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May 19, 2011

Wild Mountain Mommies Review

I discovered Wild Mountain Mommies on Facebook a couple months ago and fell in love with the look of their OS AI2 (one-size all-in-2) diapers, so I was thrilled to have the chance to try one out on my guys. I am falling more in love with OS diapers as I find more and more that fit my guys better than the diapers I started with 3.5 years ago. Wild Mountain Mommies has one of those diapers.

First, I was asked the other day, "WHY an AI2? why not AIO (all in one) or just a pocket or something else?" My response, "why not?" :) Kidding, kidding. AI2's offer the ability to increase absorbency (much like a pocket), while still allowing the convenience of an AIO (all pieces are put together and right there). At the same time, AI2's tend to dry faster because the absorbency isn't inside (like an AIO), it's either attached via snaps or sewn in. Make sense? I'm sure there is another great factor in AI2's that I missed, so if you have one, chime in! Let's all learn together!

Now back to the regularly scheduled review :)

To say this diaper is super cute, is an understatement. The outside is waterproof PUL with decorative flannel attached for the extra cute factor.

The inside is super soft fleece.
(so soft, my little guy can't keep his hands off of it!) :)

The inside has a snap in soaker that consists of 4 layers of hemp with cotton velour as the top layer. If you're unsure about the fabrics and what that all means, in layman's terms - hemp is super absorbent and cotton velour is super soft!
The hemp soaker does need to be washed about 7 times before use so it can reach maximum absorbency. That is a lot of washing, but whenever I have a diaper that needs to be washed and re-washed, I just throw it in with diapers and clothes until it has reached the maximum washings ;-)

The fit of this diaper is great! I'm not one that is afraid of a little bulk on baby's bum, but, with all the absorbency that is packed in this AI2, you can't argue with this fit.

Here is the diaper on my 9 month old. The front shot makes it look like there is some gap around the waist, but there definitely isn't. It is a nice, snug fit all the way around.
Here is the fit on my 2.5 year old.

For him, it's set to the highest rise, but the snaps meet in the middle - he could wear this for a long time (we're hoping he won't though, hehe) ;-)

We really love this diaper. I reach for it first thing out of the wash and it has turned into our, "Oh, we're going to be out for awhile? It'll be hard to change a diaper? Put him in this one" Diaper. I've also tried it at night with great success as well (I did throw in one more hemp doubler for good measure!)

I also love that it has cross over snaps for the smaller-waisted baby! I love when diapers have this feature.
I would highly recommend this diaper for someone looking for a great OS option.

Disclaimer: I received one OS AI2 for review for this post. All opinions are honest and my own. You may have a different experience.


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