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July 27, 2012

Friday Four!

Hello all!

Here are some neat things I've found:

1. Zucchini Brownies - These are awesome!  The link she posts back to allrecipes contains the recipe for the chocolate icing.  It's REALLY yummy!  If you have allergies, the brownies themselves are egg and dairy free. =)  Note: the recipe for the brownies is the third one in her post.

2. I'm an Organizing Junkie - This website has a TON of ideas on how to get different areas of your life organized.  She shows a lot of pictures and helps break things down.  I'll probably be on this site all weekend. ;-)

3. Marshmallow Shooter - Wouldn't this make you the coolest mom on the block?!  I can't wait to try it with my kiddos!  And I love how they set up starting lines to see how far they could launch and bulls-eyes for aim.

4. Forward facing in baby carrier? - Nope.  This article shows you why it's not a good idea for your baby to be forward facing.  I saw a mom in Wal-Mart and her baby (maybe three months old) was below her belly button and facing out... Yikes!  I think it's really important to do some research when you buy a new carrier.  Babywearing is AWESOME when it's done correctly!  This is just one of many articles meant to help.

Have a great weekend ya'll!


July 26, 2012

We Recycle (now)

A few months ago, after watching an episode of Handy Manny (of all things) my kids started recognizing the recycle symbol everywhere. We started talking about what it meant to recycle and reuse and how that helps save the Earth. My daughter, Nyla, 5, started to really get into it and asked a lot of questions that I wasn't 100% sure about.

I went to the library and got a few books out so that we could start doing more for our part. Where we are from, there isn't a big emphasis on recycling so I felt silly (and sometimes still do) not knowing what to do or where to start.

We read 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do To Save The Earth by the Earth Works Group. This had a bunch of very kid friendly ideas that we did right away. It was easy enough for my 5 year old to understand and help with. My 3 year old was bored pretty quickly until we started to do the actual stuff. Then he would do a little and then run and play with his trucks.

One of the first things we did was fill an empty gallon milk container with water...

and put it in our toilet tank!

I explained to the kids that it was #1 reusing the plastic container and #2 (no pun intended) helping to not waste so much water.

The milk jug takes up a large portion of the tank and therefore makes the inner workings of the toilet sense that it is full faster using less water.

Not only does this help with our plan to "SAVE THE EARTH" as Nyla puts it, but it also helps on our water bill as well. A double plus! (triple if you count reusing the jug!) This is a simple and easy thing to do and the kids LOVED being able to see inside the toilet tank...how cool is that!

We have started to do a few other things as well but I want to evolve them a little bit more and be able to share our experiences with you in depth. I will be writing a little bit each week of our adventure into recycling and what works for us and what doesn't.

Our first 5 family recycling goals:

1. Visit the recycling center in our neighboring town (ours doesn't have one)
2. Find some reusable snack bags and not buy any plastic ones from now on (gonna be tough on Daddy! Although we do use a lot of Tupperware)
3. Un-paper towels and napkins all the way(we are doing this partially already)
4. Do at least one recycle craft per week-sneak peek here for next week
5. Finish our recycling station/bins (including a picture on the bins per Nyla)

If you have any ideas or tips for me, please share! (jen @ clothdiaperaddiction.com) We would love to hear what you do with your kids as well!

July 24, 2012

Fleece vs. Wool Covers

Fleece and Wool are great alternatives to PUL covers to use over Fitteds, Prefolds, and Flats.

But, you may be asking, "Why would anyone want to use wool and fleece?"

Wool and Fleece offer:
  • amazing breathability for your baby's bottom (ie: air circulation) which also reduces heat build-up (which leads to bacteria growing and diaper rashes!)
  • a Water resistant cover - to an extent. They won't stay dry on the outside for forever, however, if paired with a very absorbent diaper (fitted, prefold) you can go many hours, even all night.
Wool does need to be hand washed, which might make it unappealing to some cloth diaperers, however, it does NOT need to be washed after every use (unless baby poops). When the cover starts to small like a wet diaper, then it is time for a wash (I've found this to be about 4-6 uses, depending on the stage of my baby, and when I've been using it {day use vs. night use}). Wool offers all natural materials that are anti-fungal, and it keeps baby cool in summer and warm in winter.
Wool Cover from Alfalfa & The Sprout.
Wool Shorties from Mama Hooks.
Wool Cover from Baby Go Green.
Fleece can be washed with your regular laundry or with your diapers (I prefer regular laundry so that the velcro tabs on cloth diapers don't snag the fleece). I usually use fleece 2-3 times (unless I use it all night, or baby poops) before washing. While the fibers are not natural, like wool, fleece is incredibly soft
Fleece Cover from EmotiBums.
Fleece Longies from FluffyRumps.
Both fleece and wool can be found in varying lengths/styles - in a typical diaper cover length/pattern, as shorts (shorties), pants (longies), capris, and for the little ladies, skirties! All work just as well as another in keeping them dry, and helping to reduce rashes on their bottoms through the breathable fibers. 

So, question to our readers - Do you use Fleece? Wool? Both? What do you love about it? Dislike about it? Favorite place to get your Wool or Fleece?

July 20, 2012

Friday 4!

Hello again!

Here are my favorites from around the web:

1. Recycled Wind Chimes - What a neat project to make with the kiddos!  We're going to hang ours in their "fort" on our play set at home.

2. Strawberry Shortcake Muffins - These are awesome!  I'm a HUGE strawberry fan - and I LOVE baking with them in the summer.  These won't disappoint!

3. Kid's bathroom idea - I feel bad that I couldn't find the source, but I love this too much to not share (and since I'm not claiming it as mine, I hope that's okay =) ).  This is on Pinterest and the person said they took up close shots after the kiddos had taken a bath and then hung them over monogramed hooks.  How cute!

4.  Cloth Diaper Addiction Swap - Need a place to sell some used diapers?  Have a specific diaper you've been hunting for but don't want to pay full price?  Looking for a trade?  Check us out - we have a group on Facebook that can hopefully help you out! =)

Have a great weekend everyone!


July 19, 2012

Diapering in Days Gone By

I had a friend tell me the other day about this "new idea" of cloth diapering... I had to giggle as I reminded her that disposables haven't always been around! In light of that, I was all excited to put together a "history" of cloth diapering, but the folks at The Diaper Jungle already accomplished that.... ;-) I do encourage you to head over and check it out - it is REALLY fascinating {or maybe I'm just a nerd...ahem}

However, I still wanted to share some fun, old-school finds with ya'll... and in my search for information, I found this {hilarious} painting by Adriaen Brouwer showing what we mamas do all day - change diapers.

While this painting isn't cloth diaper specific, I think it is very safe to assume, the child being...cleaned, most likely isn't about to have a Huggies put on their bottom!

If you click on and enlarge the picture, the facial expressions are priceless....

I think my husband and I are guilty, many times over, of expressions just like those, especially once solids have been introduced!

I found this ad (on eBay of all places!) from 1904 for Dri-Dide Cloth Diapers.

What I found most interesting was the claim that these cloth diapers "prevent[s] deformity of the limbs..."

I also found these snapping diapers on eBay, but there was no brand name or other information. Anyone have a clue?

Along with this ad and the ability to purchase these unused diapers, there were a slew of ads from Curity Baby Diapers - totally fascinating to read through them all!

From the 1950's, I give you the "Safe Diaper Clip" (retailing for 49 cents, which would be $4.39 these days!) 

The Safe Diaper Clip was invented by Edward Moonan and was used to secure diapers (a safer alternative to pins, and a precursor to Snappis).

One more gem from the 1950's is the Safe-T Di-Dee - a pinless, snapping One-Size diaper invented by mom, R.G. Geeslin! The article states, "...looks like a pair of junior's training pants. It's simplicity personified. Two series of fasteners on either side allow for the baby's vigorous growth...provide leg and groin room birth to 30 pounds."

Later it says, "They [moms] found there was no hunting for the right and wrong side...they could close their eyes and slip them on their babies."

Check out this video from 1979 about Pampers vs. Cloth Diapers.... (I know this is in favor of disposables, but it was still entertaining!)

So what about you? Have you ever discovered diapering from "back in the day" - either in internet searches or while talking with family?

July 15, 2012

Friday 4? Nope - Sunday 6!

Hello all!

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!  I was working on the Friday Four earlier, but got side tracked by time in the ER with our youngest (asthma/allergy attack).  She's all good now and because of that - I saved you all from a funky recipe. ;-)  I'm glad I tried it first - it wasn't so wonderful.  Anyway, here are some cute/fun/yummy things to check out!

1. Watermelon and Strawberry Lemonade - We just tried it this afternoon - it was really tasty!  Everyone enjoyed it!  You do have to do it in batches - too much to fit in one regular blender.  Also, I'd recommend decreasing the sugar a bit - you can always add in more if you think you need it. =)

2. Anyone need a chocolate caramel fix?  I know it's what I crave now!  I haven't had a chance to try these Chocolate Salted Caramel Mug Cakes - but they look amazing!

3. How cute is this Rag Rug?!  I'm going to be working on making two of these for our homeschool area.  I think they'd look adorable in a nursery or any place you want to have a little splash of color - in front of a book case perhaps?

4. I've been meaning to make homemade hand soap for a while now...I've just been a little busy (actually, intimidated!) and haven't gotten around to it.  Then I found a tutorial from Sandra at The Sensible Mom - she makes it look easy!  I'm going to tackle this project later on today.

5. Does your van/car accumulate trash like mine does in the summer?  Carting kids everywhere can make for a messy ride!  Here is a SUPER cute way to store trash bags in your car!  Clean up is much faster if you have a bag to throw out the trash in. =)  

6. Now something fun for the kiddos - Liquid Sidewalk Chalk!  My Bethany LOVES to paint - we're going to give this project a go this week. =)

Have a great week!  I'll see you all again on the real Friday! =)


July 10, 2012

Intro to Flats



At least that is what I go into his post thinking!

I've never used one...

All the twisting and folding and pinning...

I was scared of prefolds, but ended up loving them (when my youngest was a newborn...forget it now. He moves too much, I'm lucky to get a diaper on him at all!)

But, I'm determined to tackle this one area of cloth diapering that has scared me for 4.5 years now.

I purchased a pack of flats a few months ago, prepped them, and that was it. They've been sitting in my son's cloth diaper basket since then...

So, why would someone want to use these massive square pieces of thin cloth to cloth diaper?
  • COST: they are really cheap (approximately $18 for a dozen, depending where you purchase from)
  • SIZE: Buy one size and you are golden, you just need to buy covers (and you can save money there too with one size covers)
  • MATERIAL: Being that the flats are a single layer of cotton, they wash easily and dry quickly
After learning this, why wouldn't someone want to use flats? The only thing I can think of would be the "learning curve" (learning the folds) and the "primitiveness" of it (this could be a reason TO use them for some people, I suppose!)

So, over the next month or so, I'm going to be giving flats a go...

I'll be learning the folds, trying them out on my youngest, and then, I'll share my thoughts, what I've learned, and how I liked them...

Until then, tell me your thoughts
Have you tried flats? 
Do you love them? 
What is your favorite fold? 
Do you only like them at a certain age/stage?
Share with everyone the good, and the bad! 
{and wish us luck, haha!}