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September 24, 2012

Narabums OS Fitted Diaper

Last week I had the opportunity to write a review on Narabums Newborn fitted diaper. This week I get to share about Narabums OS Super Sherpa fitted diaper! This diaper really is quite super and for multiple reasons. The first being that it is of course a SUPERMAN print fitted, how great is that? My 2 1/2 year old that wears this diapers always grabs it and goes SUPER HERO! (he doesn't really know who super man it yet). So fun! So on to the features of this fitted diaper:
 This Super Sherpa fitted diaper is made with Super Sherpa which is  softer and stretchier than regular Sherpa. The front of the diaper features cross over snaps for tiny babies as well as hip snaps to help prevent wing drooping and hold the diaper in place. This diaper is also surged with a fun rainbow trim!
 This fitted diaper has a half panel of the Superman fabric. It also features rise snaps which make is a great OS diaper.
 Here is where it gets important: The inside of this diaper has a couple features. It came with two inserts topped with Sherpa. There is a smaller and larger insert that snaps into the diaper. You can use the smaller insert for little guys (like Micah - 3 months), you can use the large insert for day time for bigger guys (Like Zeke - 2 1/2) or you can use both inserts for your super duper heavy  night time wetter (Zeke). 

Here  is the Narabums OS fitted diaper next to the Narabums Newborn fitted diaper.
I have pictures of this diaper in use but I need my husband to help upload them! My computer is broke and I have to use his and I have NO IDEA how to upload pictures from my SD card to his computer (sounds silly I know but he is a computer  guy and his computer is so not set up like a normal computer :) ) So I will get him to do that soon!

Over all this is a pretty nice fitted diaper. Its a fun print, and I love the softness factor that it has. My 2 1/2 year old can wear it on the middle rise setting or opened all the way. We have done day time wear with out a cover but he wets really fast and  so its a little safer to put a cover on after about a half hour. I just don't want him peeing on my furniture. I have read other reviews of this fitted though with normal wetting babies having no issues with this leaking through while being worn during the day. We have use this diaper at night with a cover and it worked  very well for us holding in what it needed to. I want to try it with a fleece cover but I don't have one big enough for my son at the moment.  This fitted also stays  soft when it gets wet unlike some other cotton/bamboo fitteds that I have tired out that when they get wet they get hard and stiff and my boys just don't like that but we didn't have that problem at all with this  fitted diaper!

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