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September 7, 2012

Friday Four!

Hello all!

We're gearing up for all things fall around here. =)  Thought I'd share what I've found:

1. Family Handprint Tree - We will definitely be doing this for our mantle!  I'm a sucker for handprints and I think this is a really neat thing to display.

2. 75 recipes that taste like fall - Apple Pecan Sticky Rolls?!?  Yes, please!

3. Autumn Cork Painting - How cool is that?!  I know my little painters will love it.  Another variation would be to have them use green as the leaves and red and yellow for apples. =)  Also, it's a great excuse to drink a couple bottles of wine...but I wouldn't know anything about that... =)

4. Duo Diaper Family Tree Exclusive Print - In keeping with the fall/tree theme - here's an adorable diaper I found at Kelly's Closet!  I think I'm in love.

I pretty much live for the fall...in case you may not have picked up on that... =)  We're enjoying the transition into cooler temps here (well, I could do without the pressure change headache...)!  
Have a great weekend!  -Joy

1 comment:

Love{&}Bugs said...

Ugh, I'm mad that I saw this post because now I'm totally in love with that thirsties print and gotta have it! BUT my hubby doesn't let me buy anymore diapers :-( :-(
We're going to do the cork painting though, that looks like fun! Now to find someone with some corks for me!