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May 31, 2011

Monkey Doodlez Tuck and Go

I had seen Monkey Doodlez Diapers here and there online and didn't really know much about them. I contacted them up to see if they would be interested in a review and they were. So they sent me this green, medium tuck and go diaper to try out on my son.

These diapers are sized but offer a couple of rise snaps to adjust the size of the diaper it its a little big. This is handy for when your baby is on the small end of the weight range for the sized diaper.
The diaper features velcro and had laundry tabs on it.
The inside of this diaper is where it become extra unique. Just the ends have little 'pockets' that you tuck pad into.
Here is the pad tucked into the shell. It fits pretty good in there. I did have to make sure I tucked the right end of the pad into the right end of the shell.
Their velcro closure that they use is also different from most other velcro diapers. Its not the rough scratchy kind.
I liked that the legs are top stitched and they offer nice elastic around the opening as well.
The pads have fleece on one side and are made of a nice absorbent hemp cotton blend material.
Overall I would have to say this is a pretty nice diaper. It took me a minute to realize that the insert had to go a certain way but not hard to figure out after that. I did have a problem with the tags on the inserts coming off them in the first wash while I was prepping them. This really isn't a huge deal but now I just won't be able to tell what size they are. I liked the fit of this diaper on my guy. (I didn't get pictures yet of him in it.) I actually think he might get a better fit with the large diaper rather than the medium because the rise seems to dip really low. Although, I have never had any leaks with this diaper. I left it on him throughout nap and he is a belly sleeper and no leaks even with the low rise.

If you are interested in purchasing a Monkey Doodlez Diaper for yourself you can find a retailer here.

Monkey Doodlez has offered our readers a discount code: coffee15 for 15% off TAG Covers and Inserts. This code is good May 31- June 7!

Feel free to check out their sites as well:

coffee15 for 15% off TAG Covers and Inserts. The code will be valid from May 31 – June 7

May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

As we go forth this Memorial Day take a moment or two to talk about the reason behind this holiday with your children. Tell them about our service men and women who gave their lives to serve and fight for our countries. I give so much love and respect to the family members I have who are serving right now and have served in the past. I also have so much respect for their wives and children who have to sit and wait for their husband and daddy to arrive home from war safely. Also on this Memorial Day say a prayer for all the Men and Women who are currently serving our country.

My cousins husband recently returned back home to her and their two beautiful daughters. They are stationed overseas and I couldn't imagine being so far away from family and having my husband in Afghanistan. The look on the girl's faces are so precious and priceless. Daddy is finally home!
*photos courtesy of my cousin. They were taken right when he arrived home from war after being gone for a year*

I know that not only today but everyday, I am proud to be an American.

May 26, 2011

Bags, bags, every where

We have a slew of wet bags in our house. We use them all the time, for everything.

I shared a few weeks ago about the wet bag in our kitchen for our unpaper towels. It is one of my favorite bags we have - so well made and has held up great!

I also have a small Leslie's Boutique Grab-n-go wet bag in our bathroom for more, um, personal things. One of the few things in a house full of boys that I can claim is all mine. Ha!
Then there are the diaper wet bags. We have such a wide variety for the boys - all shapes, sizes and styles.

Our main wet bag for Benjamin hangs in the big boys bathroom. It's a Mother of Eden bag (technically a "Hanging Diaper Pail") and it is HUGE! A friend gave it to us when she was done cloth diapering and I thought I had hit the jackpot. Two years later (for us. She stopped using it about 4 years ago) it is still going strong. (You can see it hanging next to the duck tub - that's how big it is).
Our main wet bag for Caedmon is a Large Planet Wise hanging bag in Green Meadow and hangs in our bedroom where he sleeps and we do his diaper changes. I love that it is a hanging bag with the snapping handle - it makes things so convenient to hang on a number of things (doorhandle, corner of the pack & play, a dresser handle, etc...).
We also have a medium Leslie's Boutique bag that also hangs. We start with the Planet Wise bag, and when that fills up, we start in on the Leslie Boutiques bag.
And then on to the "out & about" bags...

We have a Size 1 Applecheeks Storage Sac. This has a drawstring and we use it for our middle sons' church bag (he has to take an extra diaper and change of clothes). It works great! I was really worried that it wouldn't hold in major wetness (past just wet diapers, since I've never used it for such), but we used it the other night after a trip to the lake for soaked clothes and the bag was still dry after a 40 minute drive!
We also have an Itzy Ritzy Wet Happened? bag in Whale Watching Blue - another bag that is fantastic. The waterproof liner is super thick, and the outer cotton fabric is heavy and solid and has held up amazingly. This bag is usually in my bag for Caedmon (and since it is super cute, if I just have him and my purse, I slip it in there with a change of clothes, wipes and a diaper).
Finally, we have a bag that I won in a giveaway and I can't find a name anywhere on it (!!) - whatever this bag is, it is great as well! It also hangs, but doesn't have a snap, so it is limited as to where it can be hung. (forgive the 'action shot', it was in use!)
Wet bags are always being used around here. I love that it's a cloth diaper item that anyone can use!

Do you have a favorite wet bag in your stash?
If you don't use wet bags, what is keeping you from trying?

May 25, 2011


For Immediate Release

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May 25, 2011

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Dear Velcro,

So I am wondering if anyone has found the prefect velcro diaper? No, really I am! I was really disgusted to find out that after a short 4-5 months that my velcro on my (start sarcasm here) new and improved super wonderful 4.0 diapers would be far superior to the 'old' velcro found on the 3.0's. (end sarcasm). I thought I had heard in the video that BG released introducing the new 4.0 diaper that velcro they are now using would last way longer...really mine was curling like crazy after only 4 months of use! That is just crazy and if 4 months is way longer I hate to see how long the 3.0's lasted, yikes! So anyways, sorry about the rant! :)

So now I am stuck with about 10 4.0 pocket diapers, most velcro, that are curling as well as a few 3.0's that are actually holding up better than the 4.0's (I know, crazy right?). So what is a mommy to do...

I decided that I would take the plunge and get them converted...here is the cheap-o dutch in me coming out. Seriously? $3.00 to convert a diaper o snaps? Ouch to the PP account! If I wanted to spend that much money I would have purchased some easy fits instead (which have good, happy velcro). I decided to post on FluffSwappers that I was looking to convert some of my diapers and if anyone knew of someone who did a good job for a good price to let me know.

I was contacted by Lacey who was just starting to get into the 'snap' business. Her prices where in my budget but I was also a little worried about sending my precious diapers away to someone, especially someone who was just getting into the conversion business. After some chit chat and looking at some pictures of other diapers she had converted I decided to give it a go. I sent her 7 diapers to convert for me. The turn around time was great for me, it took about a week to get them done. Lacey stayed in contact with me the whole time and was wonderful to work with. I was able to pick the snap colors that I wanted and the layout for them (like the 4.0 snaps or I could have had them done some other way to probably).

The big package arrived on my doorstep shortly after she let me know they had been sent back to me. I was so excited to see them! They looked AMAZING! I was very happy with them and played with each diaper testing the snaps out. On one diaper I had the snap on the tab pop off and contacted Lacey about this. She told me to send it on back to her and she would fix it as well as refund the shipping cost to send it back, plus she would pay the shipping cost to get it back to me.

Lacey was fantastic to work with, did a great job with the conversions, had great customer service, great prices and overall I had a great experience with her. If you are looking to get some diapers converted look her up on her FB page at: Going Green

Here is a list of her prices :

For pocket diapers: $2.00 per diaper

For fitted diapers: $2.75-3.75 per diaper

For covers: $2.00 per diaper, unless extra PUL is needed, then price will increase

Per snap added to other projects: $0.20

All others will have to be discussed on a diaper by daiper basis. You are responsible for shipping to and from my house, but I can help you find the cheapest shipping mode. We are a smoke-free, puppy friendly home.

She will also remove .50 cents from the price if you remove the velcro! I was able to convert my diapers to snaps for $1.50 each plus shipping. It was great!

Thank you for everything Lacey!

May 24, 2011

Fuzzibunz Pail Liner

Not only did Fuzzibunz send me their OS diaper to try out but their awesome pail liner as well! I have tried a few different pail liners but this one has an extra neat feature! Keep reading to find out about it!

The liner is embroidered with their logo on it.
It is nice and big and should easily fit into any pail. But it can also hang on a door knob or something of the like.Here is my liner nice and full of dirty diapers.

I will hang this sometimes on the changing table for wet diapers to go into or I will put it on the closet door or bathroom door for dirty clothes. This liner features a zipper across the bottom so instead of reaching in to pull out dirty diaper you simply have to unzip the bottom of the bag and throw the whole thing in. Pretty awesome LinkLinkif I do say so my self! I really like this liner. I have used it in numerous ways to hold my diapers and haven't had any issues with it. I love the size of this as well. It can easily fit 3 days worth of diapers inside of it.

Find a Fuzzibunz retailer near you to purchase a pail liner.

May 19, 2011

Wild Mountain Mommies Review

I discovered Wild Mountain Mommies on Facebook a couple months ago and fell in love with the look of their OS AI2 (one-size all-in-2) diapers, so I was thrilled to have the chance to try one out on my guys. I am falling more in love with OS diapers as I find more and more that fit my guys better than the diapers I started with 3.5 years ago. Wild Mountain Mommies has one of those diapers.

First, I was asked the other day, "WHY an AI2? why not AIO (all in one) or just a pocket or something else?" My response, "why not?" :) Kidding, kidding. AI2's offer the ability to increase absorbency (much like a pocket), while still allowing the convenience of an AIO (all pieces are put together and right there). At the same time, AI2's tend to dry faster because the absorbency isn't inside (like an AIO), it's either attached via snaps or sewn in. Make sense? I'm sure there is another great factor in AI2's that I missed, so if you have one, chime in! Let's all learn together!

Now back to the regularly scheduled review :)

To say this diaper is super cute, is an understatement. The outside is waterproof PUL with decorative flannel attached for the extra cute factor.

The inside is super soft fleece.
(so soft, my little guy can't keep his hands off of it!) :)

The inside has a snap in soaker that consists of 4 layers of hemp with cotton velour as the top layer. If you're unsure about the fabrics and what that all means, in layman's terms - hemp is super absorbent and cotton velour is super soft!
The hemp soaker does need to be washed about 7 times before use so it can reach maximum absorbency. That is a lot of washing, but whenever I have a diaper that needs to be washed and re-washed, I just throw it in with diapers and clothes until it has reached the maximum washings ;-)

The fit of this diaper is great! I'm not one that is afraid of a little bulk on baby's bum, but, with all the absorbency that is packed in this AI2, you can't argue with this fit.

Here is the diaper on my 9 month old. The front shot makes it look like there is some gap around the waist, but there definitely isn't. It is a nice, snug fit all the way around.
Here is the fit on my 2.5 year old.

For him, it's set to the highest rise, but the snaps meet in the middle - he could wear this for a long time (we're hoping he won't though, hehe) ;-)

We really love this diaper. I reach for it first thing out of the wash and it has turned into our, "Oh, we're going to be out for awhile? It'll be hard to change a diaper? Put him in this one" Diaper. I've also tried it at night with great success as well (I did throw in one more hemp doubler for good measure!)

I also love that it has cross over snaps for the smaller-waisted baby! I love when diapers have this feature.
I would highly recommend this diaper for someone looking for a great OS option.

Disclaimer: I received one OS AI2 for review for this post. All opinions are honest and my own. You may have a different experience.

May 17, 2011

Fuzzibunz Cloth Diapers

FuzziBunz Anyone? I think almost every person who uses Cloth Diapers on their children has heard of Fuzzibunz but how many of you have tried them out? When I started CD'ing I was interested in these diapers but the thought of having to adjust the elastic on them to change the size setting really didn't appeal to me. I had one for a while that I used but at that time I had 2 boys in cloth diapers and they were both different sizes so having to either keep that one separate so it was only used on the one boy it was set to fit or having to change it each time we used it to fit the boy it was going on really didn't appeal to me. Now I only have one in cloth, thanks to potty training my 2 1/2 year old, and so I wanted to give this diaper another try.
Fuzzibunz sent me this yellow diaper to try out.
As you can see in the sideways picture above, there are two rows of snaps. On for adjusting the tightness around the hips and the other is for adjusting the waist tightness. You can also kid of see where the adjustable elastic comes out on the wings of the diaper.
The inside of the diaper is lined with a nice soft fleece.
It also comes with two microfiber inserts.
Here is a close up of the adjustable elastic on the diaper. There are numbers on it by the button holes so that you know you have them at the same tightness for each diaper of the diaper!

Here I tightens one side up as tight as it would go and made the other side as big as it would go. You can see it can fit a variety of sizes.
Here is the diaper opened with the elastic adjusted to the smallest and biggest size setting for the legs.
The back of the diaper also features adjustable elastic. You can see the button and the elastic coming out on the right side of the picture.
LinkAfter I got the yellow diaper for review I got this cute orange one to add to my stash as well. Its a fairly trim diaper depending on what all you stuff in the pocket of it.
The diaper fits quite nice on my little man.

I have to say that this time around I am much more happy with the FuzziBunz OS diaper. It was way easier to use with only one in diapers. I really like the adjustable elastic across the back of this diaper. Typically I prefer cross over tabs on diapers because when you have a smaller baby in a OS diaper the waist is hard to get tight enough. With the elastic in the back of this diaper you can tighten it so that the diaper doesn't need to have cross over tabs and it doesn't gap away from your baby when its adjusted to the correct size.

When out shopping one morning I put this on my son. I usually don't put on a diaper that I haven't tried out for a longer period of time when I am heading out the door but I put this one on him with both of the MF inserts that came with it. So 5 1/2 hours later when I got home he still hadn't leaked through this diaper. No I didn't intentionally not change him for that long of a time but he fell asleep right before we got to the store where I was going to change him at and he stayed alseep until we got home! That usually never happens but the diaper did its job and he was dry!

Would you like to try out a FuzziBunz OS diaper? Go here to find a retailer.