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May 17, 2011

Fuzzibunz Cloth Diapers

FuzziBunz Anyone? I think almost every person who uses Cloth Diapers on their children has heard of Fuzzibunz but how many of you have tried them out? When I started CD'ing I was interested in these diapers but the thought of having to adjust the elastic on them to change the size setting really didn't appeal to me. I had one for a while that I used but at that time I had 2 boys in cloth diapers and they were both different sizes so having to either keep that one separate so it was only used on the one boy it was set to fit or having to change it each time we used it to fit the boy it was going on really didn't appeal to me. Now I only have one in cloth, thanks to potty training my 2 1/2 year old, and so I wanted to give this diaper another try.
Fuzzibunz sent me this yellow diaper to try out.
As you can see in the sideways picture above, there are two rows of snaps. On for adjusting the tightness around the hips and the other is for adjusting the waist tightness. You can also kid of see where the adjustable elastic comes out on the wings of the diaper.
The inside of the diaper is lined with a nice soft fleece.
It also comes with two microfiber inserts.
Here is a close up of the adjustable elastic on the diaper. There are numbers on it by the button holes so that you know you have them at the same tightness for each diaper of the diaper!

Here I tightens one side up as tight as it would go and made the other side as big as it would go. You can see it can fit a variety of sizes.
Here is the diaper opened with the elastic adjusted to the smallest and biggest size setting for the legs.
The back of the diaper also features adjustable elastic. You can see the button and the elastic coming out on the right side of the picture.
LinkAfter I got the yellow diaper for review I got this cute orange one to add to my stash as well. Its a fairly trim diaper depending on what all you stuff in the pocket of it.
The diaper fits quite nice on my little man.

I have to say that this time around I am much more happy with the FuzziBunz OS diaper. It was way easier to use with only one in diapers. I really like the adjustable elastic across the back of this diaper. Typically I prefer cross over tabs on diapers because when you have a smaller baby in a OS diaper the waist is hard to get tight enough. With the elastic in the back of this diaper you can tighten it so that the diaper doesn't need to have cross over tabs and it doesn't gap away from your baby when its adjusted to the correct size.

When out shopping one morning I put this on my son. I usually don't put on a diaper that I haven't tried out for a longer period of time when I am heading out the door but I put this one on him with both of the MF inserts that came with it. So 5 1/2 hours later when I got home he still hadn't leaked through this diaper. No I didn't intentionally not change him for that long of a time but he fell asleep right before we got to the store where I was going to change him at and he stayed alseep until we got home! That usually never happens but the diaper did its job and he was dry!

Would you like to try out a FuzziBunz OS diaper? Go here to find a retailer.


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I LOVE FuzziBunz. Will send this to my friend, because she owns 4 already and would love to have all of them!

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Can you look and see if I already entered? I think I did, but am not sure, and I really want to win this.

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