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March 29, 2013

Koala Huggerz

Let me introduce the Koala Huggers AIO diaper. I am a huge fan of AIO diapers so I was eager to try this AIO out.

The diaper features two snaps on each wing. This is a OS diaper and it has 4 rise snap option helping to fit a wider range of baby's sizes.
The elastic across the back and legs was nice.
One thing i noticed right away which is usally a concern of mine with AIO diapers is where the extra bulk goes when i put this diaper on my smallest boy. If you put it on the smallest rise setting there is a pretty good chunky of material just hanging around not sure were to go. However, i have found that once I get the diaper on my boy that the diaper bulk does seem to spread out and not stay right there behind the rise snaps.
Here is an example of the texra bulk that is left in this diaper with the rise snaps as tight as they go.

The insdie of the diaper is a nice soft fleece material and inside for the soaker is a couple layers of bamboo. The diaper also comes with a small doubler that you can lay on top of the diaper.

Here is the diaper on my 9 month old. I have the rise open all the way in the picture but its is so big and poofy so I decided that a small er rise snap option would be better.
Here is the diaper snapped down to the second to smallest setting. Can you see how much better this looks with it snapped donw?

The upper leg area of the diaper does tend to cut kind of low over the thigh and we have had it leave a  a farther out red mark from the elastic
Over all this is a pretty nice AIO diaper, for the price of around $16 you can get a nice little AIO. Besides the cut on the upper leg we had a great fit. One thing that really bothers me with this AIO is that because there are no extra pocket openings on it I can not tell half of the time if it is dry or not. I do the normal dry cycle on this and I know its still wet so I hang dry it over night and it still feels so heavy like its holding in a ton of water from the wash.

You can find Koala Huggerz on their website here or on facebook.

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