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March 8, 2013

Eco Love Beauty

Eco friendly natural mineral eye makeup.

There are many things that we have grown accustomed to using in our lives that fall far below our normal health standards. Makeup is surely one of these things but it is easy to forget. It's important to take a closer look at what we are putting on out faces each day.

Eco Love Beauty makes a wonderful selection of mineral eye makeup that is
♥ paraben free
♥ fragrance free
♥ nano-particle free
♥ talc free
♥ dye free
♥ bismuth free

 There can be comprimises that we make for natural products but with this Pebblesbrook eye shadow that I am reviewing today, I was pleased that it worked as well and even better than conventional eyeshadow I've used.

I have fair skin so I got a lighter color to try out. You can see the shiny light purple tint above on the back of my hand. The mica gives it a gently translucent look that brightens naturally. The loose powder goes on smooth and consistently.

Here is the eye makeup applied with a light coat. Since I have such a fair complextion, I have to be careful to not go too dark with makeup or I look like a circus attraction. Pebblesbrook was a great color for me and made my eyes look fresh and bright. It stayed pretty consistent through the day, which is difficult with oily skin. There were no darker lines of eyeshadow in my lid creases or smudges. 

Check Eco Love Beauty out on Facebook or shop on Etsy to see their selection of over thirty shades of eye makeup.

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