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July 31, 2013

Smellephant Fluff

I recently found an awesome WAHM cloth diaper shop through Instagram, and I am so happy to be able to share her products with you all today! Smellephant Fluff, created and made by Kendra, has some of the cutest diapers I have seen in quite a while. Kendra sells her diapers on both Etsy and Hyenacart, and you can catch sneak previews via either her Facebook page or her Instagram account.

I received this gorgeous breastfeeding diaper to review. (Did you know that Aug 1 is the start of World Breastfeeding Week? Talk about perfect timing!) This is an All In Two style diaper that is made from super soft minky on the outer and the inner lining, with two organic bamboo fleece and Zorb snap-in inserts.

I think this diaper is the softest, plushiest minky I have ever felt! It is my absolute favorite in my stash right now because it's just so adorable and velvety.

The snap placement on the wings of this diaper is really unique. You can see in this picture above that there are three snaps on the top and one on the bottom there. The space between the first top snap and the second two is a feature that I've never seen before on a diaper, and I have to say I just love the way it works.

This is the other wing so that you can see the snaps here. Again there is the space between the snaps, but on this wing the space is filled with snaps that face the front of the diaper so that you have cross over snapping options. I feel like the spaced out snaps really help prevent wing droop and I got such a nice fit on Ava's skinny waist with the snaps spaced like this.

This is the inside of the diaper, which is all lined with plushy minky. The inserts snap together, and then into the diaper which gives the ease of an All In One with the quick dry capability of an All In Two.

I really liked the way the inserts snap together on this diaper. Again, they have a really unique design. Typically I see diapers that have one set of snaps to attach the inserts to each other and another set of snaps on the bottom insert to attach it to the diaper shell. With these inserts, there is just one set of snaps. Instead of a rounded back for the snaps on the bottom soaker, there is another snapping portion on the back so that both soakers click together and then the back of the snap can click into the shell. I feel like this reduces snap bulk on Ava's back since you have only two snap spots that are just stacked on top of each other.

I love the fit of this diaper on Ava! I was able to get a really snug, soft fit on both her legs and tummy. I love that no matter where you have the rise snaps set, you can still see the breastfeeding logo clearly. These diapers fit from 10-32+ pounds, and I suspect that this diaper will last us well beyond 32 pounds!

Here is a side shot with both soakers in, so it looks a little extra fluffy! I love all that absorbency for nap times though, and if you don't need as much absorbency you can always just use one soaker for a great trim fit.

This is the front view of the diaper. It looks like there is wing droop, but that is due to my very wiggly toddler not sitting still while I put it on. All the other times we've used it, I've had zero wing droop!

Overall, I just love this diaper! If you are looking for some fun minky diapers, look no further. Smellephant Fluff offers mostly All In Twos and Pockets, but does offer fitteds, newborn, and All In Ones on request. My favorite thing offered by Smellephant Fluff are the Character Diapers. I am absolutely dying to get my hands on a Lorax All In Two! Make sure to check her out on Facebook, but watch out: you'll be just as hooked as I am!

July 29, 2013

Peachy Baby Diaper Review

For the past 6 weeks or so, I've had the privilege of reviewing a Peachy Baby One Size Cloth Diaper from Turtles in Bloom!  Being fairly new to Cloth Diapering, I am loving the chance to try out all different kinds of diapers and learning about each type, style, and brand, and so far using Peachy Baby's One Size Diaper has been a great experience!

The Peachy Baby One Size diaper comes with three pieces.  The cover which has a waterproof outer, and a super soft fleece lining on the inside, and then there are two bamboo inserts, a small and large size.  When I first got the diaper, I was amazed at how soft everything was!  I was curious to see how they washed up and if they'd still be so soft, and they have actually withstood washing very well and is still very soft and comfortable!  I am also in love with the color of this diaper, it's gorgeous!  My pictures don't do it justice!

The cover has one row of snaps which adjust to fit babies of all sizes. It also has the rise snaps with three settings to adjust to babies leg.  My daughter has chunky legs and I had no trouble getting a good fit on her!
All you have to do is choose which liner you think would fit best and lay it inside the cover.  I was a little nervous about this at first, with this being the first type of diaper I've tried that was like that, but it wasn't a problem at all!  The bamboo inserts are so nice because they are super absorbent, but don't have a lot of bulk to them.  The directions say to use two inserts for older babies, but I used one and didn't have any leakage issues.  I have used both the small and large inserts at different times and both worked great!  If you have a heavy night time wetter, this diaper would be an excellent solution.  With the liners being so thin, yet absorbent, you could use three at night, and not have leakage issues!

One thing I did notice, and which I am learning is normal, is that it takes a little longer for the more absorbent liners to dry.  That was the case with this liner, but since I only used one liner at a time, I would wash the cover and insert, and when the cover was dry, I'd just use it again with the other insert!  So not a big deal at all!  They do dry quicker when you have a nice sunny day and they are on the line all day, but I seem to have the luck of getting rainy weather every time I want to wash diapers lately!  Does that happen to anyone else or is it just my bad luck!?

 I love the little ruffles around the waist and legs!

I had a hard time getting a good picture because my daughter wanted to get moving!

I love that this diaper is a trim fit.  It really isn't that bulky at all! And it is so soft and comfy for Rebecca too!  Another plus, especially for those who have a wiggly baby, is that there is only one set of snaps to do instead of two or more!  Definitely a bonus when baby doesn't want to sit still!

Peachy Baby One Size diapers fit babies from 6 to 40lbs and come in a variety of very pretty colors.  The inserts come in small and large size, and they also have other accessories, all at an affordable price!  I definitely recommend trying a Peachy Baby Diaper!  You can get yours at www.turtlesinbloom.com today!

Turtles in Bloom would like to offer a Cover and 2 inserts to one lucky reader!  For your chance to win, Enter using the form below!  Thank you!

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July 16, 2013

KristalCrafts Breastfeeding and Teething Necklace

Breastfeeding necklaces are a necessary accessory for me with Ava. She tends to pinch frequently while nursing, so having a cute breastfeeding necklace to match my outfit is a lifesaver! I was given the chance to review this necklace from KristalCraftsShop recently and have really enjoyed adding it to my jewelry options.

The necklace is made of cotton fabric which has been knotted over wooden beads. The size and shape of the beads are perfect for teething, and there have been many times when I have given this to Ava to chew when she has been fussy about teething pain. The necklace has a satin/polyester ribbon on each end which you can tie to achieve whatever length you desire. I like to leave mine tied long so that I can slip it over my head easily if Ava starts begging to wear it herself! This necklace has held up really well to Ava's "love" of it. The craftsmanship is just lovely and I can tell that this will continue to hold up for a long time.

I really like the huge selection at KristalCraftsShop: there is truly something for everyone. Kristal also makes beautiful infinity scarves and pacifier clips with the knotted beads built in as a teether! I've had my eyes on this yellow and grey necklace for a while, as well as this elegant white lace one, and I just ordered this brown lace necklace for myself! Check her shop out, and I'm sure you'll find something you like too!

July 9, 2013

KangarooCare Breastfeeding and Babywearing Necklaces

I'm so excited to have the opportunity to review a couple KangarooCare breastfeeding necklaces for you all this week! KangarooCare necklaces are handmade by Varja, a WAHM who lives in the European country of Estonia. Don't let the far distance discourage you from checking her shop out, though! Shipping to the USA is only $4, and it only took a couple weeks for me to receive the necklaces.

These are the two necklaces I was sent to review. The one on the left is a necklace titled The Best Babywearing Necklace, and the one on the right is the Classic Nursing Necklace. Both necklaces come with the long cotton cord unfastened at the top so that you can knot the necklace to whatever length you desire.

The green Classic Nursing Necklace is my favorite of the two. I love the crocheted flower in the center, and the greens match many of my favorite shirts. This necklace is strung on a crocheted cotton cord, and the colored beads are crocheted cotton over the same wooden beads that frame the necklace. The wooden beads on this necklaces are made of applewood and the whole necklace is safe for baby to chew on.

The Best Babywearing Necklace is definitely Ava's favorite of the two. She loves holding the wooden pendant while breastfeeding. This necklace is also strung on a cotton cord with cotton crocheted beads. The beads on this necklace are made of juniper wood, and again this whole necklace is safe for baby to chew on!

I have really loved having these necklaces available for breastfeeding and babywearing. It's really nice to have a necklace on and not have to worry about whether Ava is chewing it or pulling on it. With the cotton cord, these are very soft on my neck, so even when she does pull it doesn't hurt! Before I got these necklaces Ava had a terrible pinching habit while nursing, and I constantly had scratches all over my chest. These have really helped to redirect her need to grab and pinch, and I no longer have problems with her doing that. It was really interesting to have both styles to compare, too. Initially I assumed that Ava would like the green one with the flower better, due to the different textures and shapes, but even though she does like that one she definitely has a preference for the green and pink necklace with the wooden bead. Check out KangarooCare's Etsy shop to see the many styles and colors of necklaces that they make. There is really something for everyone there!