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July 24, 2012

Fleece vs. Wool Covers

Fleece and Wool are great alternatives to PUL covers to use over Fitteds, Prefolds, and Flats.

But, you may be asking, "Why would anyone want to use wool and fleece?"

Wool and Fleece offer:
  • amazing breathability for your baby's bottom (ie: air circulation) which also reduces heat build-up (which leads to bacteria growing and diaper rashes!)
  • a Water resistant cover - to an extent. They won't stay dry on the outside for forever, however, if paired with a very absorbent diaper (fitted, prefold) you can go many hours, even all night.
Wool does need to be hand washed, which might make it unappealing to some cloth diaperers, however, it does NOT need to be washed after every use (unless baby poops). When the cover starts to small like a wet diaper, then it is time for a wash (I've found this to be about 4-6 uses, depending on the stage of my baby, and when I've been using it {day use vs. night use}). Wool offers all natural materials that are anti-fungal, and it keeps baby cool in summer and warm in winter.
Wool Cover from Alfalfa & The Sprout.
Wool Shorties from Mama Hooks.
Wool Cover from Baby Go Green.
Fleece can be washed with your regular laundry or with your diapers (I prefer regular laundry so that the velcro tabs on cloth diapers don't snag the fleece). I usually use fleece 2-3 times (unless I use it all night, or baby poops) before washing. While the fibers are not natural, like wool, fleece is incredibly soft
Fleece Cover from EmotiBums.
Fleece Longies from FluffyRumps.
Both fleece and wool can be found in varying lengths/styles - in a typical diaper cover length/pattern, as shorts (shorties), pants (longies), capris, and for the little ladies, skirties! All work just as well as another in keeping them dry, and helping to reduce rashes on their bottoms through the breathable fibers. 

So, question to our readers - Do you use Fleece? Wool? Both? What do you love about it? Dislike about it? Favorite place to get your Wool or Fleece?


katie said...

i LOVE wool!! we usually use it at night, paired with a heavy-duty fitted. and we used to use it during the day, when my little guy wasn't too squirmy and i could get prefolds on him :) we've gotten some great thin ones through some different shops on etsy, and our really thick soaker is by SBISH. i also have a wool cover (with snaps) by Babee Greens, which is awesome for during the day.
i've used fleece a few times, but we always have leaks :(

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