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March 19, 2013

Buncha Farmers Stain Stick

You just received a set of lovely new organic cotton all in one diapers for your daughter. Opening the packaging, you inspect them all and take them to the washer to begin the prepping process. Three washes and dries later the soft buttery cotton awaits its first use on your daughter's bum. During her next diaper change you happily choose a fun print, snap it on, and head downstairs. Then it happens. The biggest, nastiest poop she has had in weeks... covering the whole inside of your brand new diaper! Not just any poop, this is a bright greenish yellow color due to some new food that she tried recently. You groan as you realize that your lovely new unspoiled diaper is now permanently stained beyond recognition, and you see the resale value dropping before your eyes. Or is it?

Has this ever happened to you? Friends, I have found a solution! The day that this happened to me just happened to be the day after I received a Buncha Farmers Stain Stick to review.

Buncha Farmers is an all natural stain remover that is 100% biodegradable. It has a lovely eucalyptus smell that I love, and comes in a stick that is about 4 inches long. All you have to do to use it is wet the stick and rub it directly on the stain.

Truthfully, I was not holding out much hope that it would work on this diaper. I mean, just look at these stains! These are what was left after the diaper had gone through my usual washing routine. Yikes!

So like any good review blogger I snapped a couple pictures of the stained diaper just in case Buncha Farmers worked. When I went back to my washer after another wash cycle I was greeted with this sight pictured below.

I was amazed that so much of the stain had been lifted! You can see on the lower layer of cotton the darker areas are where I didn't get the stain stick the first time. I rubbed the diaper down with the stain stick again, making sure that I actually got all the stained areas this time, and threw it in with my next load of laundry. When it came out of the washer the second time I put it on my drying rack in my dining room to catch any sun that might happen to show up. I'm pretty sure there wasn't much sun though, since I live in Michigan and it is dreary winter here still. The results below are purely due to the Buncha Farmers Stain Stick.

I am so amazed by how good this diaper looks! Yes, it is the same diaper that was gross and stained just a few pictures back! It looks like new again, and I really can't find any traces of the stains that were there.

I was so impressed with how this stain remover worked. I only had to use the stick twice on this terribly stained diaper to get this result. I found that it worked well to apply the stain remover to the diaper when it was wet and clean out of the washer, and then I just added it to my next load of laundry. If you cloth diaper or have kids or pets, you need this stick! It retails for around $5, and you can find a list of retailers here.

Buncha Farmers is distributed by Green Team Enterprises Distribution, and they have offered to giveaway a Buncha Farmers Stain Stick to one of our readers! Enter via the form below.

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Abby said...

I haven't tried too many stain fighters, so I'm just a fan of sunshine at this point. But this product looks amazing! (Abby B)

Unknown said...

Excited to try this stain stick and I haven't used one before!

The Durhams said...

sunning diapers usually helps with fading or getting rid of stains for us. but i would love to use this stick on some stubborn stains that just don't seem to disappear.


Unknown said...

So far I haven't tried any stain removers yet, but I have some stained bamboo inserts that could use some help:)

dannies said...

I have the stick and it is wonderful! It gets poop out of monkeys diapers, oily stuff off my clothes and blood too.

Jessica said...

I usually sun them to get rid of stains.
jjak2003 at gmail dot com

Trisha W. said...

I've only tried sunning them. -Trisha W.

aperry said...


kay said...

Sun is th ebest (katie linden)

MrsQuattro said...

Looking forward to trying this! Christine

Melissa said...

Sunning, but unfortunately, right now I live in a second story apartment and can't really!

Allison said...

The sun works wonders... too bad I live in a state that only gets sun about half the year.

That Bald Chick said...

Our baby is due in 4 weeks, so we havne't had any stains yet. I've heard sunning does wonders, though.

Melissa said...


Catherine Mirelez said...

My favorite way to get stains out of diapers is the sun

catherine mirelez

Cassidy & Shawn Marshall said...

using the sun and using an extra hot rinse if i have to- cassidy

rkasinger said...

This looks pretty good. I just might order one of these.

CakeMomma said...

Still new to CDing and baby isn't here yet so I have yet to deal with stains but would love to try the buncha Farmers stick!!
Katie Rogers

Unknown said...

Sunshine and a little lemon juice on the very bad ones.

selenke said...

I like using the sun best, but this stain stick really works great too, I just tried one last week!

Liz Anderson said...

We use the sun! But in the winter that doesn't always work ;)

Cham F. said...

We use the sun to get rid of stains as best we can. :-)

CakeMomma said...

New to how the giveaways work, how do I claim this? Do I contact some with CDA or go straight to the company doing the giveaway? Thanks! btw, super excited to try this out!
-Katie Rogers

Anonymous said...

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