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March 12, 2013

GroVia Kiwi Pie Fitted Diaper

I was given the opportunity to review the new GroVia Kiwi Pie Fitted diaper today. These are a new addition to the GroVia line, and are American made! These fitteds have an adorable cotton fabric on the outside and the inside is a blend of micro-modal and pima cotton.

Micro-modal fabric is a great sustainable fabric option which is made from beech trees and is fifty percent more absorbent than cotton! It also stays softer longer due to it's resistance to hard water mineral deposits. We have very hard water at our house and I can already tell that this diaper is staying nice and soft despite that! 

 Like all fitteds, the GroVia Kiwi Pie does shrink a bit after prepping, but I found that the shrinkage was very minimal compared to other diapers I have prepped.

The GroVia Kiwi Pie is a one size fitted and has one set of rise snaps. These fitteds are sized from 10 - 30 pounds, and I definitely think that this would have fit Ava great when she was a newborn. 

The rise snaps are offset slightly from each other, which helps to reduce bulk. I really like this feature as I think it gives a nicer front look when the rise is snapped down.

Each GroVia Kiwi Pie comes with two four-layer inserts that simply lay inside the diaper. Most fitteds I have tried snap into the diaper, so I was surprised that these were lay-in soakers. I think it gives a nice clean look to the outside of the diaper though, with no snaps on the outside.

I really love that the soakers each have the cute print on the back of them! This is a great feature if you have multiple Kiwi Pies and want to ensure that the correct soaker stays with the correct diaper.

The two soakers snap together on one end, which helps keep them from moving around too much. This is where my only complaint with the diaper came in. I found the snaps here to be very "soft," meaning that they didn't click together nicely and they didn't hold very strongly. It's not a huge issue with this diaper since it really doesn't affect function, and it could be just this particular diaper too.

I found the fit to be really nice on Ava. You can see that we got a really trim fit between the legs. I love the ruffly look of a serged diaper, and the only bummer is that I have to hide the cute pattern under a cover!

This side view shows how trim this fitted is! This is with both soakers inside; for a smaller baby with the rise snapped down you could easily just use one soaker to get a nice trim fit.

The snap layout is just like my GroVia shells and we got a really similar fit to what we get with those. I love when diapers fit nice and smooth in the front like this.

Here is the fitted with my GroVia owls snap shell over it. Typically when I use the GroVia soakers I have the shell on the middle rise setting, but the fitted is a little bulkier so I opened the rise all the way up to fit over it.

I did struggle a little to get the sides of the fitted completely covered by the shell. You can see here the Kiwi Pie peeking out a tiny bit. It seemed to me that the Kiwi Pie was just a touch wider than the shell here so it was a little tricky to get it all to go under the shell. I have not had any wicking though so my cover job holds up!

Overall we have really enjoyed this fitted. Ava is a super wetter at night, and this fitted worked well with just a little extra absorbency added. For a medium to normal wetter at night you probably just need this fitted by itself. (For comparison, we usually use an angel-folded baby sized prefold with an infant sized prefold tri-folded as an insert, and both of those are soaked by morning!) For day time use, I can get a really long time out of this fitted, so it is one that I reach for if I am going out for a while and don't want to worry about leaks! 

GroVia Kiwi Pie fitteds retail at $27.00 and come in six adorable prints! Considering the fantastic fabrics, print choices, absorbency, and the fact that these are made in the USA the price is totally worth it to me. I highly recommend these fitteds!


rkasinger said...

I really think this is a cute diaper. That being said..... I have a hard time swallowing the fact that it cost so much. Then after you pay that price you now have to buy a cover too??? It takes the cost effectiveness out of cloth diapering. Which is why we do it. If we had more money to put into our stash, I would probably try it.

Shannon Reed said...

We just started trying the grovia cloth diapers and they are great! Worth the cost for sure.

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