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March 27, 2013

Buttons Cloth Diapers

I'm really excited to share a great brand AI2 of cloth diapers with y'all-Buttons Diapers.  This is a new company to me, so I was pretty excited to try them out.  I'm also not a regular AI2 user, so I thought it might be good for me to branch out and try something new.  And I must say, I'm really glad I did!  Not only did I find a great daytime diaper, but I have also found another nighttime option for us (which is a really big deal, as I talked about last week!).  So, let's get down to business.

Buttons Diapers was founded by a husband and wife team, who wanted to come up with an easy and affordable way to use cloth diapers.  They came up with a wonderful one-size cover (available in 5 colors) and two size insert system.  They also have a nighttime insert to double up with the daytime insert.  It's really simple.  There aren't a lot of bells and whistles (like various types of inserts, patterned covers, etc.), but the colors they have are adorable, and the system works wonderfully!  Needless to say, they get the job done.

Amy, from Buttons Diapers, sent me a pebbles cover (which I absolutely love! The grey isn't like any other diaper we have), as well as a daytime and a nighttime insert.
it came packaged adorably!

The cover is great.  It's a one-size cover, with double leg gussets, which I absolutely love.  They always seem to keep the messes in much better.
double leg gusset
The PUL seems to be very high quality.  It isn't so thick that it makes the diaper really bulky, but it's thick enough that it seems like it's going to last a really long time.  Here's the inside of the PUL:

And the inserts are seriously the softest, thickest microfiber inserts I have ever felt!  There's a layer of fleece on the top of the insert, so it's completely safe (and dry) on your baby's bum.  I got the large size for my 25lb little guy.  
daytime insert on the left;
nighttime insert on the right

So, basically with these diapers, you simply snap in the insert to the cover and go!  There's a great instructional video on their website which explains the whole system wonderfully.  This image also shows how the diaper system works:

 There's two snaps, one at the front and one at the back, which I really appreciate.  This keeps the insert from shifting around while baby's playing and wiggling around.  To use the diaper for nighttime, you just snap the daytime insert on top of the nighttime insert and then snap both of them into the cover.  Here's what the diaper looks like with the insert snapped in:

My son got a great fit in these diapers!  They're nice and trim, but they hold a lot of liquid!

We have this diaper all the way opened up as far as rise goes, and it seems like it will fit him for quite a bit longer.  I may have snapped it down once, but using the large size insert, this isn't possible-you'd need the smaller size insert to use it on the smaller rise settings.  This wasn't a problem for me, but it did limit the sizing options a little.

There was absolutely no leg gaping for us, even though Myles is pretty skinny, so that was great!  Especially since it the rise was all the way up!  And the leg gussets are great.  They are tight enough to hold messes in, but never left any red marks.  
sorry this isn't the greatest picture....squirmy toddler.....
So overall, during the day, this diaper worked great!!  It was simple and easy to use, and worked wonderfully.  We were able to do a morning of errands with no leaking.  And the diaper is so trim it fits great under all our clothes!  Plus, the fit is awesome.
Now, on to nighttime.  As I talked about last week, Myles is a super soaker at night.  I haven't really tried anything new at nighttime in about 6 months, because after a really long struggle, I finally found some things that work and I'm too afraid to change it up!  But....with the thickness of these inserts and the amount they could hold, I decided to give it a try.  And I'll be honest-I was really nervous!!  I hate the thought of Myles waking up soaking wet, but I figured that I may as well give it a shot.  It's only one night.  Well, I shouldn't have been nervous-this diaper pulled through with flying colors!!  After sleeping for close to 13 hours, Myles woke up completely dry!  And although the inserts were pretty close to completely soaked, there was absolutely no leaking!!
Here's the thickness of the two soakers on top of each other:
And here's what the nighttime diaper looked like on Myles.  It's a little bulky, but not crazy.  And hey, if it gets the job done at night, I'm fine with bulk!!

Now, the only thing about the nighttime insert that I didn't love was that the two inserts barely fit into the cover.  It seemed like it was about to peek out the back-top of the diaper the whole time, which made me a little worried about the liquid wicking onto his pajamas.  It didn't happen-we were completely leak free all night, which is a really big deal for us!  But it still gets me a little nervous to see how close the insert gets to the top of the cover.  Aside from that, the nighttime insert worked so great!  I also love that it's a really easy solution for dads or babysitters.  Sometimes my other nighttime solutions are a little involved, with fitteds, wool covers, etc.  So, this would be a great nighttime solution, especially for when someone other than me is putting Myles to bed!  Just snap the inserts in and they're ready to snap it on him!

So, overall, we really loved this diaper!!  We get a wonderful, trim fit, and these inserts can hold a lot of liquid!  It's also one of the very few nighttime diapers that have worked, completely leak-free for us.  They're affordable, cute and so easy to use.  Be sure to check out Buttons Diapers on their website and on facebook.  Myles love these diapers, too-they're great for lego building! :)

Buttons Diapers was also kind enough to offer up a free diaper to one of our readers!!  The winner will have their choice of cover, and size of two daytime inserts.  Be sure to enter below!

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Jess Long said...

I would pick a pebble

Christina G said...

I'd choose blueberry

Holly J. said...

I have the blueberry cover, and I love it! I would choose pebble.

Pix said...

The pebble is just too cute.

Hannah R said...

I would choose a Blueberry cover; my girl looks awesome in blue!!

Hannah P. said...


Lady Lidia said...

blueberry! :}

Love{&}Bugs said...

I would pick pebble. Unless this baby turns out to be a girl and then I would pick strawberry because we don't have any girly diapers :-)

Unknown said...

I would pick pebble, we do not have any even close to that color?

Colleen Maurina said...

I would choose the Sweet Pea color.

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Amanda said...

I would choose the Pebble!

Katie Fender said...

Either sweet pea or pebble!

aperry said...

I like pebble

Lois said...

I really like the pebble color. Its very unique. Yuu don't see to many grey diapers.

jennifer NL said...

pebble! i love grey/silver diapers

Unknown said...

I would like to win the pebble colored diaper

Ashley B. said...

I'm obsessed with all things grey these days so would pick pebble!

Jessica w said...

I like the strawberry or sweet pea.

Liz Anderson said...

I do think I would choose pebble... cute!

Erin B. said...

I would choose Sweet Pea!

Kristin said...

I would choose Strawberry!

Rachel M. said...

The blueberry

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I would love the Snow

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I would choose Pebble or Blueberry!

That Bald Chick said...

I would pick strawberry!

Actually Kristen said...

pebble or blueberry for sure!

Lianne said...

I love the pebble color! I really need some grey diaps.

Rachel said...

Definitely pebble!

Unknown said...

PI like the pebble.

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I like pebble

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I like blueberry

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I like Sweet Pea!

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i like sweet pea and pebble - bonnie r

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Sweet Pea!!

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Cham F. said...

Love the gray! It's super cute!

momtomany said...


Unknown said...


Sweets_t01 said...

I love pebble! Dont have that color in my stash at all.

Charity said...

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Vicki Hall said...

I would pick the strawberry cover.

Unknown said...


Breanne said...

Sweet Pea

Unknown said...

I like the blueberry

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Sweet Pea

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