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July 25, 2010

Itzbeen Baby Timer

In the process of finding great products to review and giveaway I remembered hearing about a product called the Itzbeen. I have not personally used this product but I did register for it when I was pregnant with my first baby. It seems like a really handy tool to have on hand, especially when sleep deprived. It can help you remember when you last fed and diapered your baby, when their last nap was and even what side they last ate on (helpful if you are nursing). Here is a little more information on the product from the manufactures website:

"ITZBEEN™ Baby Care Timer was developed by a new mom and dad who found themselves sleep-deprived and needing help to remember baby care details, such as when their baby last ate or napped. They tried charts and journals, but thought there had to be a better way. So, they created the ITZBEEN™: a multi-purpose nursery tool that helps new parents remember the basic details of baby care. The ITZBEEN™ has four timers that count up with the touch of a button, and a host of other helpful features, all designed with the needs of a new parent in mind."

"The ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer has a host of helpful features all designed with the new parent in mind. As every new parent knows, your memory is one of the first things to go when a newborn arrives. The ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer is a multi-purpose tool that helps you remember the basic details of baby care. ITZBEEN has four timers that count up with the touch of a button…so you will always know how long it's been!"

To find out more information visit:

The Itzbeen company has agreed to give one lucky reader of Cloth Diaper Addiction their very own Itzbeen! You don't need to have a little one to win. This would be a great product to give as a gift to someone who is expecting.

*I do not own this product but have been interested in getting one. Itzbeen gave away one timer to a reader and I was not paid to host the giveaway, this giveaway is closed**

GroVia Hybrid AI2

Its so hard to resist a new diaper. That's why I purchased a new GroVia for my two boys to 'share.' I love getting new diapers to try out on the boys because I can really put them to the test. Especially if they are a 'one size' diaper since I have a 22 month old and a 3 month old to put it on. So here is what I've got for you on the GroVia diaper:

First Impressions:
I first found this diaper online, thought it was cute, loved the prints. However slightly confused about how it works, and how it was put together. I'm a big 'need to see before buying' kind of girl. So when I heard that my local store Ecobuns was getting them in stock I got excited! So off I went to get a hands on experience with this diaper. I picked it up off the self and was amazed at how super soft it felt, almost wanted to rub it on my cheek just to make sure I wasn't kidding myself! The outside of the diaper has a great aplix, its super strong which means my toddler will have a hard time getting it off (heck, I have a hard time getting it off). Another thing I love about this diaper is that with the aplix there is not a huge white strip of velcro across the waist of the diaper. The tabs stick right to the fabric on the front and can over lap each other for the little ones. Plus the prints are so cute! Which is always a bonus. It has three rise setting on the front.

Now, lets take a look inside. The tabs on the diaper are really neat. I always stick down the tabs on my other diapers to keep them from sticking to their friends while in the wash, but they never can keep to themselves. With the GroVia, there is a special loop you tuck the tab under to keep it in place while washing, and it actually stays. It however takes a time or two to master the process of getting it underneath the loop with out it sticking to everything because its so strong. Its worth it though! Inside the cover of the diaper is a cream colored mesh lining. Wow is all I have to say...I am more than willing to put that against my baby's bum because of how soft it is. There are two snaps on the inside of the cover that you attach the liner to. The liner is kind of like two cotton inserts sewn together to form a loop, which helps with drying time. The outer part of the liner has nifty little leg gussets on it to help keep messes in. One thing I loved about this diaper when I first opened it up was how thin it was between the legs. Some of the diapers I put on my 3 month old keep his legs so far apart he can barely touch his toes together but not with this one. So for my overall first impression: I was quite impressed.The insert snaps into place and lays nice and flat inside the diaper. If its set on the smallest setting you have to push it down a little in the front so it does not stick out. You can also see in this picture the mesh lining and the laundry fold over loop tab.
In the picture below you can see on the top the extra leg gusset on the insert as well as one of the snaps.

Now lets put it to the test:
After a few washes to remove the natural oils and a quick dry in the dryer I was very eager to put it on one of my boys...which one though... I picked my 3 month old to test it first. I set the rise to the smallest setting, made sure the liners were attached correctly slid it under his bum, folded it over and velcroed it on. How stinking adorable! I loved the fit, style, design, colors, and the fact that not only could he touch his toes together but his chubby little thighs could touch too! So I snapped a few pictures and went to get him dressed then realized that he had peed in the diaper as I was putting it on him, he must have been excited to try it out to. So since we were getting ready to head out the door I put a new diaper on him and had to wait to use it again.The above picture is on a 3 month old, set to the smallest setting. The tabs are touching but not over lapping, I have a chubby little guy! The picture below shows the diaper from the side. I didn't think it was as puffy as it looks in the picture. Its actually fairly trim on him. I also like that the legs are cut higher on this diaper, unlike the previous diaper he had on ( I think a prefold with a cover), you can see the red marks it left.

Next try went on my 22 month old. And he put it to the full test. After about an hour and a half he had a big poopy. We dont have a diaper sprayer so we do the dippin and swishing in the toilet. It came of fairly good for the most part but was kind of tricky to get the spots located on the gussets of the liner. If you had a sprayer it would probably come off just fine.The above picture is on my 22 month old. The tabs are almost touching in the front. This is set on the biggest setting with plenty of room to grow. I have a really skinny toddler! I really like how thin this diaper is in between the legs. In the picture below you can see the diaper from the side...my toddler is a wiggler at diaper changing time, especially when mommy wants a picture! I really like how snug it is around the legs but it didn't leave bad red marks like other diapers have.

The diaper fit very nice on both boys. We didn't have any leaks, it fits snug around the legs, and the adjust-ability on the waist is great. I love that the tabs can over lap each other. Overall I am pretty happy with this diaper and might purchase a couple more in the future. They average $24.95 a piece and come in 6 different colors and 4 fun prints. You can get a 2pk of extra inserts as well as a 2pk of extra liners for extra absorbency.

*This review is of my own personal opinion. I was not paid to write a review on the GroVia, and I purchased it with my own money.

July 24, 2010

A Collaboration of Ideas

First off I want to thank everyone for following Cloth Diaper Addiction on here and on facebook as well. It truly is awesome how many people are cloth diapering now days.

I've been asking people on facebook what methods they use for different things and what they prefer to use as far as diapers go. We have had some great responses and I thought I would share them on here for everyone to see.

Stripping diapers:
Soak in RLR
Soak in Rockin Green
Dawn dish soap

Favorite Diapers:
Happy Heiny

There are so many different brands of diapers available to purchase, this is only a small list!

Where can you find diapers getting some sun:
-On the edge of a pool
-Lounging on a chair in the front yard
-Rocking away in the Hammock
-Grazing on the fence in the horse pasture
-Going for an unexpected ride on the truck
-Camping out on the back of the trailer
-Draped over the baby gate
-Good old fashion clothes line

Placing your cloth diapers in the sun is a great way to get rid of stains. The sun is an all natural bleacher, so after hanging in the sun for awhile they stains (usually) go away.

Good Velcro Diapers:
-GroVia/ GroBaby
-Thirsties Duo Diaper
-Bum Essentials
-Totsbots AIO

Have trouble finding diapers that have a strong sticking Velcro enclosure? Try the above recommend by other moms just like you!

Favorite Detergents:
Rocking Green
LuLu's in the Fluff

There are tons of detergents available to use on diapers, but be careful that the detergent you are using is safe for diapers. Look up your detergent on Pinstripes and Polkadots to see if it is!

Do you rinse your diapers even if just pee?
-Every time!
-Most Diapers
-Never, not even EBF poo
-Only if poopy
-If going longer in between washes, yes

We all have different ideas on how to take care of our diapers and each different way works perfect for someone!

A good Stuff:(inserts for pocket diapers)
-Use a mixture
-Microfiber is really good
-Microfiber and Terry mix
-Hemp and Bamboo-both incredibly absorbent
-Microfiber to absorb quickly and hemp to hold it in

Finding the right absorption for your diaper might be a challenge. Use the above ideas to see if they might help with leaking. Also keep in mind that if a diaper is overstuffed it could cause it to leak, as well as if the inserts are bunched up or twisted they could cause it to leak as well.

*If you have any other ideas or products that you love to use/ do please leave me a comment below so I can add it in! Thanks!

July 21, 2010

Hello fellow Cloth Diaper Addicts,

Recently while scouring the web for more information on cloth diapers I came across a new blog called Cloth Diaper Challenge. It is a new blog but contains handy information about different diapers. Each post features a new diaper, and all you need to know about it. I asked the writer of Cloth Diaper Challenge if she would be interested in sharing with us a little about her cloth diapering adventure. Here is what she shared:

Cloth diapering is my obsession. I am proud to say it! When I started out two years ago I never thought it would get this bad. I decided from the moment I found out I was pregnant with #2 that I was going to use cloth. I hate to admit that I never knew any different than using disposable diapers with my oldest child. I spent my entire nine months researching and learning about the different cloth diapering systems and brands. It was like learning a new language! AIO's, AI2's, Fitteds, Flats, Prefolds, Pocket, OS, my brain was filled with too much fluffy information. It didn't put me off, but I was terrified of 1) not buying the "right" kind of diapers for my baby, 2) not washing them correctly or 3) getting leaks. It seems like every forum started on DiaperSwappers was something having a problem with stink issues, fit issues, stain issues, leak issues or something else. I did my research, collected a variety of different brands and types of cloth diapers and prepared myself for becoming a mother of two and using cloth diapers. I also wanted to add in my family thought I was nuts and so did my husband. I bought my first batch without him knowing, and when he found out he said I would get bored of it after a week but he helped my dye them. I convinced him that if he let me do this I would not make him change a diaper. I find him changing a diaper once in a while now, and telling me why he likes the brand he choose to put on, and he supported me when I decided to not go back to work and instead start a cloth diaper business.
My son arrived 11 days late, and his first week of life flew by. I didn't even look at the cloth diaper stash all washed and arranged nicely. It wasn't until he was a week old, my husband went back to work and we settled into our new life that I took a deep breathe and took the plunge into cloth diapering. And it wasn't hard at all. They were easy to use, I rarely had a leak, I changed him just as often as I did with disposables and they fit under his clothes. A few weeks later I decided to switch to using cloth diapers at nighttime, then a few weeks later I stopped buying the flushable gDiaper inserts for the diaper bag and just used cloth and a wet bag. I can honestly say in the last 17 months I have bought 2 small bags of disposable diapers, just for that first week. It feels great not to have to add a bag of diapers to our grocery bill, instead when I am running low I run a load of laundry. I only buy diapers now because I want to buy them (I am a sucker for new diapers, and adorable patterns and colors).
At first I wanted to cloth diaper to save money, and I have. I feel good about not throwing out a bag of diaper laundry each week knowing they would sit in the landfill for 500 years. I also feel good about the fact that my little one's sensitive bum will not be next to chemicals 24 hours a day for the first 2 year of his life. I love the convenience of not running to the store to buy diapers, another load or two of laundry a week is nothing in our household. It might be a pain if I had to go to the river to scrub the diapers for hours on end, but in today's world I have a handy dandy washing machine and a clothes line for quick drying. And my favorite reason for cloth diapering? The adorable fluffy bum my little guy has everyday. Each diaper change is a chance to put on a new adorable diaper, and at 17 months he now has his favorite diapers and picks which ones out he wants to wear. His favorite is his "fishy" GoodMama. Potty training I have a feeling is going to be easier since he can feel when he is damp and tells me, and I love when he picks out a minky diaper to cuddle with on the couch (clean of course!). There is so much to cloth about cloth, it really becomes a part of your life instead of an inconvenience of changing diapers.
There are so many brands out there to choose from. I have tried a bunch but not nearly all. Which has started me on my most recent project, The Cloth Diaper Challenge. My new blog, where I am going to try out and review each cloth diaper brand out there! Visit my blog to follow me on my journey (Cloth Diaper Challenge) and become a fan on facebook If you want to help out and donate some diapers please email me or send me a message. All donate diapers will be donated by me to a baby in need once I am done with my review. You can email me at clothdiaperchallenge@gmail.com
If you are undecided about trying cloth diapers I urge you to give it a try. Buy a few and use them at home when you get a chance and then slowly add to your collection. Cloth diapering can fit any budget and lifestyle. Don't be afraid, give it a shot!

You can check out her store online at:
Or email her at: downtoearthbaby@gmail.com

July 18, 2010

Cover Comparison

When I first started cloth diapering I started out with Bummis prefolds and Thirsties covers. I previously did a post on the Bummis prefolds here and still really enjoy them. They are so soft after a run through the dryer. But this post isn't about the prefolds. Its about the covers.

The first covers I purchased were the Thirsties Duo Wrap. I got the black bird print, cool strips print and the storm cloud solid color. I really liked these diapers because they have an extra leg gusset that is great for catching blow outs. They also came in super cute (boy) prints as well. These come in two sizes that have 3 different sizes available on each diaper with rise snaps. They come with hook and loop aplix or snap options for making sure you get the right fit on your little one.

The second covers that I purchased were the Bummis Covers super whisper wraps. I was hesitant at first with these covers mainly because they didn't have a leg gusset and I was worried about what might happen when my little one had a blow out. Little one decided to test it out (a few times) and has proved that this cover is indeed blow out proof. This cover comes with hook and loop aplix and comes in newborn, small, medium, large and extra large sizes.

My pick:
Although I really love the thirsties prints, I am going to have to go with the Bummis cover as my favorite. Why? Let me tell you... The Bummis cover seems more durable to me than the Thirsties. The material used is thicker and of a stronger quality. I've noticed that the Thirsties covers stretch out sort of while being worn (by my 22 month old) and will sag. The Bummis how ever seem to hold up and not sag because of the stronger material used. Another quality I like better with the Bummis is the aplix. It seem to me like it is stronger and more durable than the Thirsties and when you stick it to the laundry tabs it typically stays attached through out the washing. I do like the extra leg gusset on the Thristies cover and have not had a leak with them. The Bummis do not have the gusset but they seem to hold the poo in tight enough.

*This post is of my own personal opinion. I was not paid to write this.

July 16, 2010

Happy Heiny's Pocket

We are reviewing a Happy Heinys® perfect size Pocket diaper. In the color kelly green. It has fold over laundry tabs that you secure in place before washing.
It has a wide open pocket in the back of the diaper for stuffing with what ever insert you prefer.
It has a long strip of Velcro across the front for a range of waist sizes.
The review:
I've used a medium Happy Heniys® Pocket diaper on my son a few times now and like the quality of the diaper. The outside of the diaper seems to wash up well as well as the inside. The velco closure holds up well while on the baby and fits nice and snug. The only problem I have had with this diaper is when he has a poopy (EBF) explosion. It did leak out the leg casings but I think that is only because the diaper is to big on him yet. He really should be in a size small diaper. I also like this diaper because I can stuff it with any insert I want. I have used it with a microfiber insert, a hemp insert and both inserts together for extra absorbency. I have not had any leaking with just pee, only when he had a blow out. This is a fairly trim diaper depending on what you stuff it with.

The Build:
Happy Heniys® uses custom milled fleece for their diapers. They have no leg casings which make for bettering fitting diapers and helps contain the messes your baby makes. It also reduces the amount of red marks left on your baby's leg because only the fleece touches the baby's skin.

These diapers come in a wide range of colors and prints.

Valued at $15.95

Does not come with inserts.

*This review is of my own personal opinion. I was not given this diaper to review, it was purchased with my own money. I am not receiving any money to do this review.

July 15, 2010

Ecobuns Store Front Grand Opening!

Ecobuns is having their Grand Opening!

Saturday July 24th from 9am to 3pm they are having a grand opening event. Things will kick off with a cloth diapering/ baby wearing/ pregnant mama parade at 9am. Each family that joins in the parade will receive a $5 gift card, along with free balloons for the kids. Kellie (the owner) is planning all sorts of fun including raffles, drawings, and refreshments. There will be some awesome giveaways happening with items like Thirsties, Allens, mommy necklaces, and much more! Be sure and stop by.

I have been to their store a few times already and LOVE IT!

They also have some great clearance right now on
Thirsties covers 9.50 select colors
Thirsties Fab Fitteds 11.50
Happy Heinys Pocket diaper perfect size 12.95
Knickernappies 2G Pocket diaper for 12.75
bumGenius 3.0 OS for 14.95
Thristies Duo Diaper 15.75 select colors
Thirsties Duo Wrap 10.75 select colors
and much more!

July 12, 2010

Camping in Cloth

Each year my hubs and I go out to our church's family camp for the weekend. We love seeing old friends and previous pastors and their children that we grew up with. Last year we only had one baby and he was in disposables. You change and you toss. Pretty easy right? Well this year we have two boys, both in cloth diapers. I was pretty nervous to say the least. Our cottage has no toilet, and only a hose for running water outside of it. Which meant that I would have to take my toddlers poopy diapers to the bathroom a little distance away to dump and rinse.

Friday morning before leaving I washed all possible diapers and ran them over to my moms for a couple hours to get some sun on the line. After picking them back up I threw them in the dryer for a final drying. As soon as the buzz went off I started sorting and stuffing, folding and snapping everything into its place. I separated the diapers into two baskets, one for each boy and loaded them up (along with way to much other stuff) and took off.

The weekend went pretty well with changes and everything else going on. My Mother-in-law was really helpful with changing the boys and took more poopy diapers to the bathroom to rinse out than I did! We kept our large wet bag in our room and we also brought our small diaper pail and wet liner just in case we couldn't fit everything in the large wet bag. We ended up filling our large wet bag and 2 medium wet bags over the weekend and we had 8 diapers left, 4 for each boy for the next day to wear while I did the laundry. I really didn't think I would have enough diapers to last the whole weekend and was so surprised to find out that I have a pretty good stash!

I was really glad I brought everything with me because while out there a cousin of ours who was up from Kentucky stopped into visit and she is due with her first baby in September and is planning on doing cloth! I was so excited and invited her into view my stash. I gave her a general run down of all the different kinds of diapers and liners that are available. It was fun being able to share information about cloth diapering with her.

Overall, I have to say that this experience went really well for us and I'm glad that I did it.

My favorite diaper for camping was:
The Bumgenius Organic One Size All In One
This diaper was great for camping for a few reasons:
-fits both of our boys (2 months and 22 months)
-no frills attached a.k.a. simple, quick and easy
-great for when you go swimming and leave the boys with grandma and she pulls two diapers out of the basket meant for your toddler and puts one on the toddler and one on the newborn because it fits both boys!

July 8, 2010

Just a little Diddy

My husband has been reading Everyone Communicates Few Connect byJohn C. Maxwell. The other night he read the following to me:

When I was a kid growing up, fathers generally didn't share parenting duties the way most do today. Men and women often lived in different worlds. Back in those days of cloth diapers, a man whose obsession was baseball was out for dinner with his wife when their baby started to cry. The lady had spent the entire day taking care of the child, and she was exhausted. So she asked her husband to change his son's diaper.

"I don't know how to change a baby," said the husband, trying to get out of the job.

"Look, buster," she said, giving him a withering look, "you lay the diaper out like a diamond. You put second base on home plate. Put the baby's bottom on the pitcher's mound, hook up first and third, and slide home underneath. And if it starts to rain, the game ain't called - you start all over again."

I thought this was pretty funny and thought I would share it with my readers. We are lucky to have such wonderful, easy to use diapers that even Dad can help with. I am thankful for a husband who is willing to change a diaper (even a stinky one), and who is supportive on our cloth diapering journey.

July 6, 2010

Enter to win...

Do you want to try and win a Thirsties Duo Wrap? Visit Life of a Modern Mom and enter up to 4 times for your chance at winning! Diaper donated by Ecobuns of Holland Mi. Good Luck! Let me know if you win!