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September 4, 2012

Party In My Pants - Cloth Pad Review & Giveaway

I hit the jackpot while reviewing cloth pads from Party In My Pants. Holy Moly. Buckle up and get ready!

I was given the opportunity to pick out two pads, size and fabric, to review. And let me tell you it was a HARD decision, but, thanks to Party In My Pants, it was hard really only because of the fabrics...

Before I go on, the Party In My Pants website is jam-packed with incredible information. There's your typical FAQ section, which is just loaded with great questions and answers. If you're new to cloth pads, particularly Party In My Pants, they have a PIMP Prescription section - answer a few questions about your cycle and allow the experts to determine which pads would be the pest for you! And last, but not even close to least, the pad selection page - wow, the choices of size!

I ended up choosing a Medium pad and an Overnight pad.

For the Overnight pad (on the left) I chose a flannel fabric, Bazaar. And for my Medium pad (right), I chose Hootenanny, in cotton.
Each pad is backed with a breathable nylon, leak-proof shield. Each also has a nickle-free snap (watch out for this if you happen to use straight out of the dryer - ouch!)
 Each also has a tag on the back to let you know which size is which.

The very first thing I noticed when my Party In My Pants package arrived (after I chowed down on the delicious piece of chocolate they sent!) was how incredibly thin the cloth pads were.

Here is a picture of Randumosity cloth pads (the dark blue on top) that I reviewed, compared to Party In My Pants pads (the orange on the bottom)
Incredibly thin, right?! So then I got very worried...how was this going to hold back that?? That lovely time of the month came shortly after my package arrived, and it was time to see just how well these pads worked.

Floored. That about sums up my reaction to Party In My Pants pads.

I couldn't believe how discreet they were. I almost forgot I was wearing them. With other cloth pads I own (not only the ones above), there's no hiding them. I know they're there. If my clothes are even the slightest snug fitting, everyone else knows they're there...but Party In My Pants pads are ridiculously thin.

Of course, they're quiet compared to disposable pads. But even the snap was quiet compared to plastic snaps.

There was no shifting of the pads - again, another common problem. They stayed put and were fully able to do their job.

So, how well did they work? Usually, with cloth pads or disposable, I need to get up in the middle of the night to change them. I held my breath and gave the Party In My Pants Overnight Pad a full night. Not a single leak. I was amazed, and sold. Before I could tell hubby, 'good morning', I told him "I need to buy a ton of these..."

The Medium pad worked equally as well and, just like the overnight pad, blew my mind with how discreet, yet powerful, it was.

As a personal preference, I liked the flannel fabric over the cotton. It felt more comfortable (softer) to me. But, both performed equally as well.

If you are wanting to try cloth pads from Party In My Pants, simply fill out the following form for the chance to win a $25 gift certificate:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I was given 2 cloth pads from Party In My Pants for review. All opinions are my own, and you may have a different experience. Party In My Pants is offering the giveaway of a $25 gift certificate.


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