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April 20, 2011

Monkey Foot Designs

Each day I am always eager to check my mail to see what goodies I might find. When I received my package from Monkey Foot Designs I was thrilled! For starters, I not only have a cloth diaper addiction but a wet bag addiction as well. I have at least 7 wet bags and 3 pail liners. But I have a good excuse... I use them for EVERYTHING! So I opened my package up knowing this would be for our 'Earth Week' and was in awe! The bag came folded nicely and tied with a string with little cards tied to it telling about the bag and the company.
I carefully opened it up to see the print. IN LOVE! I have to say that having 2 boys and of course my hubby in the house has kind of made me go green and blue so to speak. Everything I buy even shirts for myself are of blues and greens. I need some more color in my life! So then I got this bag with all these bright beautiful colors and shall we say incredible print and I was stoked! I now own something nice and colorful and slightly girly although still boy appropriate.
Check it out: This bag is the medium size. It has a neat handle/strap that snaps open and shut for easily attaching to what ever. It also has a nice strong zipper on it.
The inside of the bag is a nice strong material. Its not a typical PUL like you would find in your cloth diapers. They use a material called ProCare Lining.
I love this wet bag and have found many different purposes for it.
What do I think?
-I am in love! I truly love this wet bag. It it was larger it would be my main wet bag for diapers. I have used this bag for snacks (pictured above), sippy cups they 'claim' to be spill proof but are not. I have used this for our wet bag when little guy is in the church nursery. I love that its small enough that I can snap it onto the outside of my diaper bag, stroller or whatever I need to and it doesn't get in the way. The quality of this bag is great and I haven't had one single issue with it. I recommend if you are looking for a great wet bag, made of great materials, and that has beautiful prints you check out Monkey Foot Designs! Oh and you can use this wet bag for cloth wipes and mama cloth, nursing pads etc, it is the perfect size!

While browsing around on Monkey Foot Designs I found a section that said: "Psst... did you hear that MFD wet bags are being used by NASA's astronauts on the Space Station? Check it out HERE!" I mean how AWESOME is that! Great article by the way, you should go read it!


emptyspeculation said...

love love LOVE monkey foot designs. i already have 2 of their wetbags and another on it's way! best wetbags around!

BrickHouseCooker said...

I also have one of her wetbags and its great!!! I'm thinking of ordering the dino dudes print, that too cute!!!!

JLJMommy said...

Entered, thank you!

Boise Wiebers said...

Those look like nice bags. I hadn't thought of putting things like sun block and sippy cups in them.

Jessi Gonzalez said...

entered! thank you!!

Liz M. said...

entered! :)

Madeline said...


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