. It isn't required to like her page but since you'll have a chance to win and awesome wetbag, it would be nice to show some support to this WAHM! Tell her CDA sent you on her wall!

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February 27, 2013

Zinny Jane

Today I get to share another awesome WAHM shop with you guys-Zinny Jane (and I just love their name!).
Zinny Jane is owned by mother of four, Molly, and she runs her business with her mother, Audra.  They got the name of their shop from a combination of names in their family.  They sell vintage and handmade items-mostly wool covers and baby hats, but they also have some adorable embroidered onesies, baby clothes, and some vintage items.  They also have the most adorable sock monkey wool cover for sale!
Both Audra and Molly make items for the shop-Audra is the main knitter, and Molly does a little of everything, from crocheting to sewing.  They started their business after Audra began knitting soakers, and they decided they would be something fun to share with others!

Molly sent me this beautiful, fun tie-dye wool soaker to try.
Here's the front and the back.  I love the tie-dye!

And I must say, I love it!  The tie-dye pattern is so fun-the colors are really bright.  And the fit of this soaker is fantastic.  It's quite trim and thin, so it fits great under clothes without being bulky.
as close as I could get to a side-shot....
but you can see how trim it is!

I was a little worried because it is so thin, that it would leak, but, I was definitely proven wrong.  We have used this during the day, quite often during naps, and a few times overnight with ZERO leaks.  It's pretty great.

I absolutely love the look of this soaker.  As a knitter myself (although not as talented as Audra and Molly!), I can really appreciate the work that went into it.  The stitches are perfect, and there's a lot of little details added into the soaker.  It's obvious that these are made by someone who's paying attention to every little detail.
detail of stitching
We got a great fit in this cover.  My son is about 26lbs at 20 months, and this is a size large.  It fits perfectly.
The rise is nice and high-I'm thinking you could fold it over, but I usually keep it up, just to make sure the diaper underneath never peeks out.  The leg openings are nice and stretchy.  There's a little bit of gaping, but has never caused an issue since there's always a diaper underneath.

Overall, it's just a great, trim, fit.

All in all, I think this is a wonderful cover!  I love how trim it is and what a great fit we get in this cover.  I've also been extremely happy with how well this cover works!  We use this mostly as a daytime/naptime cover because it's so trim, but it's also worked overnight with no issues.  And on top of all this-it's really cute!

Molly has offered one lucky winner a custom soaker, so be sure to enter below!!  And be sure to check out her facebook page, and her etsy shop to see all the other adorable items she has for sale.

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February 26, 2013

Yiddle Doppers Eco-Boutique

This morning's featured WAHM is Mandie of Yiddle Doppers Eco-Boutique. Mandie makes hybrid fitteds, AI2s, pocket diapers, mama cloth, and the occasional soft toy. I asked her to share a little about herself  and her shop with us to kick off her shop feature.

I am blessed share my life with, not only this business and its wonderful customers, but also a brood of delightful boys and one amazing man. We live in the beautiful mountains along the border of the NC/TN/GA and enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and camping.

I began selling diapers (made from up-cycled gortex jackets) in a local shop about 8 years ago and sometime later the owner asked me if I had heard of "Hyena Cart". I hadn't so I looked into it. I procrastinated for a few years, but eventually opened Yiddle Doppers Online Shop a little over two years ago. My favourite items to create (other than diapers) are soft creatures, the kids just light up when they see them for the first time.

Mandie sent me an adorable Ooga Booga hybrid fitted diaper to review. A hybrid fitted has a hidden layer of fleece that helps to disburse moisture so that the soaker can absorb more before the moisture reaches the outside of the diaper. The interior of the fitted is lined with cotton velour and the outside is a cotton/lycra knit. Mandie makes the soakers out of Zorb sandwiched between bamboo fleece and tops them with cotton velour to match the inside of the diaper. Zorb is a highly absorbent fabric which will soak up liquids extremely quickly!

This diaper is thicker than most with all of its inserts inside it, but that also means that it is crazy absorbent! There are two inserts that snap into this diaper, the larger of which folds in half and snaps into the back of the diaper. The smaller insert can either snap in between the halves of the large insert or can be snapped into the back of the diaper by itself if you don't need as much absorbency.

Both inserts snapped together in the diaper.

The inserts spread apart so you can see how they attach.

Just the smaller insert snapped into the diaper.

The inserts snapped apart to show the construction.

Yiddle Dopper fitteds fit from 20-40 lbs as made, but you can request fold over rise snaps on your diaper and with those added it will fit from 8-40 lbs. Personally I love a fold over rise as a method of making a diaper one size! It's really convenient to be able to just flip down the front of a diaper during a change instead of having to snap down a rise.

This shows the rise folded down.

This is the rise opened up all the way.

Here is the diaper snapped closed with the rise folded down to show just how small it can get! 

We got a great fit on Ava with this fitted! I found that the rise we use depends on which soakers I put into it. If I just use the single, smaller soaker then I can use the folded over rise. This gives me a nice trim fit on Ava for those times where I don't need quite as much absorbency.

Back shot of the diaper with just the smaller soaker in it.

Side view of the diaper with the smaller soaker and the folded down rise. Nice and trim!

Usually when I use this diaper though, I like to add all the soakers to get maximum absorbency! I still get a great fit, but I leave the rise up when I have all the soakers in. Below is a great shot of the front of this diaper. I love the stretchy wings and how flat and smooth the front looks! This diaper is bulky with all the soakers in it, but since I mainly use this for nap time and overnight the bulkiness doesn't matter to me. For sleeping I take absorbency over trimness every day!

Ava rocks a big cloth booty in this diaper and I love it!

Overall we have been loving this diaper! I am so addicted to hybrid fitteds these days, and this is one of my favorites. I love the fit on Ava, and this fitted is so absorbent that I can leave it on her without a cover for 2-3 hours without leaks! I use it overnight with a wool cover and it lasts us 12 hours, despite Ava's crazy heavy night wetting.

I am happy to say that Mandie has a hybrid fitted in this awesome Impossible Love print to give away to one of our readers! Simply enter in the form below.

Yiddle Doppers™ one-size fitted hybrid diaper makes diapering simple and fun! No need to snap-and-re-snap to adjust the size, and no funny-looking "puckers" in the front! ... and no need for bulky covers!
(as is: fits approx 20-40 lbs)
(with optional additional snaps: fits down to 8 lbs)
Outer: Cotton/Lycra Knit (preshrunk)
Hidden: poly fleece - acts to disperse moisture more evenly throughout the diaper, allowing for the absorbent layers to do reach their capacity before the outer layer of the diaper begins to feel damp. The fleece layer does not entirely replace the need for a diaper cover during naps, car rides, or at times when the diaper will be worn for more than approximately 3 hours (depending on the child's wetting pattern).
Inner: Cotton knit velour
Snap-in Soaker:Bifold soaker made of Zorb® absorbent cloth sandwiched between layers of bamboo fleece and the same luscious cotton velour that lines the diaper. The entire soaker is contoured to a baby's shape for comfort and mobility. Also included is a small soaker for very young babies that doubles as a "doubler" for extra absorbency. Both soakers together total 2 layers of CV, 4 layers of BF, and 3 layers of Zorb® absorbent fabric.

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February 25, 2013

Appleberry Pie

 Appleberry Pie, ummm Sounds Yummy Right? Well her diapers sure are beautiful! I have had the chance to work with Appleberry Pie for our WAHM and I can tell she has a true heart for cloth diapering and her diapers. Here is a little about Appleberry Pie.
"I have been making diapers for 6 months and selling for 2. I have been sewing since I was a child. I reside on a mountain top in Oakland, Maryland and can be found on facebook  and hyenacart.
I started sewing diapers when I was about to make a large purchase for 8 diapers, but instead used that money to buy fabric and sewed our whole stash for the same price. When I designed a pattern that I really liked, I wanted to offer it to others because I felt that it would truly help other families. I make both hybrid fitteds and all in twos, in both side snapping and front snapping styles. Nothing much else to share, other than that I am extremely frugal and earth concious which is the driving force behind the business."

 The diaper I received to review is an AI2 diaper. It features a half print across the back side in a fun and unique crocodile print. This is diffidently a stand out print in our stash. It's so much fun! The front of the diaper is a solid navy blue PUL and has nice green snaps that pop against the blue. This AI2 diaper is a side snapping diaper.

 Here is a side shot of the diaper. You can see the blue and the green together. The elastic around the legs is also very gentle against my baby which I love.
 Inside the diaper a soaker snaps in with two snaps at the back of the diaper. The soaker is twice as long as the diaper and very absorbent. With this long soaker you are able to adjust where you need more protection in the appropriate wet zone for your baby. We fold a little extra in the front for my boys. The front of the diaper has two snaps on each side.
 The outside of the diaper on the print you can see the wings have snaps across them. These wrap around the side of your baby and tuck under the front panel of the diaper to make it side snapping.
 Here is where the Appleberry Pie gets really unique. I have never seen this before on a diaper and I think its so awesome. The rise snaps are tucked inside the diaper under the soaker on the back. How cool is that? You don't get the funky bunching look of the rise snaps on the out side of the diaper. Instead you get a nice clean look that you would get with a sized diaper. Love this feature!
 Here is the rise snapped to the smallest setting. And when its snapped down the outside of the diaper does not bunch at all!
 A view from the top of the diaper. You can see on the bottom of the picture the front panel of the diaper, then the wings of the diaper and then the soaker.
 Here is the diaper on my Micah-man. It is adorable and I was able to get a great fit on him. I have the rise snapped to the middle snap and as you can see from the back here there is no bunching from the rise being snapped.
 Here is the front. A nice clean smooth look.

 The diaper is pretty trim, there is a little bit of a booty added but not a huge one. This is more or less due to my little guy being only 7 month old. As a baby gets bigger diapers tend to me more trim on them. I love the gentle fit around the legs that we got with how the leg elastic is cased in.
 and had to get a shot of the print with the pul.
 Here is a side shot. This shows how the printed wing tucks under the front blue panel and snaps on the side rather than the front. This helps eliminate extra bulk across the tummy. We have it snapped on the second snap in so lots of room for growing.
So far we are really loving this Appleberry Pie. My little guy is going though his pee spurt and can easily pee though most of our diapers but because of how absorbent this soaker is we have had no leak issues! YAY! I also tried this diaper on my 'refusing to potty train almost 3 year old' son and around the waist and legs we got a  great fit. There were 2 more snaps on each side that we could use to grow into so fit that way is great. However I did notice that the rise was a little short on him. We did get some crack in the back on him but he does have a little bubble booty on him so we will have to see how the diaper fits on Micah when he gets bigger.

Appleberry Pie can be found on Facebook and at their shop.

Appleberry Pie has also offered a discount code. 15% off of orders over $50 with the coupon code "fluffyaddicts" The code is good for the entire month of March! Happy Fluff Shopping