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July 24, 2010

A Collaboration of Ideas

First off I want to thank everyone for following Cloth Diaper Addiction on here and on facebook as well. It truly is awesome how many people are cloth diapering now days.

I've been asking people on facebook what methods they use for different things and what they prefer to use as far as diapers go. We have had some great responses and I thought I would share them on here for everyone to see.

Stripping diapers:
Soak in RLR
Soak in Rockin Green
Dawn dish soap

Favorite Diapers:
Happy Heiny

There are so many different brands of diapers available to purchase, this is only a small list!

Where can you find diapers getting some sun:
-On the edge of a pool
-Lounging on a chair in the front yard
-Rocking away in the Hammock
-Grazing on the fence in the horse pasture
-Going for an unexpected ride on the truck
-Camping out on the back of the trailer
-Draped over the baby gate
-Good old fashion clothes line

Placing your cloth diapers in the sun is a great way to get rid of stains. The sun is an all natural bleacher, so after hanging in the sun for awhile they stains (usually) go away.

Good Velcro Diapers:
-GroVia/ GroBaby
-Thirsties Duo Diaper
-Bum Essentials
-Totsbots AIO

Have trouble finding diapers that have a strong sticking Velcro enclosure? Try the above recommend by other moms just like you!

Favorite Detergents:
Rocking Green
LuLu's in the Fluff

There are tons of detergents available to use on diapers, but be careful that the detergent you are using is safe for diapers. Look up your detergent on Pinstripes and Polkadots to see if it is!

Do you rinse your diapers even if just pee?
-Every time!
-Most Diapers
-Never, not even EBF poo
-Only if poopy
-If going longer in between washes, yes

We all have different ideas on how to take care of our diapers and each different way works perfect for someone!

A good Stuff:(inserts for pocket diapers)
-Use a mixture
-Microfiber is really good
-Microfiber and Terry mix
-Hemp and Bamboo-both incredibly absorbent
-Microfiber to absorb quickly and hemp to hold it in

Finding the right absorption for your diaper might be a challenge. Use the above ideas to see if they might help with leaking. Also keep in mind that if a diaper is overstuffed it could cause it to leak, as well as if the inserts are bunched up or twisted they could cause it to leak as well.

*If you have any other ideas or products that you love to use/ do please leave me a comment below so I can add it in! Thanks!


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