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March 15, 2013

Mama Rose's Naturals

Mama Rose's Naturals is a wonderful mama-created line of products made here in Oregon. I got to review a sample of Mama Rose's Sunshine Spray and Magic Touch Baby Balm which are shown below. These are just two of Mama Rose's large line of family health products. I was so impressed with how these two items served us, I am excited to try more!

 The Sunshine Spray is an incredibly versatile product and a full list of uses can be read here. I was looking forward to using it as a spray for dirty baby bums. It's wonderful as a wipes spray because it is light, refreshing and leaves no residue on the baby. The scent is mild and the spray is generous. I continued to use the spray for crazy baby hair, dirty face and dirty hands cleanser. It must be the rose water or lavender that makes me relax and savor the scent when ever it is used.

 The Magic Touch baby balm is a wonderfully smooth salve that can be a treat for the baby and parent. As you spread it over your baby's skin, your hands soak up the moisture as well. Moisture that is much needed this time of year. It's good for eczema, chapped skin, diaper rash and cracked hands. I sometimes get cracks around my nails this time of year. It is so painful to work around the house with broken skin and the Magic Touch baby balm was a much needed relief from my chronic dry skin. The first night I used it, I but a generous amount on my finger, wrapped in a bandaid to keep it from getting wiped off, and left on all night. In the morning, my finger with the split skin didn't hurt anymore and the damaged skin had started to repair itself already! I have been so pleased with the wholesome approaches that Mama Rose's Naturals provides to Life's real, relentless problems.

Thank you Mama Rose! Please go check out her website. She also has a lovely store in Jasper, Oregon!

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