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April 26, 2011

Infantino Cart Cover

How many of you go grocery shopping? Yes, that's right, every one of you. Now here is the biggie...how many of you go grocery shopping with your children in tow? I can honestly say that I try not to bring my to boys along when I go. My MLinkom usually watches them on Tuesdays for me so I can go out and do all my errands with out having to buckle and unbuckle two boys in and out of the car at each stop. Anyways... I was recently reading through Parents Magazine and seen a big yellow box that read GERM ALERT... and it was all about how gross and disgusting restaurants high chairs are even though they look clean. In a study done by scientists at 30 different restaurants they found more bacteria on the high chairs than they do on public restroom toilet seats! YUCK! Not to mention harmful bacteria like E.coli and MRSA. So what can you do to help keep your little ones safe? INVEST in sanitary wipes and a high chair cover. Infantino makes a cover that is good for those gross restaurant high chairs and the nasty shopping cars as well. I was given the opportunity to review their new Infantion Cloud Cover. Here is a quick look at it:

This cover covers the area your child is sitting in 360 degrees leaving no area uncovered and in open range of your little ones mouth. The back side features elastic all the way around.

The part that goes the side of the shopping cart, where their arms are at, comes with velcro to help keep it in place and makes it harder for them to rip off and pull away.
The front/inside of this cover comes with its own buckle and of course leg holes.

Here is the cover on my local Meijer shopping cart. It fit like a charm. There is a special section that goes over the back seat of the cart and then the side flaps that velcro and the front that goes over the whole handle bar area leaving nothing exposed.
Here is a side view of the cart. This is where it velcros on. You can also see the buckle and where it is located when its on the cart. Its down by the hips of the baby rather than up by the babys arm pits where the carts buckles are located.
The holes matched up well with the cart.

It also comes with loops to hook toys onto for your child to play with while shopping.Here is my little boy in the cover. I love the print!

Overall I really like this cover. I do have another cover that I used to use but it only went up and over the back and up and over the front handle leaving the sides open and allowed chewing on the cart. (gross). So I really like that this cover goes all the way around. One thing I didn't care for with this cover was the location of the buckle. It is down by the hips which gave my son more wiggly room. He would tip towards the sides and lean all the way forward. The buckle on the cover isn't attached to anything else so if I were to put my 2 1/2 year old and he tried standing up the buckle wouldn't really do any good because it would just pick right up with him. Other than that I really like this cover.