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April 11, 2011

Monday Mommy

Today's Monday Mommy is Shaina. She doesn't run a blog which is just fine and dandy. I would like to share that she is new to cloth diapering which is WONDERFUL! Welcome to the world of Fluff Shaina!

Here are our Q&A's: (if you would like to be featured as a Monday Mommy please go to the link above (under the top picture) for more information!)

I love to hear about others cloth diapering stories and adventures. What kind of experience do you have with Cloth Diapering?
-CD'ing for about 6 weeks. I started my daughter in them at 12 months old. I wanted them soooooo bad!!... immediately I became addicted to all different kinds!! I purchased12 used FB on ebay, I am learning the hard way I guess that used sometimes is more work? They are the only ones in our 'fluff stash' (hehe) that seem to get ammonia smell after being peed in... so currently, my big life event is figuring out what works for cleaning/stripping those diapers....and it stinks (no pun) as I was hoping to share/sell/trade some, as I have 12 lavender with daisies.. soooo cute.. who wouldn't want them?? (ooohhh someone who doesn't want ammonia!)

Tell me a little bit about your family, where you are from etc.
-I am a 29 year old SAHM. This past year was my first year of being a SAHM. It took serious mental adjustment, as I have always had a job outside the home. I often would/sometimes still do, get consumed by feeling worthless.

What are some of your top recommendations for cloth diapers and cloth diapering related items?
-I don't think I'm experienced enough for this question!! haha.... I'll say, I'm not impressed with Planetwise small wet bag... its incredibly small... but with one diaper (a prefold), I could smell the funk of it about 10 minutes after.... I thought maybe the smell should be contained longer... we were at Disney... Yes!! I, new to CD'ing, did it at Disney...who knew playing in Disney toilets could be so much fun. hahaha!

What do you enjoy doing during the day with your children?
-My son plays baseball, so we often end up at the field watching, as my 12 1/2month old climbs, yes, climbs on the bleachers... (she did stairs at Disney )....
We like going for walks, my son rides his bike or scooter and my daughter and I follow, she loves to kick her feet in the stroller and watch her big brother... Link
My daughter also loves books, she will bring them to you and then back up into your lap....
i WISH my daughter would take a nap during the day...however, shes crazy and doesn't think she needs to sleep.... she just goes and goes and goes and nurses and goes and nurses and goes and goes.....

What are some of your favorite blogs to check out? Do you visit blogs for fun, research, learning, to get ideas, etc?
-CD'ing!!!!! I'm addicted to anything CD!! I also love love love Paint and Prozac blog for toddler crafts!!!! soooo cool...

If you are not a cloth diapering Mommy we would still love to hear about you. What are some must have baby/children's products you just couldn't live without?
-I don't think there is one thing I couldn't live without. Is that sad? Should I have something I need?? gee.... terrible....

Do you own a store? Make and sell things? Blog? etc. Share with us links to your pages/sites/stores that were not already mentioned or filled in above
-I wish! :)
If anyone wants to watch my daughter and purchase me a serger or embroidery machine.. I'm all over making kid stuff! I did go on a binge of making hairbows... but couldnt wrap my head around asking people for money... so I gave them all away as gifts!!!!