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April 19, 2011

Better For Babies

Shortly after I started cloth diapering my boys and decided to look more into other brands and kinds of diapers (outside of prefolds and covers) one diaper that I found that looked nice to me was the Little Beetle OS Fitted by Better for Babies. I recently had the opportunity to do a review with them for this diaper! I was very excited about this. They sent me this uber adorable orange fitted.

This diaper features three snaps on the tabs. It also has 3 different size settings for the OS rise option. This was handy to have!It also has a cross over tab. If you look next to the tag on the bottom left side there is a snap for the cross over. Honestly I thought this was the strangest set up for cross over tabs that I have ever seen on a diaper. More on that later though!
The inside of this diaper is set up kind of neat. There is a smaller size attached doubler inside. That is the top oval that you can see. It is attached in just two spots. If you do right to the middle of the diaper on the outsides the doubler is tacked down to the main piece of the fitted. Then there is an additional doubler that you can put underneath the one that is tacked down. You can position it towards the front (for a boy) or in the middle (for a girl). I thought that was great to have.
Here is a picture of the top doubler and how it is attached on the outside sides of the main body piece. I then am sliding the additional doubler into the opening.

My thoughts on this diaper: Overall I thought this diaper worked great. I love that it is made of the soft velour material that provides a nice stay dry feeling and also stays soft. There are some materials that after a while get kind of worn down and crunchy almost but this one has stayed nice and soft because of the velour. For my 23 pound almost 12 month old I have to have the rise setting opened up all the way. I'm not sure if this would be a great fitted diaper for a bigger/taller child who need a longer rise option because this seems to be the right rise for my little guy all the way open. With the wings/tabs and snapping it around his waist I could very easily use additional snap or two for the cross over. I do use the one that they have on here but with the way it is set up you have to kind of dip down to hook it up. I have a bigger baby and I try to picture this on my 2 month old niece who is 8.9 pounds. The rise would work just fine on her, but I don't know how the waist would work. One this with this is that is it a fitted diaper and it does need a cover so if you can't get it as tight as you normally do with your other diapers the cover can help hold it in place. But besides all the cross over business I like this fitted. I still can't get over its softness, the color is adorable, and it seems to be of pretty good quality. I do think that this would be a little better for a smaller baby who doesn't pee as much as my super soaker son does. I usually keep him in this fitted for about an hour and a half and then change him.

Have you ever tried out the Better For Babies Little to Big Organic fitted? What are your thoughts on it?

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