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May 3, 2011

Little Learners

As we approached potty training I looked into different options for what my little guy could wear while potty training. I personally am a firm believer in once you put your child in underwear you don't go back to diapers. (I think that is part of why we had E-man potty trained in a little under 2 months). So while looking for different options I came across the Little Learners made by Better for Babies. I seen that Baby Belle Bottoms sold these and so I asked if they would be interested in having me review them. They said yes and sent me a cute blue pair to try out.

A nice feature about these is that they have side snaps on them on both sides. This is great for if they have a poopy accident.
These look like undies when snapped together and my son never asked if it were a diaper.
One thing I did notice with the Little Learner was that the seams and sewing was not very consistent. The blue in the picture below sticks out from the piece of elastic waist band below it and on the other side of the diaper it is even with it. There were a couple of other places that had funny sewing like this. It didn't effect the undies at all with how they worked at all but for the cost of these I was kind of surprised.Here is the undies opened up all the way.

The inside is lined with a terry like material. They can feel the wetness if they start to pee which is what you want for potty training.On my son they had a good fit. I ended up choosing the medium size for him even thought I thought the small would probably work. The medium was a good fit but a little bit 'poofy' on him because he is so skinny and has no chub on him at all.
They do fit a little bit bulky under the jeans but not as bad as a pocket diaper does.
Front shot

Over all these were nice and handy to have. I liked the snaps option if you needed them but the fact that they can go on and off like regular undies what a huge factor bonus for me. These are not water proof at all but do have a little thickness/absorbancy for when they have the tiny little trickle or drip before or after going to the potty.


Joede said...

This is what I have been looking for. I need trainers big time!! Thanks for the give away!!

Joede said...

Ummmm, I don't see a form to fill out though???

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