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February 10, 2014

A Blooming Bath

Well, it's been a while since we've posted, and I'm sorry about that!  Three out of our five contributors have had babies in the last few months, and another one is due in a few weeks!!  So, we've all been a little busy :)  But, I thought I'd break the silence to share an awesome, fun product I was able to review--A Blooming Bath.
Some of you may have seen these before.  I'd seen pictures of them pop up on my facebook feed and things, but had never seen one in real life.  But they were so cute and intriguing, I always wondering exactly how they worked.  So, when they contacted us to do a review, I jumped at the chance!  They sent me a Blooming Bath in the canary yellow color (they also have turquoise, hot pink, green and ivory).  The yellow is so bright and vibrant-I love it!
The first thing I noticed about it was how soft and squishy it was.  Inside, it's a firm but soft foam and the outside is a silky, velvety fabric (and when it's wet, it actually gets ever softer!).  And I learned that the foam and fabric used in Blooming Baths are naturally antimicrobial and contain no chemicals!  I love that!  We try really hard to avoid unncessary toxins and chemicals around our kids, so this was a huge plus for using the Blooming Bath.
So, how do these things work?  Basically, you just put it in your sink, add the water and your baby, and bathe :)  I have to say, I was a little skeptical on whether or not it would really be worth it to use the Blooming Bath when you're using the sink to bathe little ones.  But, these things are awesome!!  They are so, so soft.  And warm!  Plus, there's no bending and leaning over the bathtub when you use your sink.  It's so much easier on your back.  With my first child, I always felt like the sink must be so cold and hard.  But with the Blooming Bath in there, it was so soft and cushy.  I'd love to take a bath in one :)
The other thing I love about it is that it fits pretty much any sink, and you can move it around to where your baby needs the support, since the petals move around.  It also keeps them from slipping around.  Wet babies are SO slippery!!  But when they're resting on the Blooming Bath, they don't slide around at all.  Even if you were using one of the mini tubs in your big bathtub, the babies still slide around in those, and they're so hard to hold onto!  With the Blooming Bath, they stay right where you put them...it's so much easier to wash them!
Another great advantage to using the Blooming Bath is that they fold back up to fit in the storage bag they come in--MUCH easier to store than one of the baby bathtubs!  You can also either air dry them (the tag can also be used as a drying hook) or they can go right into the dryer.  So easy!

Here's how the Blooming Bath fit in my kitchen sink....it goes down further into the sink once its filled with water.

I thought her first bath might look like this:

But literally, within seconds, she looked like this:

She seemed so comfy and cozy in there!

Overall, I absolutely love this product for sink bathing!  I felt like it made it safer to be bathing my little one in the sink--I didn't need to worry about her squirming around or hitting her head on the hard sink.  It's easy to store, easy to dry, and looks absolutely adorable.  What's not to love!  I also discovered that the idea for a Blooming Bath was from 4 dads, and that made me like it even more!
The only thing didn't love about it was that I had to clean the dishes out of my sink to use it :)
We love the Blooming Bath!!

A Blooming Bath is available at all buybuyBaby stores, Target.com, and many other boutiques across the country.  You can find a retailer here:  http://www.bloomingbath.com/dealer-locator. You can also order them online.  
And lucky for all of you, A Blooming Bath has offered to do a giveaway for our readers!  Be sure you enter below for a chance to win!!

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