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May 26, 2011

Bags, bags, every where

We have a slew of wet bags in our house. We use them all the time, for everything.

I shared a few weeks ago about the wet bag in our kitchen for our unpaper towels. It is one of my favorite bags we have - so well made and has held up great!

I also have a small Leslie's Boutique Grab-n-go wet bag in our bathroom for more, um, personal things. One of the few things in a house full of boys that I can claim is all mine. Ha!
Then there are the diaper wet bags. We have such a wide variety for the boys - all shapes, sizes and styles.

Our main wet bag for Benjamin hangs in the big boys bathroom. It's a Mother of Eden bag (technically a "Hanging Diaper Pail") and it is HUGE! A friend gave it to us when she was done cloth diapering and I thought I had hit the jackpot. Two years later (for us. She stopped using it about 4 years ago) it is still going strong. (You can see it hanging next to the duck tub - that's how big it is).
Our main wet bag for Caedmon is a Large Planet Wise hanging bag in Green Meadow and hangs in our bedroom where he sleeps and we do his diaper changes. I love that it is a hanging bag with the snapping handle - it makes things so convenient to hang on a number of things (doorhandle, corner of the pack & play, a dresser handle, etc...).
We also have a medium Leslie's Boutique bag that also hangs. We start with the Planet Wise bag, and when that fills up, we start in on the Leslie Boutiques bag.
And then on to the "out & about" bags...

We have a Size 1 Applecheeks Storage Sac. This has a drawstring and we use it for our middle sons' church bag (he has to take an extra diaper and change of clothes). It works great! I was really worried that it wouldn't hold in major wetness (past just wet diapers, since I've never used it for such), but we used it the other night after a trip to the lake for soaked clothes and the bag was still dry after a 40 minute drive!
We also have an Itzy Ritzy Wet Happened? bag in Whale Watching Blue - another bag that is fantastic. The waterproof liner is super thick, and the outer cotton fabric is heavy and solid and has held up amazingly. This bag is usually in my bag for Caedmon (and since it is super cute, if I just have him and my purse, I slip it in there with a change of clothes, wipes and a diaper).
Finally, we have a bag that I won in a giveaway and I can't find a name anywhere on it (!!) - whatever this bag is, it is great as well! It also hangs, but doesn't have a snap, so it is limited as to where it can be hung. (forgive the 'action shot', it was in use!)
Wet bags are always being used around here. I love that it's a cloth diaper item that anyone can use!

Do you have a favorite wet bag in your stash?
If you don't use wet bags, what is keeping you from trying?


Anonymous said...

very nice thanks for sharing!!

Sunflower Joy said...

My favorite wetbag is my XL Eli Monster bag. It is white with a Godzilla cartoon print over it in grey. Love it. We have 2 boys in diapers it works great to only have to wash every other day then. I holds easily 30 diapers and wipes and keeps the smell in and doesn't wick at all.

Sabrina B Radke said...

I have that last green one!

slang76 said...

I love my PlanetWise bags (I've got small/med/large, wet and wet/dry!!)...I really like my Rumparooz one, too, but for some reason I feel like the PlanetWise ones hold in smell better (I attribute it to having 2 layers - the waterproof inner and the design outer). They have come in handy for swim class, too!

Unknown said...

@Eco Baby Mama Drama - who makes it??? I love it, but have no clue where to send people when they ask!

RMG said...

We are huge fans of Monkeyfoot Designs. She is a WAHM who sells on Etsy, and her bags are fantastic. She has the cutest prints and a very well made & durable product. We also use PlanetWise pail liners -- one in a disposables diaper pail that we converted to a cloth pail, and the other in a hardware store garbage can with a flip/click lid (our bathroom solution). We love that all of our wetbags can be flipped inside out and thrown into the washer with the dirty dipes.

Kristina said...

I love my Monkey Foot Designs wetbags too RMG! They are GREAT I did a review of them on here not to long ago.

Terra, I love wet bags and have WAY WAY WAY to many of them...you really shouldn't share such cute items...it makes me want more!

Just Kidding! Love your post but seriously, now I want more!

Jessica said...

I love my Diaper Palz wet bag and I also have a pail liner from them too that works great!

Hannah Avery said...

Your wet bags are great! I love my Whamies pail liner and my bummis wetbag. I use them all the time! Love your blog!


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