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March 29, 2013

Koala Huggerz

Let me introduce the Koala Huggers AIO diaper. I am a huge fan of AIO diapers so I was eager to try this AIO out.

The diaper features two snaps on each wing. This is a OS diaper and it has 4 rise snap option helping to fit a wider range of baby's sizes.
The elastic across the back and legs was nice.
One thing i noticed right away which is usally a concern of mine with AIO diapers is where the extra bulk goes when i put this diaper on my smallest boy. If you put it on the smallest rise setting there is a pretty good chunky of material just hanging around not sure were to go. However, i have found that once I get the diaper on my boy that the diaper bulk does seem to spread out and not stay right there behind the rise snaps.
Here is an example of the texra bulk that is left in this diaper with the rise snaps as tight as they go.

The insdie of the diaper is a nice soft fleece material and inside for the soaker is a couple layers of bamboo. The diaper also comes with a small doubler that you can lay on top of the diaper.

Here is the diaper on my 9 month old. I have the rise open all the way in the picture but its is so big and poofy so I decided that a small er rise snap option would be better.
Here is the diaper snapped down to the second to smallest setting. Can you see how much better this looks with it snapped donw?

The upper leg area of the diaper does tend to cut kind of low over the thigh and we have had it leave a  a farther out red mark from the elastic
Over all this is a pretty nice AIO diaper, for the price of around $16 you can get a nice little AIO. Besides the cut on the upper leg we had a great fit. One thing that really bothers me with this AIO is that because there are no extra pocket openings on it I can not tell half of the time if it is dry or not. I do the normal dry cycle on this and I know its still wet so I hang dry it over night and it still feels so heavy like its holding in a ton of water from the wash.

You can find Koala Huggerz on their website here or on facebook.

March 27, 2013

Buttons Cloth Diapers

I'm really excited to share a great brand AI2 of cloth diapers with y'all-Buttons Diapers.  This is a new company to me, so I was pretty excited to try them out.  I'm also not a regular AI2 user, so I thought it might be good for me to branch out and try something new.  And I must say, I'm really glad I did!  Not only did I find a great daytime diaper, but I have also found another nighttime option for us (which is a really big deal, as I talked about last week!).  So, let's get down to business.

Buttons Diapers was founded by a husband and wife team, who wanted to come up with an easy and affordable way to use cloth diapers.  They came up with a wonderful one-size cover (available in 5 colors) and two size insert system.  They also have a nighttime insert to double up with the daytime insert.  It's really simple.  There aren't a lot of bells and whistles (like various types of inserts, patterned covers, etc.), but the colors they have are adorable, and the system works wonderfully!  Needless to say, they get the job done.

Amy, from Buttons Diapers, sent me a pebbles cover (which I absolutely love! The grey isn't like any other diaper we have), as well as a daytime and a nighttime insert.
it came packaged adorably!

The cover is great.  It's a one-size cover, with double leg gussets, which I absolutely love.  They always seem to keep the messes in much better.
double leg gusset
The PUL seems to be very high quality.  It isn't so thick that it makes the diaper really bulky, but it's thick enough that it seems like it's going to last a really long time.  Here's the inside of the PUL:

And the inserts are seriously the softest, thickest microfiber inserts I have ever felt!  There's a layer of fleece on the top of the insert, so it's completely safe (and dry) on your baby's bum.  I got the large size for my 25lb little guy.  
daytime insert on the left;
nighttime insert on the right

So, basically with these diapers, you simply snap in the insert to the cover and go!  There's a great instructional video on their website which explains the whole system wonderfully.  This image also shows how the diaper system works:

 There's two snaps, one at the front and one at the back, which I really appreciate.  This keeps the insert from shifting around while baby's playing and wiggling around.  To use the diaper for nighttime, you just snap the daytime insert on top of the nighttime insert and then snap both of them into the cover.  Here's what the diaper looks like with the insert snapped in:

My son got a great fit in these diapers!  They're nice and trim, but they hold a lot of liquid!

We have this diaper all the way opened up as far as rise goes, and it seems like it will fit him for quite a bit longer.  I may have snapped it down once, but using the large size insert, this isn't possible-you'd need the smaller size insert to use it on the smaller rise settings.  This wasn't a problem for me, but it did limit the sizing options a little.

There was absolutely no leg gaping for us, even though Myles is pretty skinny, so that was great!  Especially since it the rise was all the way up!  And the leg gussets are great.  They are tight enough to hold messes in, but never left any red marks.  
sorry this isn't the greatest picture....squirmy toddler.....
So overall, during the day, this diaper worked great!!  It was simple and easy to use, and worked wonderfully.  We were able to do a morning of errands with no leaking.  And the diaper is so trim it fits great under all our clothes!  Plus, the fit is awesome.
Now, on to nighttime.  As I talked about last week, Myles is a super soaker at night.  I haven't really tried anything new at nighttime in about 6 months, because after a really long struggle, I finally found some things that work and I'm too afraid to change it up!  But....with the thickness of these inserts and the amount they could hold, I decided to give it a try.  And I'll be honest-I was really nervous!!  I hate the thought of Myles waking up soaking wet, but I figured that I may as well give it a shot.  It's only one night.  Well, I shouldn't have been nervous-this diaper pulled through with flying colors!!  After sleeping for close to 13 hours, Myles woke up completely dry!  And although the inserts were pretty close to completely soaked, there was absolutely no leaking!!
Here's the thickness of the two soakers on top of each other:
And here's what the nighttime diaper looked like on Myles.  It's a little bulky, but not crazy.  And hey, if it gets the job done at night, I'm fine with bulk!!

Now, the only thing about the nighttime insert that I didn't love was that the two inserts barely fit into the cover.  It seemed like it was about to peek out the back-top of the diaper the whole time, which made me a little worried about the liquid wicking onto his pajamas.  It didn't happen-we were completely leak free all night, which is a really big deal for us!  But it still gets me a little nervous to see how close the insert gets to the top of the cover.  Aside from that, the nighttime insert worked so great!  I also love that it's a really easy solution for dads or babysitters.  Sometimes my other nighttime solutions are a little involved, with fitteds, wool covers, etc.  So, this would be a great nighttime solution, especially for when someone other than me is putting Myles to bed!  Just snap the inserts in and they're ready to snap it on him!

So, overall, we really loved this diaper!!  We get a wonderful, trim fit, and these inserts can hold a lot of liquid!  It's also one of the very few nighttime diapers that have worked, completely leak-free for us.  They're affordable, cute and so easy to use.  Be sure to check out Buttons Diapers on their website and on facebook.  Myles love these diapers, too-they're great for lego building! :)

Buttons Diapers was also kind enough to offer up a free diaper to one of our readers!!  The winner will have their choice of cover, and size of two daytime inserts.  Be sure to enter below!

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March 26, 2013

Made With Love Fitted Diaper

I'm happy to be able to introduce you to another WAHM brand today: Made With Love Diapers. Work at home mama, Kiera, makes gorgeous diapers. Kiera just celebrated her business's sixth anniversary in February, and she is in the process of opening a natural baby boutique, Motherbaby Naturals, in her home town!

Kiera sent me a lovely fitted diaper to review. With its adorable cotton velour rockin' guitars print on the outside and buttery soft inner bamboo and cotton layers, this fitted is squishy bliss!

This is a one size fitted, and has a snap down rise which gives a total of three possible rise heights. The fitted also has cross over snaps so this diaper can accommodate a large range of babies from 10 - 40 lbs. I love the fun snap colors that are on this diaper!

This shows the rise and waist snaps on the smallest setting.
The interior and snap in petal soaker are made of a 70/30 viscose of bamboo and organic cotton. The soaker snaps into the front inside of the diaper, a feature that makes unsnapping to wash a bit easier if there is poop in the diaper.

I get a really awesome fit on Ava with this diaper. Despite how tall she is, we are still on the middle rise setting so this fitted is going to last us a long time. The cross over rise snaps have helped us get a nice snug fit around Ava's skinny waist. The leg elastics are completely covered within the diaper, which is great for kids like Ava, who have sensitive skin and get rashy easily.

This diaper is so nice and trim. It doesn't cause a huge fluffy bum, but it still holds a lot of liquid! I love this diaper for nap time especially.

Overall, this is a fantastic fitted. It is very well made, and I love how soft the fabrics are that Kiera uses! It is really absorbent, and with the fun print and great fit, it is one of my favorite fitteds to use on Ava.

Make sure to check out the Made With Love Facebook page and the Motherbaby Naturals Facebook page to see more of Kiera's lovely products and keep up with her new venture.

Kiera has offered to do a free for shipping giveaway for one of her OS Naked Fitteds! The winner will get to choose the serging thread color or the snap colors if they opt for a turned and topstitched fitted.

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March 25, 2013

Rockstar Designs

I am excited to share with you another WAHM who's diapers I have come to really love. Night time diapering is...let be honest here... a pain in the butt! However one thing that I have found works amazingly well in holding a ton of pee is fitted diapers. I have tried a lot of fitted diapers but something that happens quite often with fitted diapers is that once they become wet, they get really hard and stiff. I would not want to be stuck in a hard stiff diaper all night if I were a baby. Enter RockStar Designs. I came across RockStar Designs on facebook and contacted them about doing a review. I was sent a diaper to review but with thanks to the post office it was lost in the mail! RockStar Designs sent me a new one right away and I got this cute Humpty Dumpty print. I love the bright blue as the inner color and the matching blue snaps.
Here is a super fun part of RockStar Designs fitted diapers. She uses a cute star snap on the back of the diaper for holding on the snap in insert! How fun is that! 
The outer part of the fitted is made with a knit. Then there is a hidden layer of poly fleece and wind pro jersey making this a hybrid fitted. The inside is lined with a cotton velour.
There is nice elastic across the back to help contain any poo that might try and escape. The diaper also features a fold down rise.
The snap in insert is made with one long piece that folds in half. There is also a small insert that snaps into the middle of the long insert. I love how this is set up! The snap in soaker is made with a soft cotton velour and 4 layers of organic bamboo fleece. The booster is made with organic bamboo fleece and an additional layer of poly fleece.
I have no idea why this picture is upside down but you can get the idea of how the fold down rise works on my little guy. He is 9 months old now and we use the fold down rise on him. There is a ton of growing room in this fitted still which is awesome because its one of my top 2 favorites for night time.
 It has a lot of cross over snaps which makes this great for the super skinny babies but it also works great on the bigger toddlers as well. It still fits my 35 pound almost 3 year old son as well.
 I love how trim this is. even with the rise folded down there isn't a ton of bulk on the front. I have some other fitteds that do have a lot of bulk up there and my baby hates wearing them, he will not go to sleep until I change him...he is a belly sleeper so having less bulk on his belly is great so we love this RockStar Designs fitted.

If you are in the market for a fitted diaper do check out RockStar designs. The mama behind the diapers is fantastic to work with and her diapers are amazing as well. She also makes a super hybrid fitted diaper and other items as well so check out RockStar Designs on their Facebook page and on Hyena Cart!

RockStar Designs is giving a EXCELLENT coupon code (For the first 10 people to email her). They are offering Cloth Diaper Addiction readers the chance to purchase a RockStar fitted diaper at $15 dollars and free shipping! This is almost HALF OFF the cost of the normally priced diapers. And for $15 bucks I would recommend picking up a couple of them because they are awesome diapers. Just send them an email at lil.rockers09{at}yahoo{dot}com and tell them you seen this great deal at Cloth Diaper Addiction and you would like to purchase one!

March 23, 2013

Mama Cricitz Nursing Pads

Here's one for the nursing mamas.

If you are in need of some soft super cute nursing pads you should check out Mama Cricketz. I was sent two sets of nursing pads to review. They came individually packaged with a buisness card.

The nursing pads are serged around the edges and are made with a flannel fabric on one side and a soft fleece on the other.
The prints I was sent were very cute.
These nursing pads were really nice for night time because they were so soft and breathable. They were a little thick and I noticed some bumps around the edges while wearing with a regular nursing bra but if you are wearing a padded bra they would be great. The nursing pads from Momma Cricketz run 3.50 a pair plus shipping. All sales are made though the Momma Cricketz facebook page. You can also find a lot of other neat items in her shop like hats, momma cloth, wipes and more. Be sure to check out her facebook page and her photo albums to see all her cute work!

March 22, 2013

EZ Squeezees

EZ Squeezees makes a great reusable squeeze pouch for babies and toddlers. I have used many of these with my 18 month old so I appreciated the great product that EZ Squeezees makes. I got a three pack of their pouches to review and they were an instant favorite of my daughters. The first time I used them, I didn't get my mixture thick enough so Coral dumped her food on her lap. After that, I made my purees a nice thick consistency and had no more mess like that.

The EZ Squeezee has a ziplock type closure on one side and an expanding gusset fold on the other to enable more food space. The pouch is easy to fill and close, which is great when you have a demanding little one ready for a snack. I had a little bit of a hard time trying to fit too much food into the pouch and making a mess. It says that it's about a 6oz capacity but I had a hard time getting that much in there. The closure is wonderfully secure and never once opened or leaked while in use.

On the back of the pouch there is a place to write the contents. This is great if you are sending it to daycare with your child and want to keep track of the date. Also, it's wonderful for helping keep track when making a variety of pouches for balanced meals.

The side opening is easy to access and makes for easy filling.

Here is a picture of the other side with the gusset. After a few uses and washes, there are some creases in this fold that concerned me. It looks like little cracks in the seal but they don't actually leak. I filled the pouch with water and nothing came out. Phew! I loved these pouches.

Here's about 4oz of applesauce in the pouch. Check out how the pouch just sits there ready for filling. It's so handy!

Here is the toodler-squeal inducing pouch all full. Coral will be up soon and I know when she see's it she will be so excited for breakfast. It's in the fridge now but I will place it in warm water for a bit so bring it just above room tempurature.

On EZ Squeezes website, they have an amazing variety or recipes for your healthy child. You can get these wonderful pouches in 3-packs there as well! They are offering a coupon code for our readers. Code is CLOTHADDICT buy TWO 3-PACKS of pouches and a bag of replacement caps, the cost of caps will be taken off at checkout when you put the code in. Just add it in when you check out.

Go "like" EZ Squeezees Facebook page for updates.

The generous folks over at EZ Squeezee are giving away 2 prizes to our readers. Experience the baby-bliss for yourselves!

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March 20, 2013

Our Overnight Solution

Cloth diapering comes with some challenges-upfront cost, finding a good fit, poop (just poop in general!), and being out and about with cloth diapers.  But the most challenging thing for me (and many others) has been nighttime diapering.  My son, Myles is quite a heavy wetter.  When he was about a month old, I started using my pocket diapers (I had previously just been using prefolds/covers with no issues).  The pocket diapers didn't work-we had leaks all. the. time.  I gave up on them and moved back to just using prefolds and covers, which worked great, but weren't very convenient for other people to use.  A few months later, Myles was going to be with a babysitter one day a week, and I really wanted to find a cloth diapering solution while he was with her.  So, back to our pockets we went.  And again, leaks.  I thought it was the fit, I thought maybe it was the brand of diaper, but never really considered I wasn't adding enough absorbency inside.  I always used the bigger microfiber insert, which I just assumed should be enough.  Well, one day I decided to double up the microfiber inserts, and.... no leaks!  I kept doubling up the inserts in all our pocket diapers and, whaddya know, no leaks!  I finally realized that my son was just a super soaker.
Now, up until this point, we hadn't really had issues with nighttime diapering.  Although Myles was still nursing during the night, I would always change him when I got up to feed him, so we never really had a problem.  But around four months old, he was starting to sleep at much longer stretches, and all of a sudden, I could not keep him dry at night!  I tried adding a microfiber insert to the outside of his prefold, under a PUL cover.  I tried two or three inserts inside a pocket.  I even tried putting a Thirsties cover over a heavily stuffed pocket diaper.  He always woke up soaking!!
The first thing I found that worked (well, for a while, until he started sleeping 10 hours at a time) were hemp inserts.  They seriously changed my life.  I got some nice, thick, hemp inserts, and I paired them with a prefold.  It was the first time he'd woken up dry in a few weeks.  This worked for quite a while.  But when he really started sleeping through the night, we really needed something more.  I did a lot of research online (and even questioned Kristina, the lovely founder of this blog), and the thing that kept popping up was fitteds and wool.  I didn't own any fitteds and was terrified of wool, but I decided that I'd better give it a try.
I went to my local cloth diapering store and got a SBISH (sustainablebabyish) wool cover.
SBISH wool cover

 It was expensive, but, looking back now, well worth it!  I used it for almost a year.  I also ordered an SBISH nighttime fitted diaper (they call them their OBF diapers-overnight/organic bamboo fitteds).  This was also pretty expensive, but it was also well worth the money!!  After I learned about lanolizing and washing wool, I started using the pair at night.  And guess what-no leaks.  Ever!!  First of all, the SBISH diaper can hold a LOT of liquid.  But even on the rare occasions that it's completely soaked, the wool cover keeps our PJs dry!  So, even though the diaper was a little costly, it does it's job really well. I haven't bought another SBISH fitted yet, not because I don't love it, but because my son actually still fits in the one I got him probably a year ago.  The rise is getting a little short, but it still does its job!

Since then, I've found a few other diapers that work for my super soaker.
One is PoopsieDoodles fitted diapers.
PoopsieDoodle fitted diaper

These are a little less absorbent than the SBISH diapers, but paired with a wool cover (really, any wool cover, not only SBISH), we rarely have a leak.  Plus, she has the cutest prints for the diapers!!

The other thing that always gets us through the night are our Smart Bottoms Smartfolds.
Smart Bottoms Smartfolds

The large size is advertised to hold up to 16 oz of liquid!  And from my experience, I'm pretty sure it's true!  Often, these are completely soaked, all the way through by the morning, but paired with a Flips cover, we don't have leaks!  Now, for some reason, our Flips covers are the only ones we don't get leaks with-I just fold up the Smartfold and lay it in the cover.  The Flips cover has extra flaps to hold the diaper in place, so I think that's why they work so well.  I've tried it in a Thirsties cover, which usually work great for us, but for some reason, we always get leaks.  I'm thinking maybe the diaper moves around inside the cover with nothing to hold it in place.

And that's it!  Honestly, since we've found that these work for us, I don't often try other things for nighttime, simply because I'm afraid they won't work!  So, we've pretty much stuck to these few things for the last year or so.  And 99% of our mornings, Myles wakes up dry.

How about you guys?  Have you found any fool-proof nighttime solutions for your little ones?

March 19, 2013

Buncha Farmers Stain Stick

You just received a set of lovely new organic cotton all in one diapers for your daughter. Opening the packaging, you inspect them all and take them to the washer to begin the prepping process. Three washes and dries later the soft buttery cotton awaits its first use on your daughter's bum. During her next diaper change you happily choose a fun print, snap it on, and head downstairs. Then it happens. The biggest, nastiest poop she has had in weeks... covering the whole inside of your brand new diaper! Not just any poop, this is a bright greenish yellow color due to some new food that she tried recently. You groan as you realize that your lovely new unspoiled diaper is now permanently stained beyond recognition, and you see the resale value dropping before your eyes. Or is it?

Has this ever happened to you? Friends, I have found a solution! The day that this happened to me just happened to be the day after I received a Buncha Farmers Stain Stick to review.

Buncha Farmers is an all natural stain remover that is 100% biodegradable. It has a lovely eucalyptus smell that I love, and comes in a stick that is about 4 inches long. All you have to do to use it is wet the stick and rub it directly on the stain.

Truthfully, I was not holding out much hope that it would work on this diaper. I mean, just look at these stains! These are what was left after the diaper had gone through my usual washing routine. Yikes!

So like any good review blogger I snapped a couple pictures of the stained diaper just in case Buncha Farmers worked. When I went back to my washer after another wash cycle I was greeted with this sight pictured below.

I was amazed that so much of the stain had been lifted! You can see on the lower layer of cotton the darker areas are where I didn't get the stain stick the first time. I rubbed the diaper down with the stain stick again, making sure that I actually got all the stained areas this time, and threw it in with my next load of laundry. When it came out of the washer the second time I put it on my drying rack in my dining room to catch any sun that might happen to show up. I'm pretty sure there wasn't much sun though, since I live in Michigan and it is dreary winter here still. The results below are purely due to the Buncha Farmers Stain Stick.

I am so amazed by how good this diaper looks! Yes, it is the same diaper that was gross and stained just a few pictures back! It looks like new again, and I really can't find any traces of the stains that were there.

I was so impressed with how this stain remover worked. I only had to use the stick twice on this terribly stained diaper to get this result. I found that it worked well to apply the stain remover to the diaper when it was wet and clean out of the washer, and then I just added it to my next load of laundry. If you cloth diaper or have kids or pets, you need this stick! It retails for around $5, and you can find a list of retailers here.

Buncha Farmers is distributed by Green Team Enterprises Distribution, and they have offered to giveaway a Buncha Farmers Stain Stick to one of our readers! Enter via the form below.

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