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March 25, 2013

Rockstar Designs

I am excited to share with you another WAHM who's diapers I have come to really love. Night time diapering is...let be honest here... a pain in the butt! However one thing that I have found works amazingly well in holding a ton of pee is fitted diapers. I have tried a lot of fitted diapers but something that happens quite often with fitted diapers is that once they become wet, they get really hard and stiff. I would not want to be stuck in a hard stiff diaper all night if I were a baby. Enter RockStar Designs. I came across RockStar Designs on facebook and contacted them about doing a review. I was sent a diaper to review but with thanks to the post office it was lost in the mail! RockStar Designs sent me a new one right away and I got this cute Humpty Dumpty print. I love the bright blue as the inner color and the matching blue snaps.
Here is a super fun part of RockStar Designs fitted diapers. She uses a cute star snap on the back of the diaper for holding on the snap in insert! How fun is that! 
The outer part of the fitted is made with a knit. Then there is a hidden layer of poly fleece and wind pro jersey making this a hybrid fitted. The inside is lined with a cotton velour.
There is nice elastic across the back to help contain any poo that might try and escape. The diaper also features a fold down rise.
The snap in insert is made with one long piece that folds in half. There is also a small insert that snaps into the middle of the long insert. I love how this is set up! The snap in soaker is made with a soft cotton velour and 4 layers of organic bamboo fleece. The booster is made with organic bamboo fleece and an additional layer of poly fleece.
I have no idea why this picture is upside down but you can get the idea of how the fold down rise works on my little guy. He is 9 months old now and we use the fold down rise on him. There is a ton of growing room in this fitted still which is awesome because its one of my top 2 favorites for night time.
 It has a lot of cross over snaps which makes this great for the super skinny babies but it also works great on the bigger toddlers as well. It still fits my 35 pound almost 3 year old son as well.
 I love how trim this is. even with the rise folded down there isn't a ton of bulk on the front. I have some other fitteds that do have a lot of bulk up there and my baby hates wearing them, he will not go to sleep until I change him...he is a belly sleeper so having less bulk on his belly is great so we love this RockStar Designs fitted.

If you are in the market for a fitted diaper do check out RockStar designs. The mama behind the diapers is fantastic to work with and her diapers are amazing as well. She also makes a super hybrid fitted diaper and other items as well so check out RockStar Designs on their Facebook page and on Hyena Cart!

RockStar Designs is giving a EXCELLENT coupon code (For the first 10 people to email her). They are offering Cloth Diaper Addiction readers the chance to purchase a RockStar fitted diaper at $15 dollars and free shipping! This is almost HALF OFF the cost of the normally priced diapers. And for $15 bucks I would recommend picking up a couple of them because they are awesome diapers. Just send them an email at lil.rockers09{at}yahoo{dot}com and tell them you seen this great deal at Cloth Diaper Addiction and you would like to purchase one!


Jennifer Cole-Regis said...

I have two of these diapers and love them for night time diapering!

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