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July 10, 2012

Intro to Flats



At least that is what I go into his post thinking!

I've never used one...

All the twisting and folding and pinning...

I was scared of prefolds, but ended up loving them (when my youngest was a newborn...forget it now. He moves too much, I'm lucky to get a diaper on him at all!)

But, I'm determined to tackle this one area of cloth diapering that has scared me for 4.5 years now.

I purchased a pack of flats a few months ago, prepped them, and that was it. They've been sitting in my son's cloth diaper basket since then...

So, why would someone want to use these massive square pieces of thin cloth to cloth diaper?
  • COST: they are really cheap (approximately $18 for a dozen, depending where you purchase from)
  • SIZE: Buy one size and you are golden, you just need to buy covers (and you can save money there too with one size covers)
  • MATERIAL: Being that the flats are a single layer of cotton, they wash easily and dry quickly
After learning this, why wouldn't someone want to use flats? The only thing I can think of would be the "learning curve" (learning the folds) and the "primitiveness" of it (this could be a reason TO use them for some people, I suppose!)

So, over the next month or so, I'm going to be giving flats a go...

I'll be learning the folds, trying them out on my youngest, and then, I'll share my thoughts, what I've learned, and how I liked them...

Until then, tell me your thoughts
Have you tried flats? 
Do you love them? 
What is your favorite fold? 
Do you only like them at a certain age/stage?
Share with everyone the good, and the bad! 
{and wish us luck, haha!}


Unknown said...

I've been wanting to learn about flats! I just started cloth diapering two weeks ago and I love prefolds with covers. I keep wondering if flats would work well for us, too. (Not that we need more diapers at this point, but in case we need to replace some stuff later.)

Pix said...

I wonder if someone sells just one or two to try before you buy :)

Délice said...

Hi! I'm so excited you're trying out flats! I have come to love them for playing in the yard or around the house on summer days, especially, when my little man needs airing out! :) My favorite fold is origami, but I do use the triangle fold with my smaller flats. And... I use... Mainstays Flour Sacks and bar rags as flats! LOL! :)

Good luck! Can't wait to hear how it goes! :)

sheldon clothes folder said...

I've been wanting to learn about flats too

Boise Wiebers said...

I missed this post when you initially shared it. I love my flats. The Origami fold was my favorite until my baby outgrew it. The Jo Fold, which Kim at DDL featured during her Flats Challenge became the next best thing for me. We are now entering PTing so I have switched to the Pad Fold for daytime use.

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