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March 2, 2013

Spray Pal Giveaway!

Spray Pal Giveaway!

Spray Pal loved our review so much that they decided to give away a Spray Pal to one lucky reader! Everyone else is a lucky reader as well because you get a special discount code to purchase your own Spray Pal! Here it is: CDA  Use that at their Hyena Cart and you will get 10% off your purchase!

To enter to win your own fill out the rafflecoptor and keep your fingers crossed! Giveaway and discount code end on March 16th at midnight. Winner will be announced Monday March 18th.

It isn't required to like their page but since you'll have a chance to win an\awesome Spray Pal, it would be nice to show some support to this WAHF! Tell them CDA sent you on her wall!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

February 28, 2013

Spray Pal

Spray Pal

If you are a cloth diapering mommy (or daddy), you know the fun times that are had when it comes to taking care of the poo and the even more fun when you have to spray it off into the toilet. The only downside...backsplash, ricochet, bad aim, sprayer mess, whatever you want to call it. You end up not only cleaning the diaper off but the entire bathroom as well. Lucky for every cloth diapering family out there, one little family created something to help everyone else. The Spray Pal!

Like they say "This is the best thing since sliced bread", this is probably the best thing since the cloth diaper. I am not kidding. If you own a diaper sprayer, you NEED this Spray Pal. Below are some pictures that demonstrate how to use it. Please take note that some of these picture contain real poo and if you must, advert your eyes. hehe. 

A little about the spray pal...The Spray Pal was invented by a Mom (Jen) and a Dad (Mr. Spray Pal) when they began their cloth diapering journey with their daughter when she was 3 months old. They didn't like the mess that was created when a dirty diaper was cleaned with a diaper sprayer. They came up with an idea that would prevent an entire bathroom wipe down. (no pun intended). After several prototypes and their fun demo videos, this is the product that they sell today! 

Dad puts everything together and Mom gets orders ready and shipped as well as handles their facebook pageand website. It really is a team effort and a great WAHF(amily). They both still teach outside of the home and now have a little boy as well! So they are super busy but still find time to constantly improve the Spray Pal and help CDing families all over!

In the picture below is a side shot of the clip and the snaps that are used to close the pal and to open it to "spray position". The plastic used is very flexible yet study. The snaps are easy to unsnap and snap and hold well. The clip is also very durable and can hold any size diaper/trainer that you use. I have tried several brands and had no issues with any!

This is a picture of their logo. It is now printed directly on the plastic rather than a sticker that was used before. There have been many different styles and the family had done a lot of work to perfect the Spray Pal. It is truly genius!

WARNING: poo ahead! 

To attached the diaper to the spray pal, I found it easiest to lay it on the counter and clip it. That way it wasn't standing in case any "heavier" poo decided to fall onto the floor.

Then you simply snap the three snaps in the front so it creates a dome. 

Set it over top of the toilet...

And spray!

Just spray until the poo is gone! 
This also works great when spraying off stinky overnight diapers as well!

I let it sit for a minute to drip.

Then you can unsnap it and squeeze the diaper within itself to get any remaining water off.

Then you just carry everything to the diaper pail and unclip! You don't even have to touch the diaper!

After you are done, you just spray the Spray Pal off if needed and put it away. If you need to do an extra cleaning, just use a clorox wipe to sanitize it!

We have also used our Spray Pal for rinsing out night time diapers and accidents in undies/trainers.

Here is my bathroom set up! We put a small rug underneath to contain any drips and keep everything neat and tidy. The Spray Pal is small enough to squeeze behind the toilet or inbetween anywhere you might have room for it. 

This is such a great accessory to have for cloth diapering families! You think that it can't get even better? Well guess again! You can purchase the Spray Pal for only $19.95!! That is such a great deal and well worth it! You won't regret owning this!

Stop by Spray Pal's facebook wall and let them know that CDA sent you!