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September 24, 2012

Narabums OS Fitted Diaper

Last week I had the opportunity to write a review on Narabums Newborn fitted diaper. This week I get to share about Narabums OS Super Sherpa fitted diaper! This diaper really is quite super and for multiple reasons. The first being that it is of course a SUPERMAN print fitted, how great is that? My 2 1/2 year old that wears this diapers always grabs it and goes SUPER HERO! (he doesn't really know who super man it yet). So fun! So on to the features of this fitted diaper:
 This Super Sherpa fitted diaper is made with Super Sherpa which is  softer and stretchier than regular Sherpa. The front of the diaper features cross over snaps for tiny babies as well as hip snaps to help prevent wing drooping and hold the diaper in place. This diaper is also surged with a fun rainbow trim!
 This fitted diaper has a half panel of the Superman fabric. It also features rise snaps which make is a great OS diaper.
 Here is where it gets important: The inside of this diaper has a couple features. It came with two inserts topped with Sherpa. There is a smaller and larger insert that snaps into the diaper. You can use the smaller insert for little guys (like Micah - 3 months), you can use the large insert for day time for bigger guys (Like Zeke - 2 1/2) or you can use both inserts for your super duper heavy  night time wetter (Zeke). 

Here  is the Narabums OS fitted diaper next to the Narabums Newborn fitted diaper.
I have pictures of this diaper in use but I need my husband to help upload them! My computer is broke and I have to use his and I have NO IDEA how to upload pictures from my SD card to his computer (sounds silly I know but he is a computer  guy and his computer is so not set up like a normal computer :) ) So I will get him to do that soon!

Over all this is a pretty nice fitted diaper. Its a fun print, and I love the softness factor that it has. My 2 1/2 year old can wear it on the middle rise setting or opened all the way. We have done day time wear with out a cover but he wets really fast and  so its a little safer to put a cover on after about a half hour. I just don't want him peeing on my furniture. I have read other reviews of this fitted though with normal wetting babies having no issues with this leaking through while being worn during the day. We have use this diaper at night with a cover and it worked  very well for us holding in what it needed to. I want to try it with a fleece cover but I don't have one big enough for my son at the moment.  This fitted also stays  soft when it gets wet unlike some other cotton/bamboo fitteds that I have tired out that when they get wet they get hard and stiff and my boys just don't like that but we didn't have that problem at all with this  fitted diaper!

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September 18, 2012

A Random Post By Terra

I know, I know, I still owe a post on Flats, and how things went/what I thought/etc. I'm also waiting on some awesome products to review for you lovely fans. However, I've been dealing with some equilibrium issues, and whenever I look into a camera, it makes me dizzier than I was before ;) So, I'm relying on stock photos to share a post today of what all is going on in our home!

It's football time, and so...
My children are re-learning the art of screaming, "Roll Tide!" at the appropriate times ;) And because many people ask, no, I'm not from Alabama, nor is anyone in our family. While I was in college in Tennessee, I had many friends who were Bama fans, and they rubbed off on me.

During nap time, I've been starting a habit of eating some chips/salsa for lunch, while watching Dirty Jobs on Netflix.
We've watched most seasons on TV, but it is so fun to re-watch them (and catch up on what all I missed when we didn't have cable for a few years). I feel like it's a good work out since I spend about 45 minutes laughing super hard ;)

That is if I get to watch it.

The littlest of the little ones (my 2 year old) spends most days fighting naps. We're not sure if he is fighting due to teething, or what. However, I'm looking forward to his chiropractor's appointment tomorrow (and the post-adjustment nap!)
This is not our chiro, nor is it my child ;-)

My older two are using these up by the hour:
My oldest son tracked back in (he's in a year round school) last week and came home Friday saying that one friend in his class had "the sneezes". The next thing I know, he has 'the sneezes', and then, my middle has 'the sneezes'....lovely ;)

No. We aren't joining Greek life. Hubby has entered his next to last semester in Seminary, working towards his M.Div. He's put off taking Greek for as long as he can, and the time has come to get these language classes in. I'm seeing these little note cards all over the house, and hearing my hubby speak obscure words. Come quickly, May!

I think that about sums it up on this end...

What's going on in your home?

September 17, 2012

NaraBums Newborn Fitted Diaper

I was contacted by NaraBums to try out a couple of her fitted diapers. I was sent a  OS fitted diaper (to be reviewed later) as well as a new fitted she is just working on introducing which is this newborn fitted diaper. It is made of a soft Sherpa material in a light blue color and have a fun rainbow serge around the edges. The fitted diaper  has an AI2 style so that is has a soaker that snaps in and out so you can adjust the absorbancy. The top of the diaper features a dip across the front to accommodate an umbilical cord as well as rise snaps so if you have a tini-tiny or a little bitty baby you can get the right fit.

I would recommend using the fitted diaper with out the snap in soaker for a newborn and then when they get a little bigger add in the soaker.

This diaper washes up quite nicely. While testing it out for NaraBums I did notice a few things.
1-This diaper was pretty wide between the legs for my little guy and he was kind of automatically frog legged while wearing it.
2- At 13  pounds he was close to growing out of it and on its last snaps.

I passed the concerns over to NaraBums and she did some readjustment on her pattern to trim it up a bit between the legs as well as make it a little bit more accommodating to fit newborns a little bit longer.
You can see the fitted diaper in use above on Micah. He was around 12 weeks old in the pictures and in the 13 pound range for weight. The adjustments that NaraBums made to the diaper will help give a more comfortable fit between the legs and over all fit.

Over all I liked this fitted diaper for Micah. He was on the upper end for size when we received it was was able to use it for a little bit. I really like how comfortable the material is on this diaper (sherpa) and the dip across the front of it is really awesome for the newborn who still has the cord. This material does require  (from my experience) a few washings before it will be nice and absorbent. After a few washings were were able to use it though   the night easily. The back side of the diaper is nice and trim so you don't really get a huge fluffy bum with it which is nice because babies wearing this size diaper don't really need a big ole' fluffy bum. I would recommend this fitted diaper to someone who was looking to get fitteds for their baby because of how comfortable it was, especially with the new adjustments made to the pattern  of the diaper.

September 14, 2012

Friday Four!

Happy Friday ya'll!

Here are some "Yay for being a mom!" things that I found this week.  Who says it needs to be Mother's Day to celebrate you and all that you do!

1. Vanilla Brown Sugar Body Scrub - Yummy!  My sister-in-love started making scrubs as gifts last year...and I love them!  This is not her site (she doesn't blog), but this one sounds like it would be awesome.  I made some peppermint scrubs and gave them out at Christmas last year.  Tip Junkie has a post directing you to several different scrub recipes.  Go on, you're worth it!

2. Chocolate Cupcakes - Wowzers!  These look amazing!  They sound simple enough and look decadent.  I can't wait to invite some girlfriends over and make them. =)

3. Best workout for your body type - Since having babies wrecks havoc on your body (and eating cupcakes like the one shown above!), this site looked like it might be able to help.  I'm hoping so. =)  It's time to shed some of this baby (and otherwise) weight!

4. Up-cycled Serving Tray - I'm always looking for neat serving trays and platters that are inexpensive.  I think this is awesome!  I'll be making it as a wedding gift for a dear friend of mine...then I'll make one for my own home.  Every home deserves feminine and beautiful decorations. =)

Have a great weekend!


September 10, 2012

You're a Mom

While exploring the  world wide web (or  youtube.com) I came across a very fun song - hey it got my 4 year old singing it after one play! So I thought I would share with all you moms this fun song by GoFish called "The Mom Song."


Here's to all the Moms!

September 7, 2012

Friday Four!

Hello all!

We're gearing up for all things fall around here. =)  Thought I'd share what I've found:

1. Family Handprint Tree - We will definitely be doing this for our mantle!  I'm a sucker for handprints and I think this is a really neat thing to display.

2. 75 recipes that taste like fall - Apple Pecan Sticky Rolls?!?  Yes, please!

3. Autumn Cork Painting - How cool is that?!  I know my little painters will love it.  Another variation would be to have them use green as the leaves and red and yellow for apples. =)  Also, it's a great excuse to drink a couple bottles of wine...but I wouldn't know anything about that... =)

4. Duo Diaper Family Tree Exclusive Print - In keeping with the fall/tree theme - here's an adorable diaper I found at Kelly's Closet!  I think I'm in love.

I pretty much live for the fall...in case you may not have picked up on that... =)  We're enjoying the transition into cooler temps here (well, I could do without the pressure change headache...)!  
Have a great weekend!  -Joy

September 4, 2012

Party In My Pants - Cloth Pad Review & Giveaway

I hit the jackpot while reviewing cloth pads from Party In My Pants. Holy Moly. Buckle up and get ready!

I was given the opportunity to pick out two pads, size and fabric, to review. And let me tell you it was a HARD decision, but, thanks to Party In My Pants, it was hard really only because of the fabrics...

Before I go on, the Party In My Pants website is jam-packed with incredible information. There's your typical FAQ section, which is just loaded with great questions and answers. If you're new to cloth pads, particularly Party In My Pants, they have a PIMP Prescription section - answer a few questions about your cycle and allow the experts to determine which pads would be the pest for you! And last, but not even close to least, the pad selection page - wow, the choices of size!

I ended up choosing a Medium pad and an Overnight pad.

For the Overnight pad (on the left) I chose a flannel fabric, Bazaar. And for my Medium pad (right), I chose Hootenanny, in cotton.
Each pad is backed with a breathable nylon, leak-proof shield. Each also has a nickle-free snap (watch out for this if you happen to use straight out of the dryer - ouch!)
 Each also has a tag on the back to let you know which size is which.

The very first thing I noticed when my Party In My Pants package arrived (after I chowed down on the delicious piece of chocolate they sent!) was how incredibly thin the cloth pads were.

Here is a picture of Randumosity cloth pads (the dark blue on top) that I reviewed, compared to Party In My Pants pads (the orange on the bottom)
Incredibly thin, right?! So then I got very worried...how was this going to hold back that?? That lovely time of the month came shortly after my package arrived, and it was time to see just how well these pads worked.

Floored. That about sums up my reaction to Party In My Pants pads.

I couldn't believe how discreet they were. I almost forgot I was wearing them. With other cloth pads I own (not only the ones above), there's no hiding them. I know they're there. If my clothes are even the slightest snug fitting, everyone else knows they're there...but Party In My Pants pads are ridiculously thin.

Of course, they're quiet compared to disposable pads. But even the snap was quiet compared to plastic snaps.

There was no shifting of the pads - again, another common problem. They stayed put and were fully able to do their job.

So, how well did they work? Usually, with cloth pads or disposable, I need to get up in the middle of the night to change them. I held my breath and gave the Party In My Pants Overnight Pad a full night. Not a single leak. I was amazed, and sold. Before I could tell hubby, 'good morning', I told him "I need to buy a ton of these..."

The Medium pad worked equally as well and, just like the overnight pad, blew my mind with how discreet, yet powerful, it was.

As a personal preference, I liked the flannel fabric over the cotton. It felt more comfortable (softer) to me. But, both performed equally as well.

If you are wanting to try cloth pads from Party In My Pants, simply fill out the following form for the chance to win a $25 gift certificate:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I was given 2 cloth pads from Party In My Pants for review. All opinions are my own, and you may have a different experience. Party In My Pants is offering the giveaway of a $25 gift certificate.