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April 21, 2011

Sweet Slings: Kitchen Wetbag Review

I recently made the switch in my kitchen to go as paperless as possible. I had made some large hanging hand towels, but confess that I was a bit too lazy to make a couple dozen cloth napkins. So in the spirit of supporting the WAHF (family), I got a couple sets off Etsy.

My next concern was what to do with the dirty napkins and towels, without making half a dozen trips to laundry baskets throughout the day. I wanted a wet bag (since some towels/napkins/rags do get wet in cleaning up the kitchen) and I needed to be able to hang it. While browsing Etsy, I saw this little cutie in the Sweet Slings shop:
I knew that it was exactly what I wanted: A hanging wet bag, cute print and large enough to hold a couple days' worth of napkins and towels.
This has been great for our switch! Not only does the wet bag add a splash of color to our drab kitchen, as well as provide a conversation piece, I am able to throw in dirty towels and napkins as needed. I can go approximately 3-4 days between washings and my routine is barely messed with! And the print is perfect for a kitchen!
The wet bag itself is excellently made. Shanna has sewn the bag so the PUL (the waterproof material) doesn't come out in the wash (one less thing to 'stuff' in this cloth diaper house!)
The snaps/straps stay out of the way, and easily move across the stove handle as needed.

And the size of the bag is perfect - 13inches wide by 20inches tall. If you're looking to green up your kitchen, while not a necessity, this wetbag will definitely make things easier!

Disclaimer: I purchased my own wet bag for use in our home. I was not compensated in any way for this review. All opinions are my own and you may have a different experience.



You're missing one "question" in your form...I am "working on becoming paperless, but not 100% yet!" LOL

Unknown said...

lol, you are SO right @TEXAUS MOMMA. That's where I am too, WHY didn't I include that?!!? Can I blame it on the teething baby keeping me up at night?! :-D


Haha...I have just started with unpaper towels, but we still have paper towels around LOL...I'm not the only one that has to get used to it...when my MIL comes to town she uses them by the roll LOL

Joy N. said...

I'm with that statement too! We use cloth napkins, but for toddler spills they are just not absorbent enough. I would love to give these a try at that!

Sarah Schulz said...

I'm with Texaus Momma too! We are mostly paperless...and I tried making my own kitchen wetbag but the PUL is all delaminating. WAH! However, it now takes me several weeks to go through a roll of paper towels. Yippee! I would love to win this wetbag...so cute!

Shanna said...

@Joy N., I have a sampler set just for that very reason. It can take time to figure out just which fabric you like best for each purpose.


Don't forget the "CDAfan" discount is good for two weeks!

@TEXAUS MOMMA I *still* have paper towels in my pantry as well. I pull them out for especially icky jobs like cleaning the back of the black garbage disposal cover thing that is just hideously yuck. And some times other bodily fluid issues that happen with children and pets. imo, you can have a cloth friendly kitchen without having to be totally exclusive. kwim?

Liz M. said...

entered! Want this so bad! :)

Love{&}Bugs said...

What a brilliant idea to have a wetbag in the kitchen! I am always hanging washcloths over the faucet to dry and then taking them into the bathroom to throw in the hamper with the rest of the towels.

Boise Wiebers said...

We only use paper towels for things like oiling the cast iron pans or a baking pan. There are a few things you just don't want to use cloth for. :)

Ramblings Of An Average Mom said...

Thank you :)
You guys are awesome!

Stephanie said...

Could really use this as we are paper free, but don't have anywhere to put the wet unpaper towels.

.:karen:. said...

Great idea and thanks for the chance. I'm working my way up to paperless and this bag would help us get there. :)

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